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Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home, Konkani film

Home Sweet Home
A film by Swapnil Shetkar
With Com John D'Silva, Rajdeep Naik etc
Released on 26th Dec. 2014,
Completed 100 shows on 8th Jan. 2015 and still running successfully all over Goa (Today 18.1.15)

A must watch Movie, particularly by all Goans settled abroad
An American NRI returns back to Goa after 15 years only to be lost in Goa, even his house was missing. It's all about the on-going Scam in Goa with strong builder - politician nexus.

Talking about actors, my favourite was Rajdeep Naik whose acting was so natural, a typical taxi driver.  John d'Silva was at his best too so also Builder, Politicians, PI, Luis Bachan, UP Migrant Damu etc.
Don't underestimate  Nepali watchmen in Goa, 'tumche Maincho Ghou' yes, they too can speak Konkani.

Some pics

8th January 2015
At Inox, brass band, actors etc




Inside The multiplex



inside the Cinema Hall Screen 3


Actors and Politicians

Ravi Naik, Speaker Rajendra Arlekar


Houseful audience


Peeing Luis Bachan


Typical Gurkha, security guards


John D’silva, Rajdeep Naik


Damu Naik


Prince Jacob


Luis Bahchan




Film Poster / Flyer

Video at Inox

Ashok / Samrat Theatres
Panaji Goa  Pic taken 22.1.15

Home Sweet Home 2
Released on 25.12.15