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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - POJISANV

These dirty minded sons and equally dirty daughter were like parasites living on their aged father.
  Although grown up and educated, none of them work but come home to eat and sleep as the cost of their father who works hard as a ‘Render’ (Toddy Tapper). Nor they would give a helping hand to their father in his house-work including cooking.  The father even washes their clothes.

The only sensible person in the house is the youngest son who even works part time selling newspapers etc early morning before going to college, he being the youngest, the brother and sister would bully him and take all his earnings. 
  Father falls down from the coconut tree and loses his leg.  None of the three stone hearted went to the hospital instead they wished him dead at the time of the accident..

Fed up with them, the father asked the 3 to leave the house (hoping they will change..).

Father wins a lottery  and the three wolves return back in sheep’s clothing. As the things did not work out as planned, one son kills his own father for the lottery money.  When police arrived, they pointed their finger to the youngest brother who was sent to jail for the crime he never committed.

Elder brother now lives in a new bungalow, thanks to the lottery money. He has a live-in girlfriend too who rules the house.  His girlfriend gets a birthday present – House/property papers in her name.

Now that she is the legal owner, she orders everyone to leave the house including brothers and sister so that she can live peacefully with her husband.  ..and who’s that lucky person or would be husband?

Definitely, not the elder brother
  It was a well planned formula by the two who come forwards and say ‘that’s our  Style’

by Peter Correia
(Ganesh Sports & Cultural Club, Vasco)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa / TAG
Staged on 8th Nov. 2011

Todays tiatr opened at the hands of a senior tiatrist and man of thousand faces, Shri C D Silva

All roles well played by all.
   Father was Trindade Fernandes who acted as a traditional Render, did his work on Adavao (de-scaling fish etc ), cleaning pot by the well-side, change clothes showing traditional Kaxtti etc – He deserves full marks. Elder son was Martin de Ponda / Mendes, second son was the playwright himself Peter de Vasco /Correia. The daughter was Janet Fernandes and the youngest one was Baptist Crasto. The girlfriend was Meena Goes who did very well too. Supported by Minguel D’Costa (PI), Minino and Sebastiao

Comedy part played by Com Marcus supported by Pascoal Fernandes, Nestade Mendes and Violet fernandes

There were about 11 songs, all well received by the audience.

Singers were Rodson, Maria, Com Marcus, Violet,  Sonia Dias (who I first saw  as child actor in 2005 in Tony Dias Tiatr), Gaby, Michael, Janet, Baptist, Glissen, Trindade, David D’Costa etc
  The tiatr although sound bit old fashioned, the overall performance was good.

Young brother returns back from prison with same style or appearance - It takes atleast 10-15 years to set free on parole.

It ended at 10.10 pm

Don't remember watching Chouko (a quartet song)

Band by  Piety Fernandes - Intro or tocad added to the video 1 see below

some stage Pics

Adavo or adolli
Sonia Dias
Langutti or portonnem or kaxtti

Render Mama
Peter – Janet – Baptist
Husband-wife in real life
Sons and daughter with father
Meena Goes
com Marcus and Janet
Nestade, Marcus, Pascoal and violet
Brothers and sister (in law)
In style, in Pojisanv

Video 1

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