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Thursday, August 22, 2013

HELLO UNCLE by Tomazinho Cardozo

Hello Uncle, send us some more money (so that we can spend  lavishly at your cost)
One lie begets another
Living on Lying, Deceit, Falsehood, Dishonesty, Faking etc
And that's the Tiatr is all about.
'Stop depending on others' is the message.

Hello Uncle by Tomazinho Cardozo
staged at Margao GVN 21st Aug. 2013

A sort of different style Tiatr but a complete entertainer.
Role well played by all (award winning artistes, Kala Mogi, Candolim)
We had a good laugh throughout.

On the Cantaram side, some professionals are engaged viz.
Joe Rose, Wilson - Sharon (Wilmix).
Kingfisher voice of Goa Akash also singing.

More pics added.. (of the second half)

Ok, here are some stage pics

Sharon Mazarello

Akash Telgu

Energetic Edwin Fernandes

Edwin – Jocelyne – Selza Lopes

Irene Cardozo from London

 Political trio: Tomazinho – Larisa – Joe Rose
Aam Aadmi - Shushma Swaraj - Manmohan Singh

 Duet: Joao Cardozo, Maria Cardozo

 Irene and Anthony Carvalho
Uncle & Aunty

Irene, Assis, Anthony, Mathias Mascarenhas

 with Joycelyne on the floor

Wilson (Wilmix) Sharon - 3 songs with repeat duets


Mathias Mascarenhas, Jocelyn Misquita, Edwin Fernandes and Dyneshwar Morajkar
in a fake wedding with fake priest

With Selza Lopes

More pics added 23rd Aug

shock treatment

 a letter to God, address needed

Temptation at Police station
or Sex scandal at Police Station?

 a foreigner (Indian made)

the entire cast
Tukaram Naik, Larisa Fernandes, Irene Cardozo, Anthony Carvalho, Shivanand Naik, Dyneshwar Morajkar, Jocelyn Misquita, Edwin Fernandes, Assis Cardozo, Mathias Mascarenhas and Selza Lopes

Tomazinho Cardozo and Kala Mogi, Candolim
 Tomazinho Cardozo, the first President of Tiatr Acadeny of Goa, as Tiatr director has bagged
the best director award 12 times and  11 times as best script writer awards.
Kala Mogi Candolim is a dramatic troupe headed by Tomazinho Cardozo which has made lot of efforts to improve the quality of tiatrs during the last 34 years through the yearly competitions organised by Kala Academy Goa
These artistes are award winning artistes of Kala Academy in numerous tiatrs that Kala Mogi Candolim has staged in the yearly tiatr festivals etc
Kala Mogi Candolim has won  atleast 12 times 1st prize for best performances,
4 times 2nd prize and 5 times 3rd prize for best performance.
This is for the first time that Tomazinho Cardozo and his dramatic troupe is presenting a tiatr
 ‘Hello Uncle’ on commercial basis.

Video - Trailer

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