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Friday, September 30, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 NURSE

Video 3
Video 2 (Photo Show)
Tiatr Nurse
NURSE by Augie D’mello (Britona Dramatic Academy, Penha de France)
was the 11th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa. Staged on 30th Sept. 2011

Today’s  tiatr opened at the hands of a member of the audience (one of the regulars) Mr. Rafael Pereira

Tiatr Nurse
Big hospital, Patients in beds,  Doctors on duty, Nurses in uniform ?

No, nothing like that at all, not even a nurse in uniform seen on stage.

Nurse is not  just a person who  cares for the sick and disabled, the one who  takes care of a young child is also a nurse.
Some parents may give their new born child for adoption or foster home, for whatever reasons as in this case a new born  was given for fostering as the child was born handicapped (defected leg?).

There was more of Music and schools and colleges than nurses and hospitals
e.g. Music mestri (blowing instrument –Saxophone  etc)

We have seen  on stage  Jose Antonio Memorial High School and then  we saw Alfredo  D’Mello Memorial College of Arts & commerce (see pics)
The tiatr also talked about the corruption by Police, fake currency notes etc.

Pedrina d’Mello, Johny D’Silva, Denzil d’Souza, Rodney D’Souza, Flocy Camilo, Felicity d’souza, Mathew Fernadnes etc  were at their best in the main role. Some Shool kids also done well
  Coming to the Cataram part, many says ‘cataram’ are too good.
It covered almost all the recent happenings that made headlines in the state be it Corruption, Anna Hazare, Mid Day meals, stray dogs and rabies,  suicides, accidents etc.

Besides topics on  neighours,  unnecessary funeral expenditure, relationship, friendship, Portuguese passports, Euro-dollars, patriotism, Divorce, tenants etc
Almost  all songs were too good  with good music and lyrics

Band by Agnelo Dias ( Intro track added to a clip)
This tiatr was houseful 2 days before the show, Tickets mainly bought by the villagers including the actors themselves

Visit here again for updates etc
Prev. Video /Repeat

Video 1

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - AAS


It’s all about the ‘greed’

A greedy child may steal some food stuff or some money etc.
A greedy minister may cling on to his chair for years, greed may even make him bring his own family members into politics.

When you are rich and old or ageing, you might see that your family is nice to you because they want your money (that you may leave behind your death)
Or some distant relatives may try hard to get into your good books.

Besides greed for money, once can be even greedy for success, fame, popularity etc e.g. ‘paid news’

Greed can be very dangerous too..
It can make you to steal, forge property documents and even kill someone.
As in this case, the greedy sister (Angela), kills her own brother for his wealth. She then drives her nephew (Jose Maria Fernandes) out of his own father’s house so that she can keep the entire ill-gotten wealth to her only son (Sanjay Kalangutkar). Her son leaves home in search of his cousin and dies in an accident. The wicked sister kills herself in the end.

‘AAS’ written by Joaquim D’Mello ( Kala Omkar, Panjim) was the 10th (of total 30) in the ongoing 37thTiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG). Staged on 29th Sept. 2011.

Today’s tiatr was opened at the hands of well know tiatrist and Mimicry artist Mr. Sheik Amir.

Well, the tiatr reminded me of my grany’s stories (kannio).

Several things in the story did not make sense to me.
While brother dies, he says he is leaving everything in his sister’s name asking her to look after his only son who appears to be at least in his mid 20’s

In order to keep ill-gotton wealth to her only son, the sister threw her nesphew  out of his own father's house and next we see the grown up son begging in the streets with a bowl (coconut shell) in his hand.   Earlier, we saw  him walk down the street and met with an accident and walking back saying ‘I am Blind’, no physical injury nor any red colour stains to fake blood.

In the other household, a girl Viola (Rafelina) coming from a poor family, passes out first class first in all of Goa, come home and gives 4 surprises to her father.
1. About her passing
2. Free scholarship to USA for studies
3. Leaving in 2 days time
4. She is also taking her father (Tellis) and uncle (Rajan) with her to US

What type of scholarship is this?

 Next, all 3 were shown in the US

 Amongst the actors, some were known faces like Angela, Effie, (Roma, Willy/Luiza, Muriel being cantaram side). Little 7 years old girl was Sherilda. Others were Rasealina, Tellis, Jose-Maria, John, Sanjay Calangutkar, Com. Rajan, Santosh, etc

Band by Romeo

The tiatr had about 11 songs sung by Cristov Pereira, Michael de Taleigao, Willy and Luiza, Jose, Albino, Baby Muriel, Bab shane, Roma & Jose.

 Don’t remember watching any trio nor quartet

 Following are the stage pics:

the girl, her father, uncle and her boyfriend (bearded one) who was throw out of his own house by his aunty

Father daughter in USA

A comedy song on Buddkulo and Touli or kunnem (holding both in hand)

Husband-wife Willy / Luiza

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - DESVATT

Most parents now a days very busy either making money or into so called social work.

While men are busy after making more and more money  the women folks seen busy with social activities including religious -  NGOs be it ‘Balancho Awaz’ or ‘Bhailanchi Shokti  or ‘Bailanchim Karma’ their dairies are full of appointments. They leave in the morning and come home very late thus give little or no time to their children.  All they give to them is the Money (no limit) including latest electronic gadgets like mobile phones, video games. What the children really need from the parents is their time with them which they spend may be rebuilding other people’s broken homes ignoring their own. By the time they  realise their mistake, it’s too late as their own homes completely collapsed  beyond  repairs.
  Something like this very beautifully brought out by Peter Vaz in his tiatr ‘DESVATT’ (Taleigao Dramtic Troupe) which was the 9th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Agademy of goa, TAG.  Staged on 28th Sept. 2011

Today’s tiatr was opened at the hands of  Dalgado Konknni Academy (DKA) Secretary and a welknown Konkani writer  Shri Jose Salvador Fernandes.
  The tiatr had very strong social message, particularly to parents.
Father (Elves Sequeira) being abroad, mother (Carmen Barbosa e Sequeira at her best) very busy with her social work.  So busy that she does not even remember her teenage son’s birthday. However, there is a party in the house on the same day not a birthday party but to celebrate her promotion in the NGO organisation. Poor son mistook it as his party and even invited his friends..

