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Monday, November 21, 2011

New VCDs for November 2011

New VCDs for November 2011
Upto 30th Nov. 2011
VCD No. 399
AVOICHE KOXTTby Meeta or Mita
With Mita, Steffy Goes, Marcus Vaz, Tony de Ribandar, Joe,
Br. Peter, Antonette de Maina, Jane, Lavina, Com. Agostinho,
Com. Selvy, Seby etc.

VCD No. 400
TOTAL LOSSby Piety de Navelim
WithPiety, Tony de Ribandar, Com. Selvy, Com. Ambe,
Baby Myfanwy, Com Michael etc

VCD No. 401
PAN POTTIby Com. Agostinho
10th Vcd Film
With Com Agostinho, Com. Selvy, Com Humbert,
Com. Janet etc

VCD No. 402
BIBLE-ak MANby SandyFernandes
With Francis de Tuem, Marcus Vaz, Xavier Gomes,
Anthony San, Jessica Gomes, Minino Mario, Aniceto,
Tony de Ribandar, Gladrin, Sandy Fernandes,
Ben Evangelisto, Manuel Colaco

VCD No. 403
SVIKAR by Willy Silveira (1st VCD)
With Willy, Com Janet, Antonetter de Maina, Joanifa,
Andrea, Ben Evangelisto, Com. Selvy, Com Ambe, Com Brian
Amresh etc
Rs.150                              Nov/2011

VCD No. 404
GARBAGE by Com. Selvy (4th VCD)
With Com Selvy, com AGostinho, Com Janet, Marcus Vaz,
Francis de Tuem etc
Rs.150                 Nov/2011

VCD No. 405
GOSPLE OM ALLAH by Jr. Nelson & Chitra
With Jr. Nelson, Chitra, Joaquim Cabral, Greg Afonso,
Albert Cabral, Bab Andrew, Francis de Tuem,
Tony de Ribandar, Com. Selvy, Steffie, Peter de Colva,
Flynn Afonso, Santosh etc
Rs,150                                    Nov/2011

VCD No. 406
MHAKA VISORLO by S Caitan (3rd VCD)
With Com Agostinho, Com. Selvy, Benevangelisto,
Roseferns, Antoneete de Maina, Anil Pednekar, Antush,
Diana, Osvy Viegas, Marvus Vaz, antonette de Calangute,
Baby Rioma, Felcy etc
Rs.150                Nov/2011

 foll 2  released in Nov. but were not availabe at Margao, pics and details will be added soon

VCD No: 407


VCD NO. 408


for Complete list of VCDs produced so far (Since 2003)

Friday, November 11, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - The Results

There were in all 31 entries (One withdrawn)
Competition started on 9th September and ended on 10th November 2011.

Note: All pics /Video you see here are the actual stage pics of the repective tiatr with actors and actual winning songs etc

And the First Prize goes to..

1st. DAIZ from Fatorda –Rs. 15,000 (Prize money)
Sept. 9, Daiz (The Inheritance)
by Agnelo Fernandes of Ami Daizi, Fatorda,

2nd. Sukh Khuim Asa? -  Morjim   Rs.10,000
* Sept 22, 2011: Tiatr: Sukh Khuim Asa (Where Is Happiness?)
  Playwright: Lorna Fernandes, Machi Mogi Morjim

3rd. Panchanama – Divar  Rs.7,500
* Oct 28, 2011: Panchanama (The Inquest)
  Playwright: Alfredo Fernandes. Alfie Art Prodns, Divar

4th Teag – Britona –Rs.5,000

Best Actor: Rs. 1,000 & Rs.750 (1st/2nd)
1.      Rupesh Jogle (Daiz)

2.      Trindade Fernandes – Render (Pojisanv)

1.      Smital Hoble (Asha)
(see pic 6in1 pic below)

2.      Alice Correira  (Abras)

Best Comedian: Mathew D’Souza (Panchanama) Rs.1,000

Best Child Artist: Rs.500 each
Male- Flennon Ferrao (Panchanama)

Female – Velsa Camilo (Aikon Sogleanchem Magnnem)

