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Thursday, September 22, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition SUKH KHUIM ASA?


Sukh Khuim Asa?

Prolonged unemployment can lead to many problems in the society including rise in the crimes etc
Situation like this is the perfect opportunity to drug dealers etc  to entice the youth by offering them their dirty or fast money making risky schemes.

Unable to cope up with the unemployment, youths, sometimes,  left with no option other than to join hands with the criminals..

'Now, that you are a bad person, it’s not always you or your family to blame for who you are; it’s the corrupt government who is directly responsible for it'
As in this case, two friends after passing their graduation, appear for exams/interview for the posts of PSIs (Police dept).  Only the rich friend Frazer, got the job after buying it for Rs.15 lacs. The other Ronaldo, whose dream of becoming police always remained a dream despite doing very well in the exam/interview.

‘If I had rightfully got the job then, I would have never landed into this situation’ exclaimed Ronaldo from the prison cell.
Effects of unemployment and corrupt government practices etc  are some of the main highlights  of the Tiatr ‘SUKH  KHUIM ASA?’ by Lorna Fernandes (Machi Mogi, Morjim) in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (Supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa/TAG).

Staged on 22nd  September 2011
Today’s tiatr thrown open at the hands of Timotio Fernandes, Folk Advisory Committee member, KA

Young Frazer and Ronaldo as school boys  played by Frazer Fernandes and Ronaldo D’Souza besides there were three other students friends Brendon Gonsalves, Selvina and Lizia fernandes.
Mother’s role well played by the playwright Lorna Fernandes and Marathi speaking dalal or pimp (Tato) role equally played well  by the director Alexinho  de Morjim (Fernandes).

Grown up Ronaldo well played by Aires D’Souza, his girlfriend/Wife Gemma Fernandes, her brother Marshall Fernandes and Frazer’s role played by Cyril Fernandes as Inspector.

The scene of typical village hut and its surroundings nicely depicted on stage as can be seen in the pics/video.

All 12 songs sung very well. The ones I like most are the Duets of Bushan-Lajjea (Zeferinho) Da Costa, Solo of Rocky Dias, Alexinho de Morjim and Sovko by Alexin-Lorna-Bushan-Lajjea-Aires-Valankini.  Besides, there were other singers like Ernest D’Souza, Nazima Rodrigues, Anthony Fernandes, Frazer and Richard.
Drug dealer /Abdul Sheik role well played by Roland Mascarenhas.
Comedy by Inas Furtado

Band by Vitorino sound tracks can be heard in the clip during photo show

Some stage Pics

beautiful village scene

mother-son when grown up
with uncle
With villain
Part of Souko

Son in trouble with police
family visit to the lock-up (prison)

Video from 2009

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