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Friday, July 22, 2011


Video clips

He anik Goem Sambautele?

The title itself sounds as if it’s all about Goan politicians or Ministers.
It may not always be the case.

Destruction of Goa, crimes, murders etc?
Blame it on to the Goan Ministers or MLAs – That’s the tendency we have amongst us to
blame the Govt. for anything like that.
Don’t we, the Goans,  directly or indirectly  also responsible for all the mess?

There are people who would do anything, I mean anything, including saving the criminals etc
in exchange of favours from them such as highly paid jobs, Car or bungalow etc.

The greed for money, wealth, prestige, fame, promotion, luxurious living etc..
Many Lawyers would turn black to white and vice versa
Doctors would give false post mortem reports (to save criminals)
A police may go hand in hand with the drug Mafia and the criminals
Another would sell his land to the highest bidder from outside Goa
Yet another Goan voter would knowingly vote for a criminal, again for greed.

Greedy people such as  them, can they really save Goa?

‘The Dangers of Greed’ are beautifully highlighted by Peter-Roshan in their latest Tiatr
‘He anik Goem Sambautele?’
The tiatr has everything that will make you to learn, think and laugh.
Peter-Roshan duet, Xaiver-Francis-Marcus Trio, Brian comedy solo etc were some of the
popular songs.
Comedy by Com Janet, Luis Bachan, Selvy and Brian brought more flavour to the tiatr.
A song by Francis de Tuem on Swindon Murder Case  (where a Goan killed another Goan) 
well appreciated by the audience.

Another unique attraction of the show was the live Goa Assembly Session
on stage with sound or look alike politicains such as Parrikar, Digambar, Churchill etc
Cast: Franky Gonsalves (Mahanand fame), Willy, Antonette de Calangute, Peter-Roshan,
Benzer, Sonali, David D’Costa etc

Some stage pics


Peter-Roshan & Parrikar

Muni Badnam huyi

Assembly in session
ex. Sex workers from Baina


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Konkani VCDs for July 2011

VCD No. 378
SOBIT AMCHEM BAGA by Polly de Baga
With Polyy, Bab Andrew, Albert, Antonette Mendes, Peter-Roshan
Francis de Tuem, Xavier Gomes, Lawry, Com. Bryan, com Sally,
Minin Mario etc etc
Rs.150                                   July /2011

VCD No. 379
With  com. Luis Bachan, Com. Ben Evangelisto, Clara Dias,
Rosario de Benaulim, Pascoal D’Costa, Enola, Michelle,
Rizby etce etc
Rs.150                              July/2011

 I missed on this one
Miss Ravina, Somplem or Sompoilem?
By Victor D’Cunha
see links within for pics/video of Late Miss Ravina
It was released some days ago and soon become out of stock.
All sold out. Not available at Margao and Panjim on 18th  July 2011

VCD No. 380
By Victor D’Cunha
With Victor D’Cunha, his daughter Valanka,
Ravina’s family, James, C D Silva, Rosario de Benaulim
Bushka, Violet, Osvy Viegas, Janet, Agnel de Dabolim,
Tony de Ribandar, Ava Trio – Agnle, Victor, Andrew
Rs.130                         July/2011


VCD no. 381
BOMBAY by Peter de Macazana
3rd VCD
With Com. Selvy, Com Janet, Luis Bachan,
Mathew Araujo, Dotor Cyril, Co, Pitush, Com Alcin
Bhago, Jose de Sanvordem, Max, Patson almeida,
Baba Cielo, Bay Ferosha, Baba Prylon, Peter de Macazana
Rs.150                         July/2011

VCD No. 382
ANTANCHO TEOMP by Marcelin de Betim
With Anil-Olga, Jessie Dias, Marcelin de Betim, Com. Sally
Ave, Aniceto, Succor de Sta. Cruz etc
Rs.150                         July/2011

For compete list of all 382+ VCDs please follow posts below.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A message to parents ‘Don’t part with everything you have..’

A message to parents ‘Don’t part with everything you have..’