Best Direction – Rs.1,500, 1000 &  750
1.      Aleixinho Fernandes (Sukh Khuim Asa)
2.      Avinash Chari (Daiz)
3.      Alfred Fernandes (Panchanama)

Best Setting- Domnic D’Costa (Patkak Bhogsonnem nam) Rs.1,000
Best Light effects – Nilesh Mahale (Nurse) Rs.1,000
Best Band/Music: Vitorinho Araujo (Sukh Khuim Asa) Rs.1,000
Best Make up – Eknath Naik (Abras) Rs.1,000
Best Costumes- Nikita Dias (Asha) Rs.1,000
Best Background Music – Lenoy Gomendes (Panchanama) Rs.1,000

Best Singer:  Rs.750/500 each 1st/2nd

Male –
1.      Aleixinho Fernandes (sukh khuim asa)

2.      Nazario Pinto (Daiz)

Female -
1.      Sonia Dias (Pojisanv)

2.      Ivy Albuquerque (Daiz)

Best Child Singer-  Rs.300 each

Male- Rodnil Fernandes (abras)

Female- Shaina Britto –(Desvatt)

Best Choral singers: Colisha, Clancy, Felicity,  Flocy, Lenzie, Shirlie-  opening .(Nurse) Rs.500

Best Duet – Anil-Olga (tumi amkam zai) Rs.500

Best Trio: Socorro Fernandes – Andrew D’Souza-John Fernandes
(Aikon sogleamchem magnnem).) Rs.750

Best Quartet – Aleixinho-Lorna-Aires-Valankini-Bushan-Lajja
(Sukh khuim asa) Rs.1,000

Best Lyrics –Cosma Fernandes (kortubancho Gulam) (Rs.500)

Best Script
Agnelo de Borim (Daiz) (Rs.4,000)
Joaquim Dias –Asha (Rs.2,000)

The three Judges
Avito Fernandes, Fr. Glen D'Silva and Mr. Shantaram Pawar
Avito Last year's top prize winner, Fr. Glen into Music and Mr Pawar into drama, KA alumni

A popular face at KA's Tiatr Competition every year
Mr. Amonkar (KA officer, Programe development)

Video 1  (Top Award Winners -Acting, Singing, Comedy etc)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - ASHA

College ragging gang - Suraj, Chelsi, Joel, Alton & Valencia
It’s a Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha type of  LOVE STORY

-      The two lovers from Goa
-      One Christian and the other Hindu Mahar
-     One survives but never marry again

The hero is a loafer or mugger, son of a rich man.
The girl’s Tapott (Slap)  changes his life –  He falls in love with her.

But the boy’s father would not accept it, he wants a girl for his son from a rich and higher society family. The girl did not get approval from her father too.
The two love birds decides to run away but their bike met with an accident killing the boy instantly

Asha’s condition was serious but she survives and dedicate her life to social services.

by Joaquim Dias
(Veer Hanuman Natya Mandal, Merces-Vaddy)
37th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa
(supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG). Staged on 10th Nov. 2011
Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a tiatrist Shri Steve Rod.
Bouquet of flowers also presented to the three judges – see pic
Alvito Fernandes, Fr. Glenn D’Silva and Shantaram Pawar
Well, I like this tiatr too.
Beautiful stage setting, depicting rich and poor section of the society, their standard of living etc

College life, ragging in the canteen etc also beautifully shown which deserve full marks -watch a clip on ragging - Video 3 below
Roles well played by all.
The interesting part of this tiatr is that there are many non-Christian Tiatrists.

The hero-Heroine themselves are Suraj Hoble and Smital Hoble, what a superb acting!
The girls father was Shyam Hoble. Then there were two more Hobles-Milind and Nikhil,

Besides, the college professor Shivdas Govekar, Gauresh Naik, Vaishalie, Reena Shirodkar etc.

