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Monday, August 8, 2011

Acid Attack on Tiatrist Brian Fernandes?

Acid Attack on Tiatrist Brian Fernandes?

Well,  to start with, let me clarify that the Victim is not the same as our popular Com. Brian Fernandes.

There was a huge confusion or mix-up on the subject matter.
I was surprised to get number of queries on this and even
more surprised to personally witness the situation at Kala Academy tiatr ‘ Public’ this evening 8/8/11.
Some even phoned Peter de Benaulim,  the father of Com. Brian.

As for me, I found out (through various news reports ) the victim
is a tarvotti (seaman) and also not from Benaulim but Chinchinnim.

For most of us,  there is only one Tiatrist Brian Fernandes ,
more commonly known as ‘com. Brian’

Merely acting/singing  in one  CD only,  does not make one a Tiatrist.
Don’t know where our news papers got the  ‘tiatrist’ from?

Imagine the situation where in..  
one who is not into tiatr but into reading newspapers pass the message ‘Acid attack on Tiarist Brian Fernandes’  on to another one who is into tiatr but not into newspapers or internet .
And I  think this is exactly what has happened ref.  spreading news like wild fire and causing a huge confusion.
Newspapers should be careful while using such terms particularly where there are more than one tiatrists by the same name and surname.

What more? Despite dragging on to the subject for more than two days, none could even publish a photograph of the victim in order to clear up confusion or doubts in the minds  of tiatr lovers.
The news was all over the net news channels, mailing lists,
groups etc

Different papers different reportings.
One says, the victim is out of danger whereas  other says he is shifted to GMC as  his condition deteriorated and  the pvt
hospital in which he was admitted has no facility for the treatment. Some even said (on the net) he is taken to Hubli
Update: Herald dtd 9/8/11
'The victim was shifted to GMC on Sunday from where he has
been taken to Karnataka, as he has reportedly lost one eye in the attack'

Now, who is the Victim (tiatrist)  Brian Fernandes?
It seems, no body knows.
One paper says he is the producer of CD ‘Mog’
Next day,  another paper  also said Brian is  the producer of CD  MOG
Could not ascertain the CD they are talking about is
AudioCD or VideoCD.
I quickly scan through my about 400 collection of VCDs and the result came up with not one but two VCDs by the same title MOG. 

VCD No14.
 Mog - a short film by Peter -Roshan
With Peter-Roshan, Anil-Olga, Agnes, Ben Evangelisto,
baba Benzer, Com Ambe, Brian, Ida, Maria etc
Rs.150      May2004

click on links for bigger view etc

VCD No. 361
MOG by Jonn Fernandes
With  Nancy Gomes, Brian Fernandes, Antonette de Calangute
Roseferns, Mini Mario, Caridon Jonas, Com. Ambe and Selvy, jonn
Rs. 150                   March/2011
but none says Producer  Brian.

As  some of the info in the news item (see quoted below)
matches with that of the above latest VCD,
e.g. Brian Fernandes who plays the main role,   Producer (Jonn) Fernandes, both working on the ship etc.  Curiosity made me to watch the VCD for the first time today.
 Incidentally, Brian is also his Character’s name in the VCD and there was also another character named John (pictured, marked with ???)

Following are the snapshots from the VCD – Brian Fernandes, Roseferns , Nancy etc

all in one pic

However, I am not saying he is the Victim as I myself  not sure who the Victim is.

Hope our newspapers who brought this news first, come out with an update or clarification possibly with  the victim's photo. 
We feel, we have the right to know.

I just thought of clarifying or updating  on the issue in the interest of tiatr lovers in general.

Whoever is the victim, we  human beings do not do such things to another human being.
It’s a clear indication of one’s intention of ‘disfiguring’ some one’s face.  Whoever did so  or  whoever hired someone to do so is not a human being at least in my books.

I wish speedy recovery to Brian Fernandes.

Some news items:
Acid attack on Tiatrist: police clueless  8/8/11

PANJIM: Panjim police are groping in the dark over the motive and identity of the accused

who threw acid on Tiatrist Brian Fernandes in the city on Saturday evening.
Sources stated that victim in his statement has not hinted at any rivalry or any possibility that

could have led to such a brutal acid attack on him.
30-year-old Brian was in his car when acid bulb was flung on him.
Brain is being treated at a city hospital. Brian was supposed to leave for abroad on Monday.
Police had said that they have stepped up patrolling across the city and adjoining areas to nab the assailants.
Brian had produced a CD Mog last year, which was a hit amongst the tiatr lovers. The victim has told police that he has no enmity with anyone. He has said that a day before the attack, there was similar attempt at Bambolim when some suspicious thing was flung on him, which missed the target.

