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Thursday, November 3, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - UZVADDACHO DIVO

The two love each other very much, even the girl’s father was aware of it.
The boy (Raymond)  had plans to work in Goa by setting up an industry where locals can be employed.
Raymond’s best friend  (Bosco) also wants to marry  the same girl (Felcy) for  her ‘girestkai’ (Riches) as she is the only daughter of her wealthy father.  

Raymond is now in hospital, met with an accident (Bosco behind it).
After discharge from hospital, Raymond suddenly started changing his plans.

First, he goes to Gulf and then he phones Felcy that he now wishes to marry another girl and that she should look for another one for her.

Why suddenly this changes or behaviour?
Did Raymond ever go to Gulf? (Seen on the phone speaking to Felcy from behind the same cross where they used to meet each other regularly).

Did he marry to another girl?
Was Raymond lying? If so, why?

Felcy finds out the reason from the hospital/doctor..

Felcy says to Raymond ‘I will be always there for you no matter what happens, trust God, He is great, He is hope, He is the lamp (of light).
by Rosario Fernandes
(Shri Ganaraj Sangeet Sanskritic Mandal, Quitula)
37th Tiatr Competition organised my Kala Academy and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG).  Staged on 3rd Nov. 2011

Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a member of the audience and a regular participant in the KA’s Tiatr Competitions and awards winner in the singing category Mrs. Betty D’ Cunha.  Husband-wife duo always seen in the audience.
Band by Vitorino Araujo (Trumpet) with Romeo Fernandes (2nd Trumpet), Roy Menezes (Sax), Nixon Vaz (Keyboard), Anthony Fernandes (Base) and Paklo Xavier Fernandes on Drums

Felcy’s role played by Preciosa Fernandes, Valeriano Fernandes (Raymond), Peter Fernandes (Bosco), Marcus D’Souza (Father). Supported by Bernard Fernandes (Doctor) and Flavia Fernandes (nurse).

Comedy part by Bostiao (Marciano Noronha), Domnic (Rosario Fernandes) and Rama (Graciano Furtado) and Conceicao (Mrs. Sucurine Pereira). 'Ek ful teen Mali' but who is the lucky guy?
It's Domnic who finaly marry Conceisao. First child is born, and the couple wish to name the child as per the lattest trend i.e taking half of mother and half of father's name. CON-DOM in this case.  We had a great laugh.

The tiatr has about 12 songs.
Most songs were heard before (may be children Tiatr Festival) but well received by the audience.

The two little ones Bai Lia Noronha (d/o Marciano) and Bai Nikita Machado sang 3 song  which are liked by all.
Rosario Fernandes on Robert de Calvim and Francis de Tuem was good too. Last year, I remember his song dressed as Mahanand.

Then there was a quartet or choucko where minister takes bribe through his Secretary leaving no proof to the giver and the CID officer who photograph while handing over the money bag. 
Songs by Garaciano Furtado, Marciano Noronha, Mercy Coelho, Flavia  Fernandes, Bernard, Valerian, Peter, Preciosa etc were also good.
However, Cant singing was not that good.

Tiatr got over around 9.15pm (the earliest so far)

Some Stage pics

The playwright – Rosario Fernandes
Mest with Doulo

Love is in the air – a swinging / Titanic pose in the garden
Little Lia
Ek ful tin mali
Little Lia and Nikita
Nurse and patient
Doctor and Nurse
Doctor Nurse and Visitor
a twelve page colour brochure Free to all
An inside page

Video 1

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