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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tiatrist Antonette de Calangute with failed kidneys, needs our prayers

News Flash:
Sadly, Antonette de Calangute died on 6th March 2014

Funeral likely on Sunday 9.3.14 at Colva 3.30pm

see funeral pics and video here

Tiatrist Antonette de Calangute with failed kidneys, needs our prayers – Husband speaks

Watch latest video of Antonette speaking 17.10.12 - see in the end
With latest health update from her husband Bonny Pereira 31.1.2012

Many tiatrists come together under the banner 'Tiatristancho Ekvott' and so far staged two houseful mega musical shows (Margao/Panjim) in aid of ailing Antonette de Calangute. watch some clips in the end/below
Calangute Panchayat villagers too (where Antonette hailing from) came in for help offering Rs.50K
Besides, Tiatr Directors by means of donation box collection during their stage shows also helped and are still helping.
eg. Milagres de Chandor collected 110K, Roseferns 210K, Prince Jacob (inludes Bombay shows) 261K, Minin de Bandar sor far 115K and soon to come from Com. Agostin shows, Oldrin, Peter-Roshan, Pascoal Rod etc as the collection is till going on during their stage shows.
Fr. Conceissao also gave monetery help, so did Peter Figueredo 10K, Nilesh Cabral 25K etc TAG sponsored KA hall for the Show, where as Herald sponsored 16 large ads for the shows (info, as announced during the show by Bonny, her husband)

Antonette is one of the best stage actors and very good at tragedy roles I think she is a member of Minin de Bandar Tiatr team and also seen in many other tiatr
such as this one July/2011 at 1.07, 4.32..

at 1.45, 3.38,5,12,5.35 (2009)

Please join me to wish Antonette a speedy recovery


Some pics of the Panjim show 31.1.12
(more will be added soon)

Video shooting was not allowed, announcements were made.
When I was doing my usual stuff, i was stopped twice but that did not stopped me..
Besides, many others were doing it see front row  pic below

I don't blame them for stopping me, for they don't know who I am, if known, I would have even saved Rs.300 as photojournalists / mediamen get free entry and free special sitting area etc..

Special opening song dedicated to Antonette de Calangute
sung by Kuwait/Goa fame Com. Filipe and Marcus Vaz

5 of the 8 musicians


Show Compere –

Jessica and Mario Menezes - 1st part

 Franky Gonsalves and Agnelo Lobo – 2nd part

Two lovely sisters

the guest and guests of honour
Tomazinho Cardozo, Fr. Conceicao, Sabina, Jusephin, Jessie..

Elvis pop

Show ad

compere: Jessica Gomes, Agnelo lobo, Franky Gonsalves and Mario Menenzes
Singers : Sheikh amir, T-Britton, Reginald de Panchwadi, Antush, Marcelin de Betim, Maggie (Com. Joana's sister), C D Silva, Connie-m, Albert Cabral , Marcus Vaz, baba Cielo, Xavier Gomes, Francis de Tuem, Lawry Travasso, Minino de Bandar, Osvie Viegas, Mini Mario, Soccorro de st.cruz, Ancieto, David d'Costa, Trindade, Joaquim d'Costa, bab Andrew, Ave d'Souza, Willson, comedian Philip, Anil-Olga, Felcy-Aplon, Sharon, Sonia Shirsat, Anthony San, AM Pacheco, Cajy de Verna, Semenka, jr. Reagan, cajetan de Curtorim, Jaison de Colva, Elvis-Jessica
Comedians: Domnic-Luis Bachan; Ambe-Aurelio; Ben-Joana-Oley; Jacob-Humbert
Musicians : Nolvert Cotta, Vitorin, Anton, Sammy, Theo Alvares, John de Madel, Cannon and Norman Cardozo. (as listed by Agnelo Lobo)

Note: I left the hall just after half hour and back again in about 1.5 hours

so, you will see the following artistes in above clip, in order of appearance

Mario Menezes,  Jessica Gomes, Joaquin D’Costa, Marcus vaz, Com Philip, Wilson, Sharon, Rosy Alvares,  Antush, Minin de Bandar, Aplon, Felcy, Reginald de Ponchwadi, Xavier Gomes, Sonia Shirsat, Agnelo Lobo, Franky Gonsalves, Sabina, Jusephine, Jessie Dias, Fr. Conceisao D’Silva, Tomazinho Cardozo, Bonny Pereira, Semenka, Marcelin de Betim, Baba Cielo, Ave, Albert Cabral, Bab Andrew, Elvis Mascarenha supported by his wife Jessica backstage, Com. Ben Evangelisto, Oley, Com. Joana, Jr. Reagan, David d’Costa, Trindade, Maggie, Com Aurelio, Com. Sandeep Ambe, T Britton, Sheik Amir, Sucor de Sta. Cruz. 
Musicians: Keyboards- Norman Cardozo, Turmpet 1 – Teo Alvares, Trumpet 2- Nolvert Cotta, Trumpet 3 – Vitorino Araujo, Saxophone- Antonio, Drums – John de Madel, Base guitar – Cannon D’Souza


foll. pics added on 2/2/12

Sheik Amir Sucoro de St. Cruz

T Britton

Aurelio and com. Ambe
Com. Joana’s sister Maggie

David d’ Costa and Trindade

 Jr. Reagan

Com Ben Evangelisto and Com Joana

Mahanand fame and Tiatrist Net fame

Albert Cabral and Bab Andrew

Norman Cardozo and Cannon D’Souza


Norman Cardoz

Baba Cielo

 Marcelin de Betim


Agnelo Lobo

Xavier Gomes

Reginald de Panchwadi


Minin de Bandar

Rosy Alvares

Mario and Jessica
Wilmix – Wilson Sharon Mazarello Video Antonette de Calangute latest - 17.10.12

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