Parents’ responsibilities increase from the day one when a child is born.
We try our best to give them 'the best'– be it a dress material, good education, cycle,
 mobile, motor bike, car etc etc
We may even part with everything we have even mortgage our houses
for the love of our children.
When we do that there is always a hope that our children will never let
us down should we need their help particularly in our retirement or old age.

But in this household, such hopes are shattered. The father when
received notices for repossession of house (for not keeping up
with mortgage repayments) approached his son and the daughter,
both send him back empty handed. As if this shock was not
dreadful enough, the son-in-law (a wolf in sheep’s clothing) approached
the father (Sasupai) and fraudulently obtained his signature to make the house his own.
What option does the father have now other than living in the streets?

He dies blaming not anyone but himself saying
‘I have gone wrong in my own books of accounts’
Where no provisions were made for unexpected loses such as
bad debts etc

‘Don’t part with everything you have’ was the strong message to parents
by Anil-Olga in their tiatr ‘Mhozo Hixob Chuklo’ staged at Panjim Market
on 4th May 2011 on the occasion of Holy Cross Feast
(organised by Holy Cross Associantion, Fish Market Panjim, Goa).

The tiatr had meaningful songs –Solos, duets, duo & trio. 12 in all.
Cast: Rosario de Benaulim, Alexinho de Morjim, Netty, Anil Pednekar,
Peter-Roshan-Bryan-Benzer etc

There was another actor in the main role (a hero who I thought I saw for
the first time) Willy but without long hair this time, was at his best though.

There was bit of bollywood too such as Sheila Ki Jawani,
Dum Maaro Dum etc. Sheila was instant hit amongst the audience.

Another song/Trio I like was from Father-mother-son, mother being a
village sarpanch spend all time at panchyat giving less or no attention
at home. Son pleads ‘Leave the job/dirty money or else I leave my school’
what options does mother have now?
Children too can play important role in changing the way of their corrupt parents life. Beautifully brought out by Peter-Roshan-Benzer in their trio
I wish every Govt. Servants, Police, Politicians etc children do just as that.

We missed Olga who was at home with her little one (new born).
The tiatr is good with strong message and a good entertainer too.
The tiatr MHC , soon coming to London and Paris after celebrating 43rd show in Goa today.

Tiatr trailer

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Some stage Pics: Hero Willy and Alexino de Morjim
Alesin and Netty
With Anil Pednekar
Father-Mother-Son Trio
My name is Sheila
a duo with Rosario de Benaulim

Sheila ki Jawani

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Konkani VCDs for June 2011

DVD. No 373
1975 b/w Konkani Film
With Alfred Rose , Rita Rose, Prem Kumar, Betty Naz,
Seby Coutinho, Ophelia, Joe Rose,Paul Romy etc etc
Rs.299                   May 2011

VCD No. 374
MR BABURAO by Com. Michael
With Com Michael, Humbert,  Com. Marcus,
Ben Evangelisto, Com  Succor, Baba Cielo, etc
Rs.150                                  June/2011

VCD No. 375
OSTOREANK SANGAT by Janet & Filipe Almeida
With Janet, Filipe, Com. Selvy, Com Ambe,
Antonete de Calangute, Com Seby, Tony de Ribandar,
Baba Cielo etc
Rs.150                    June/2011

VCD No. 376
DON DISANCHO SOUNSAR by AGostinho de Ambaulim
With Lawry, Com. Ben Evangelisto, Com. Selvy,
Connie Ferns, Rosy Alvares, Seby, AGostinho,
Lesly, F X Cardozo, Rosalina, Allan etc
Rs.150                               June/2011


VCD No: 377
JAPANA TSUNAMI by Clemente Rodrigues
WithCom Janet, Com Ambe, Com Selvy,
Francis de Tuem, Marcus Vaz, Agnelo da Costa,
Clemente Rodrigues, Rosalin Vaz etc
Rs.150                      June/2011

Missed on 'zagor' or 'Jaagor'  film DVD as the same was not available at most popular places in Margao. A film by Fatorda MAL Damu Naik
Will include in July. DVD released about a week ago

for complete list from 2003 onwards  (updated 2/7/11)