The boy’s father and mother roles also well played by Santan Luis d’Mello (who is one of the regualars at KA Tiatr Competition) and Maria Martin.
Girl’s brother was young Rosario De Souza who also done very well.
Typical Ragging gang -by Suraj, Chelsi, Joel, Alton and Valencia
well played too.
Comedy handled by com. Jane Rebello and Com. Socoro D’silva.
  There were about 10 songs sung by Camilo Rodrigues, Benny Fernandes, Rosario, Ranika, Valency, Luiza, Francis, Tracey, Evola etc

The last one was was everybody’s favourite 83 year young Minglu de Merces.
  Infact, the audience joined him singing 'MARAMARI'  as can be seen in the Video 1 below.  Damn, my camera battery run down during the song, quickly replaced though..

I remember seeing Minglu evey year at KA Tiatr Competitions. His comedy solos are unique – unusual style and loved by all.
I also see him at Sangodd at Orda, Candolim every year.

Minglu gets a special award from JoeGoaUk  for his lifetime contribution to tiatr stage.

As said, the tiatr was good.
 It was nearly housefull.

Band by Vitorin Araujo  and his party - listen to their Intro or Tocad added to Video 3 below

This blog will be updated shortly with more pics and video. pl visit again
Some stage pics 

The hero with his college gang
Asha at her house with her father
Asha with her little brother
Hero with Father and Mother
Life goes on .. Asha a social worker

The Judges –
Video 1 (Minglu de Merces, 83)

Video 2 (Stage pics of all - including the judges)

Video 3  (College ragging)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition - THANK YOU DOCTOR

The relationship between ‘Bhatkar’ and 'Mundkar’ (Landlord/Tenant)  is like that of a cat and a dog’s.
In view of above situation, which landlord or landlady would allow his or her only daughter to marry the Mundkar’s son?

But they say ‘Love is Blind’ the girl (Simenca) determines to marry her childhood sweetheart Melvyn despite all odds.  The mother or the landlady did everything she could to separate them  but it did not work out and eventually gives her consent by agreeing to their relationship.

Like every Bollywood films  had villains be it  Ajit, Ranjeet or Shakti Kapoor, this  one too had a villain – Mr. Lobo.  He would do anything to marry the girl for her riches, even if he had to murder his own girlfriend in typical Mahanand style.  Melvyn gets the blame and sent to Jail.
Lobo all set to marry Simenca –
Waiting for his bride at the Church but Simenca does the act of  ‘Runaway bride’,  a social activist saves her life at the suicide point.

Like every dog has its day,  Mr. Lobo had his too. He is now in the police net. 

Thanks to the Doctor ( who is also the social activist) for a family re-union and a peaceful ending.
By Salvador Fernandes (Jolly Boy)
(Konkani Kala Mogi, Carambolim)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG. Staged on 9the Nov. 2011

Jolly Boy presenting his tiatr at KA competition for many years as said by the KA man Mr. Amonkar.
Today's tiatr opened at the hands of Dalgado Konkani Academy President, a Tiatr Advisory Committee Member of KA and a tiatrist himself, Shri Premanand Lotlikar

Flawless acting by all -  the typical Landlady was Mrs. Mystica Cardozo,  daughter was Simenca Rebello, Boyfriend Melvyn was Jerry d’Souza, Mundkar was Domnic Fernandes.
Well acted typical villain was Agnelo Lobo.  Supported by Young Hashvaine Fernandes and Marcia D’Souza as young Melvyn/Simenca,  Mr. Cypriano Afonso as Police Inspector, Mrs. Jaqueline Fernandes as Doctor/Social Activist,  Fatima Fernandes as Lobo’s girlfriend and Jonas as Havaldar.

Comedy part was handled by Com. Kenny Fernandes.

The tiatr had about 13 songs.
  Songs of Joao Camilo, Hashvaine Fernandes, Devina Dias, Trio by Jacquelin -Hipolito-Hashvaine, Rosario de Benaulim, Micah Fernandes etc were well received by the audience. Other singers were Adney, Ashley, Stefny, Alrica, Jonas, Salvador, Joel etc

The tiatr part was good.
Some off singing or FLs spotted including some Cants.