Day 2 reporting
Producer attacked due to professional rivalry: Cops

PANAJI: The Panaji police suspect that tiatrist Brian Fernandes, 30, was attacked with an acid bulb by two unknown persons at Panaji on Saturday evening due to a professional rivalry.

The police said that the victim, in his statement to the police, said that he has no enmity with anyone. "However, he admitted that in the last few months his best friend had turned out to be his greatest foe after they worked on a tiatr, 'Mog', together. While he had written the script for the tiatr, his friend, who is also employed on the same ship as Fernandes, had produced the play. As soon as the tiatr was released, differences developed between the two," the police said.

However, the police are still verifying the involvement of the producer friend in the attack on Fernandes.

 "It is too early to comment. The friend is aboard the ship and not currently in the state.
We are trying to verify if he hired someone to attack Fernandes," the police added.

The police are also in the process of verifying whether the attack was only due to a

professional rivalry as claimed by the victim or there was a personal conflict angle, too.
Fernandes, who was immediately rushed to Vintage hospital, Panaji, for treatment, is now stable.
 "He has chemical burns on his face, eye and chest from the corrosive acid," said a doctor treating him.

Some First day headlines:

Day 2
ACID ATTACK ON TIATRIST – Police Clueless  - H

Day 3   ( Tuesday 9/8/11)
Acid attack: Cops depending on phone details for lead - H
CCTV footage viewed in acid attack case - NT

Day 4  (10/8/11)

Brian Shifted to Hubli - TOI
"..The Police are trying to verify if the victim had any other enemies other than the producer of the VCD 'Mog', for which he had written the script.  The suspect was working on the ship along with Brian and had produced 'Mog'.  Soon after the VCD was out, there developed dofference between the two, the Police said"

Cops trace frequent calls on victim's cellphone before attack - H
Konkani actor-cum-singer of the konkani Movie 'Mog' Brian Fernandes..

Acid  attack victim shifted to Bangalore - NT
Actor and producer of CD 'Mog' ..taken to Bangalore for eye treatment..

Day 5 (11/8/11)
Calls to Brian traces to Labourer's cell - TOI
But the migrant labourer from Sanquelim says he never bought the sim card

Day 6 (12/8/11)
Anonymous UK caller tried calling BRian before attack - TOI
However, Brian did not talk to the person and immediately cut the call..

Update  4th June 2012

Jealousy motivated attack on Konkani filmmaker: cops

PANJIM: Nearly 11 months of the uncertainty on the motive of the pre-planned attack on Konkani filmmaker John Bryan Fernandes, Goa police today confirmed that it was a jealously attack masterminded by his neighbour, who is now dead.
Joseph Folryaro alias Folow Fernandes (70) who allegedly hired contract killers to eliminate Bryan, died five days after his plan was executed by three assailants on August 11, 2011. (Jose Floriano Fernandes 78 (DOB 1.8.33), alias Fulao of Mingoll, Chinchinim who died on 11.8.11, 5 days after the attack  allegedly masterminded by himself. Acid attack took place on 6.8.11)
A chargesheet under section 307 (attempt to murder) read with 34 (common intention) of IPC will soon be filed against the accused including Azrodin Shaikh, Sameer Somnath Naik and Sameer Madhukar Naik, all from Ponda.
Addressing reporters at police headquarters, Deputy Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar said the police have ascertained that the motive to attack Bryan was out of jealousy on his rising prosperity.
“Bryan’s Konkani movie ‘Mog’ besides his other assignments gave him fame and he would also travel abroad. Joseph envied his prosperity and hired the contract killers,” said Gaonkar ruling out the love triangle.
“Joseph will also be chargesheeted but he cannot be tried in the court of law as he is dead,” Gaonkar said.
Bryan, a resident of Chinchinim was attacked with acid laden bulb, while he was driving his Maruti Alto to meet his ailing sister admitted in a private clinic in St Inez, August 6, 2011.
The victim is still undergoing treatment for his distorted face. The bikers had used sulphuric acid to attack the victim.
The DySP said the neighbours did indulge in petty quarrels before the attack but Bryan’s family was unaware that Joseph harboured jealously against them.