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Thursday, November 10, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - ASHA

College ragging gang - Suraj, Chelsi, Joel, Alton & Valencia
It’s a Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha type of  LOVE STORY

-      The two lovers from Goa
-      One Christian and the other Hindu Mahar
-     One survives but never marry again

The hero is a loafer or mugger, son of a rich man.
The girl’s Tapott (Slap)  changes his life –  He falls in love with her.

But the boy’s father would not accept it, he wants a girl for his son from a rich and higher society family. The girl did not get approval from her father too.
The two love birds decides to run away but their bike met with an accident killing the boy instantly

Asha’s condition was serious but she survives and dedicate her life to social services.

by Joaquim Dias
(Veer Hanuman Natya Mandal, Merces-Vaddy)
37th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa
(supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG). Staged on 10th Nov. 2011
Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a tiatrist Shri Steve Rod.
Bouquet of flowers also presented to the three judges – see pic
Alvito Fernandes, Fr. Glenn D’Silva and Shantaram Pawar
Well, I like this tiatr too.
Beautiful stage setting, depicting rich and poor section of the society, their standard of living etc

College life, ragging in the canteen etc also beautifully shown which deserve full marks -watch a clip on ragging - Video 3 below
Roles well played by all.
The interesting part of this tiatr is that there are many non-Christian Tiatrists.

The hero-Heroine themselves are Suraj Hoble and Smital Hoble, what a superb acting!
The girls father was Shyam Hoble. Then there were two more Hobles-Milind and Nikhil,

Besides, the college professor Shivdas Govekar, Gauresh Naik, Vaishalie, Reena Shirodkar etc.

The boy’s father and mother roles also well played by Santan Luis d’Mello (who is one of the regualars at KA Tiatr Competition) and Maria Martin.
Girl’s brother was young Rosario De Souza who also done very well.
Typical Ragging gang -by Suraj, Chelsi, Joel, Alton and Valencia
well played too.
Comedy handled by com. Jane Rebello and Com. Socoro D’silva.
  There were about 10 songs sung by Camilo Rodrigues, Benny Fernandes, Rosario, Ranika, Valency, Luiza, Francis, Tracey, Evola etc

The last one was was everybody’s favourite 83 year young Minglu de Merces.
  Infact, the audience joined him singing 'MARAMARI'  as can be seen in the Video 1 below.  Damn, my camera battery run down during the song, quickly replaced though..

I remember seeing Minglu evey year at KA Tiatr Competitions. His comedy solos are unique – unusual style and loved by all.
I also see him at Sangodd at Orda, Candolim every year.

Minglu gets a special award from JoeGoaUk  for his lifetime contribution to tiatr stage.

As said, the tiatr was good.
 It was nearly housefull.

Band by Vitorin Araujo  and his party - listen to their Intro or Tocad added to Video 3 below

This blog will be updated shortly with more pics and video. pl visit again
Some stage pics 

The hero with his college gang
Asha at her house with her father
Asha with her little brother
Hero with Father and Mother
Life goes on .. Asha a social worker

The Judges –
Video 1 (Minglu de Merces, 83)

Video 2 (Stage pics of all - including the judges)

Video 3  (College ragging)

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