In one duet, where young sister lost her husband, the brother appeared more serious / Sad than the widow sister.

Band by Agnelo Dias (But I don't remember seeing him) with Mathias Mascarenhas etc. Thier Intro or Tocad added to the Video Clip 1 below

Stage pics

Kids playing
Quartet singers
Joao de Benaulim

Love in the garden
Ranjit or Shakti Kapoor of Konkani stage
From the Bolcanv
Trio Singing
Miss Micah
Kills like Mahanand
Finally, in the police net
Thank you doctor

Video 1

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - POJISANV

These dirty minded sons and equally dirty daughter were like parasites living on their aged father.
  Although grown up and educated, none of them work but come home to eat and sleep as the cost of their father who works hard as a ‘Render’ (Toddy Tapper). Nor they would give a helping hand to their father in his house-work including cooking.  The father even washes their clothes.

The only sensible person in the house is the youngest son who even works part time selling newspapers etc early morning before going to college, he being the youngest, the brother and sister would bully him and take all his earnings. 
  Father falls down from the coconut tree and loses his leg.  None of the three stone hearted went to the hospital instead they wished him dead at the time of the accident..

Fed up with them, the father asked the 3 to leave the house (hoping they will change..).

Father wins a lottery  and the three wolves return back in sheep’s clothing. As the things did not work out as planned, one son kills his own father for the lottery money.  When police arrived, they pointed their finger to the youngest brother who was sent to jail for the crime he never committed.

Elder brother now lives in a new bungalow, thanks to the lottery money. He has a live-in girlfriend too who rules the house.  His girlfriend gets a birthday present – House/property papers in her name.

Now that she is the legal owner, she orders everyone to leave the house including brothers and sister so that she can live peacefully with her husband.  ..and who’s that lucky person or would be husband?

Definitely, not the elder brother
  It was a well planned formula by the two who come forwards and say ‘that’s our  Style’

by Peter Correia
(Ganesh Sports & Cultural Club, Vasco)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa / TAG
Staged on 8th Nov. 2011

Todays tiatr opened at the hands of a senior tiatrist and man of thousand faces, Shri C D Silva

All roles well played by all.
   Father was Trindade Fernandes who acted as a traditional Render, did his work on Adavao (de-scaling fish etc ), cleaning pot by the well-side, change clothes showing traditional Kaxtti etc – He deserves full marks. Elder son was Martin de Ponda / Mendes, second son was the playwright himself Peter de Vasco /Correia. The daughter was Janet Fernandes and the youngest one was Baptist Crasto. The girlfriend was Meena Goes who did very well too. Supported by Minguel D’Costa (PI), Minino and Sebastiao

Comedy part played by Com Marcus supported by Pascoal Fernandes, Nestade Mendes and Violet fernandes

There were about 11 songs, all well received by the audience.

Singers were Rodson, Maria, Com Marcus, Violet,  Sonia Dias (who I first saw  as child actor in 2005 in Tony Dias Tiatr), Gaby, Michael, Janet, Baptist, Glissen, Trindade, David D’Costa etc
  The tiatr although sound bit old fashioned, the overall performance was good.

Young brother returns back from prison with same style or appearance - It takes atleast 10-15 years to set free on parole.

It ended at 10.10 pm

Don't remember watching Chouko (a quartet song)

Band by  Piety Fernandes - Intro or tocad added to the video 1 see below

some stage Pics

Adavo or adolli
Sonia Dias
Langutti or portonnem or kaxtti

Render Mama
Peter – Janet – Baptist
Husband-wife in real life
Sons and daughter with father
Meena Goes
com Marcus and Janet
Nestade, Marcus, Pascoal and violet
Brothers and sister (in law)
In style, in Pojisanv

Video 1

Monday, November 7, 2011


Family disowned their son (Leo) for marrying an orphan.
They were happily living together with a school going daughter (Reema)...

Wife (Simran) suddenly developed some complications,  various medical tests proved that she is dying of brain tumour.  Nothing the Doctors can do about it except some Divine interventions
Just before the major operation, Simran was taken for a scan and the result was miraculous

Faith can move mountains they say but in this case it was proved that Prayers too can move mountains.  A family that pray together, stays together.
When you give others, you give to God and He will bless you abundantly.  Simran did help others

Impossible is possible with powerful prayers.
Thanks to the  prayers of the daughter, husband, the priest  and everyone,   the dreadful tumour vanished.

by Cosme Pires
(Goencho Kala Mogi Productions, St. Cruz)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG)
Staged on 7th Nov. 2011

Today's tiatr opened at the hands of a tiatr lover and a social worker from Dona Paula Shri Pascoal Trindade
Mother’s role (Simran) well played by Rita Fernandes, Succoro de Sta Cruz as husband (Leo), Young daughter Velsao Camilo (Reema) also did well. The priest was Assumpt Gonsalves and the  in house Nurse was Jasmin Rosario and the beggar at the Holy Cross was Vikas Chopdekar.

Well begun is half done -  In the beginning, a minor roles very well played by young  Jesus Pires (see top pic) and Carmin Camilo.
Supported by  Bab Andrew, Paul Fernandes (as doctors), Andrea (nurse) and Cosme Peres.

Comedy part handled by Sandra D’Souza, Mannu and Com. Pitush.

There were about 13 songs.
Almost all songs were good and meaningful.

The opening by Jasmin-Andrea-Ruzai on Magnnem,  Bab Andrew solo on ‘annem’,  JR Rod ‘Maim mogache Maim’,  Succoro de Sta Cruz –Ruzai duet on ‘Put ani sun’, Jacint ‘new born in dust bin’,  a solo by Justin de Sta. Cruz, solo by Velbert  etc  were some of the best.

However, my favaourite was ‘where are all Niz Goemkars’ by Sucorro de Sta. Cruz – watch clip below.
Although, many songs heard before, including KA’s prev. Competitions, all song well received by the audience.

The tiatr was houseful and about 400 bulk tickets were taken by the organisers/supporters/villagers.
Tiatr got over just in time i.e. 10pm.

Coloured leaflets/folder were distributed to all free of cost with artistes details but almost same details was available twice in the same folder –Front & middle (same info also read out during the tiatr) other 4 pages with 58 sponsors names, main sponsor being Silveira brothers, Dandi Agxi.

Band by Agnelo Dias and his group - Tocad /Intro added to Clip 2 - see below

 Some stage pics

Praying at the Cross
Family thanks giving
Ladies Trio – Jasmin, Ruzai and Andrea
Family at breakfast
With Sandra d’Souza

At church office
Jacint sings on a baby found in a dustbin
Rita and Jasmin
Father-daughter in real life
Last Poddo

Video 1 (Sucegad Goenkar)

Video 2 - Stage Pics

Thursday, November 3, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - UZVADDACHO DIVO

The two love each other very much, even the girl’s father was aware of it.
The boy (Raymond)  had plans to work in Goa by setting up an industry where locals can be employed.
Raymond’s best friend  (Bosco) also wants to marry  the same girl (Felcy) for  her ‘girestkai’ (Riches) as she is the only daughter of her wealthy father.  

Raymond is now in hospital, met with an accident (Bosco behind it).
After discharge from hospital, Raymond suddenly started changing his plans.

First, he goes to Gulf and then he phones Felcy that he now wishes to marry another girl and that she should look for another one for her.

Why suddenly this changes or behaviour?
Did Raymond ever go to Gulf? (Seen on the phone speaking to Felcy from behind the same cross where they used to meet each other regularly).

Did he marry to another girl?
Was Raymond lying? If so, why?

Felcy finds out the reason from the hospital/doctor..

Felcy says to Raymond ‘I will be always there for you no matter what happens, trust God, He is great, He is hope, He is the lamp (of light).
by Rosario Fernandes
(Shri Ganaraj Sangeet Sanskritic Mandal, Quitula)
37th Tiatr Competition organised my Kala Academy and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG).  Staged on 3rd Nov. 2011

Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a member of the audience and a regular participant in the KA’s Tiatr Competitions and awards winner in the singing category Mrs. Betty D’ Cunha.  Husband-wife duo always seen in the audience.
Band by Vitorino Araujo (Trumpet) with Romeo Fernandes (2nd Trumpet), Roy Menezes (Sax), Nixon Vaz (Keyboard), Anthony Fernandes (Base) and Paklo Xavier Fernandes on Drums

Felcy’s role played by Preciosa Fernandes, Valeriano Fernandes (Raymond), Peter Fernandes (Bosco), Marcus D’Souza (Father). Supported by Bernard Fernandes (Doctor) and Flavia Fernandes (nurse).

Comedy part by Bostiao (Marciano Noronha), Domnic (Rosario Fernandes) and Rama (Graciano Furtado) and Conceicao (Mrs. Sucurine Pereira). 'Ek ful teen Mali' but who is the lucky guy?
It's Domnic who finaly marry Conceisao. First child is born, and the couple wish to name the child as per the lattest trend i.e taking half of mother and half of father's name. CON-DOM in this case.  We had a great laugh.

The tiatr has about 12 songs.
Most songs were heard before (may be children Tiatr Festival) but well received by the audience.

The two little ones Bai Lia Noronha (d/o Marciano) and Bai Nikita Machado sang 3 song  which are liked by all.
Rosario Fernandes on Robert de Calvim and Francis de Tuem was good too. Last year, I remember his song dressed as Mahanand.

Then there was a quartet or choucko where minister takes bribe through his Secretary leaving no proof to the giver and the CID officer who photograph while handing over the money bag. 
Songs by Garaciano Furtado, Marciano Noronha, Mercy Coelho, Flavia  Fernandes, Bernard, Valerian, Peter, Preciosa etc were also good.
However, Cant singing was not that good.

Tiatr got over around 9.15pm (the earliest so far)

Some Stage pics

The playwright – Rosario Fernandes
Mest with Doulo

Love is in the air – a swinging / Titanic pose in the garden
Little Lia
Ek ful tin mali
Little Lia and Nikita
Nurse and patient
Doctor and Nurse
Doctor Nurse and Visitor
a twelve page colour brochure Free to all
An inside page

Video 1

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - RINNKARI

This rich business man (Rudolf) seems more desperate for a child than his wife.
Not that his wife never conceived his child but  all previous pregnancies ended in miscarriages.

Wife is now pregnant for the 4th time but the situation seems even more delicate than before.
Would be father now  makes a vow before God that if  a child is born this time, he would give him or her  to God (as Nun or Priest).

Good news!  Rudolf gets a phone call – It’s a baby girl (prematurely born, had to shift to Bombay)
The father did not even see his child yet but started to change his colour like that of a chameleon.

‘I will send her to the best school and then to the best Business Management College ...’

Child come home for the first time with her uncle and aunty but where is the mother? Why wouldn't they allow lighting of firecrackers?
Rudolf lost his child too, for this, he himself to be blamed for he didn't keep up with his promises  thus remaining  always indebted to God

by Jose Fernandes
(Majorddechim Noketram, Majorda)
37th Tiatr Competition organised my Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy / TAG
Staged on 2nd Nov. 2011
 Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a tiatr Mogi and an Account Officer at Goa University Shri. Luis Noronha
Rons  as Rudolf done very well in acting followed by Jerson Fernandes as his brother-in-law.

Jose Fernandes, the playwright,  as a sasupai and as a traditional farmer or Zotkaxi,  seen in his traditional attire (Kaxtti), something we rarely see on stage. I know there are people in villages who would not give up  their tradition or dress code despite having learned sons and daughter in the family.
Other actors were  Melinda, Liberata, Jolibia etc

Comedy provided by Cima and Com. Seby.
Seby’s singing made everybody laugh particularly in a Lamani trio

The tiatr had about 11 songs.
Songs by Conie M, Raggio Fernandes, Jerson Fernandes, Melinda, Melisa-Elaine,  Joliber, Manuel, Diogo etc were some of the best.

Joliber while talking on terrorism, says it’s time to have Metal detectors at all Tiatr Halls etc – It does makes sense though.
Raggio says ‘Tiatrisponn’  is an art, not available at any shop to buy from and  ask why some Tiatr with ‘English titles’  when we don’t find English plays/films with Konkani titles?
The chouko - Traffic cops with duplicate challan book (Rons),  cheating Doctor (Connie M), Lawyer (Manuel) and Mechanics (Raggio) also good.

Jerson Fernandes as typical tarvotti also done well, who comes to meet prospective brides - Melissa and Elaine
Band by Jolly Boys – Intro is added to the Clip 1

Stage pics 

Com. Seby with Playwright Jose Fernandes
Rons and Jolibia

Fisherwoman with fish
Melissa and Elaine
Chor /Nagounne Mechanic, Advogad, Dotor and Traffic Police
In dancing mood
includes Husband wife daughter in real life


Video 1

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - TEAG

 This young God fearing mother’s life is full of sacrifices.
She  has two daughters and a handicapped  son.
Youngest one is about 18 months old. Husband works for a private firm and sometimes comes home drunk yet this family was a happy family.

One day, the mother finds out from her doctor  that she is dying  and that too very soon.
Husband was the only hope to take care of the kids once she is gone.

Very upset with his wife illness,  while going to a pharmacy to buy some medicines to her,  meets with an accident and dies on the spot. 
What’s going to happen to my kids now? Exclaimed the mother

What options does she have now other than giving her kids for adoption while she is still alive?
TEAG is written by Derrick D'Mello (Penha de France Art &
Socio-Cultural Academy) was the  24th entry in the 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (supported by TAG).
Staged on 1st Nov. 2011

Todays tiatr opened at the hands of  a tiatr lover and Ex. Govt Servant / Dy. Director etc Shri. Manuel Almeida
This tiatr could win many awards including child category, stage setting, script/lyrics etc

Everyone played their roles well.
The scene where the little one was taken for adoption made almost eveybody’s eyes wet including Company directors or Chairmen in the audience - Me included.

Beautiful stage setting with the statue of Our Lady of Penha de France with a Crocodile at Her feet will definitely score max. marks see pic.  There was also a Cemetery scene in the end which also deserve full marks.
Young Shanaya Pereira and little Cameron Fernandes done pretty well both in acting and singing including Cant singing. The mother Sabina Fernandes could even win top prize for best female acting.

The youngest one was Baby Valanka Dias also scored lot of public applause.
Father being Domnic Araujo and the village priest Derrick D’Mello  acting being natural or traditional.

Supported by Jovi Braganza, Joaquim, Agnelo Pereira, Conny, Mario, Judy, Jason, Velon and Wencesl
Well balanced comedy by Pasku –Leslie D’Souza and Claudin –Steffi Pereira

The tiatr had  about 11-12 song.
Sung  by Steffi Pereira,  Joana and Judy Braganza, Shenaya Pereira, Deliala Fernandes, Joaquim S Marques, Cameron Fernandes, Conny Pereira,  jack D’Souza etc.

There was one song praising Kala Academy and Tiatr Academy
Another song Trio ‘Sopon’ where the deceased sings from  heaven (sky/clouds ) in response to his wife/daughter - beautiful scene – see pic

The tiatr was housefull a day in advance. About 400-450 tickets were taken in bulk by the organisers/supported/neighbours.

Many tiatr personalities spotted including almost entire Britona Dramtic Academy

Tiatr finished just on time  i.e. 10pm, looks like one song dropped for want of time.
  Band by Pitush (Francisco  X Azavedo) with Roy Menezes (Sax) , Sammy Braganza (Trobone, Johny Araujo (Keyboard), Tony Fernandes (Base) and  John Fernandes on Drums - Listen to the Intro /Tocad added to the video clip2 below

Stage Pics 

Our Lady of Penha de France
Priest from Penha de France

mother with her youngest daughter


Voices from the heaven / sky

Pasku and Claudin

Patient and Nurse

Family in grief – Lost their father

AMFT – or cemetery

Video 1

Video 2

in GT

Video 3  (Songs)