Son, an introvert, role  well played by Jozic  D’Silva  - Was really so natural, lot of hardwork there 
His sister was Candida D’Souza who did most of the Cant singing and the one sang at the time of her brother leaving the home to study out of state (much against his wish) was really touching , which brought tears in many eyes (includes our four). 

For most of us, one thing was so sure – The son will commit suicide in the hostel  by hanging which is the No. 1 in  Goa at present,  followed by Ratol suicide.
But no, the son did not commit suicide. Infact, he  has a lover, an African lover with whom he had a bonding relationship of an alternate lifestyle.  The son had girlfriend back home though.

It’s too late now, son is dying.. Parents, particularly the mother to blame for the neglect and for not allowing him to do what he always wanted to do (career). The son suffered a lot mentally through out his life including ragging at the college/hostel which was forced upon him by his own parents who neither believed in him nor had  time to be by his side when he needed them most - Third person ended up taking advantage of  the situation..

The story well written  taking into account the currents burning issues that affect the society.

Peter Vaz gets full marks for that from JoeGoaUk for taking up this cause - Goa's alarming rate of suicide, is indeed a matter of concern.

The house cook cum comedian role played by the Playwright himself (Peter Vaz).
  NGO secretary well played by Tassy Dias and a cameo role of tiatrist uncle played by Manuel Vaz who is a very familiar face at Kala Academy campus.

Besides, there was a doctor (Armando Almeida) and the Son's friends in Goa Mr. Klaver Taveira, Myron Viegas and Josh D'Silva

The tiatr has about 13 songs.
Rich tribute paid to Chris Perry by Anthony and Suzie Fernandes (remember seeing Suzie crooning in Goan bands - Cascades?)
  Jr. Nelson (Thomas Afonso) paid tribute to Vasco Sports club footballer Late Andrew D’Souza and pleaded Vasco Minister to honour him with a State award and Jose Gonsalves' tribute  to tiatrist Jose Rod.  Full Marks to all.

Besides, Comedian Selvy’s comedy solo,, love by all,  Betty D’Cunha, little Shayna Britto,  Anvilly and Candida etc sang well.

Quatet by Peter Vaz, Tassy Dias, Klaver and Myron was good too with Portuguese mix.

Band by Agnelo Dias / Vitorin Araujo and group
  The tiatr was houseful

Here are some stage pcis

Little Shayna Britto


Husband-wife in real life
Paying tribute to Chris Perry
with tiatrist uncle M Vaz (KA Securityman)
Mother-daughter and cook
Last Poddo

WATCH THIS space HERE FOR MORE UPDATES including videos

Video 1 -  'Child neglect' special

vidoe link in HD -

In  GT

Video 2

Video 3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - KORTUBAMCHO GULAM


‘Everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions’
In other words ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’

..and the tiatr ‘KORTUBAMCHO GULAM’ is all about that.
It also talked about Child abduction, organised begging etc

Tiatr written by Eusico Fernandes (Sao Minguel Club, Dona Paula)  was the 8th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (supported by Tiatr Academy/TAG).
Staged on 26th Sept. 2011. 

Today’s tiatr thrown open at the hands of a member of the audience (one of the Regulars) Mr. Marshall Fernandes.

Well, the tiatr opens with beautiful Dona Paula Jetty (evening scene) with two at the lovers’ point.
The tiatr is full of suspense which kept people guessing till the end.

While we found out who is the boys’ mother (as correctly guessed by many), it was also revealed that their father who brought them up from the very tender age, was not their biological father. And who is the leader of the child abductors’ gang? It’s none other than  Rylan’s ‘Sasupai’
Two bothers role played by Creto D’Costa (Rylan) and Aldair Figueiredo (Austin).

Boys father (or Titiv) was Joaquim Almeida where as the elder brother girlfriend was Valancia Nunes (Sonia) and her father Gregory Fernandes ( as Allen).
Younger brother’s girlfriend was Dorine Fernandes (Carol).
Joaquim Monteiro as a member of the organised gang and the two little ones Felix Barbosa and Senozel  Rebeiro as beggars / Victims.

The playwright Eusico Fernandes was the Inspector in the end.
Also supported by Teotonio Pereira .

Comedy provided by the younger brother Aldair.
Tiatr had about 13 songs, of which I liked the one sung by Agnelo Vaz, duet by Agnelo and Rosalia Rodrigues, Comedy duet by Nicria Rodrigues and Gloan Pednekar and solo by Prof. Cosma Fernandes. Other good singers were Lezlie Pereira, Senozel Rebeiro, Manuel Estrocio, Custodrio, Joaquim, Gregory  etc

Have noted that  at least two songs were repeated  here from previous  tiatr Competition say in 2009.
Band by Vitorin Araujo and his group (Tocad added to the clip photo show in the end)
Tiatr was good,  better than the  Cantaram Part

Here are some stage pics

Dona Paula Jetty
Child abduction/organised begging
All family members

Cosma Fernandes


with Police

Vidoe link

in GT

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New konkani VCDs for September 2011

Today,  23/9/11,  I bought  following 5 VCDs

VCD No: 386
TO AMKAM VISORLO by Ben Evangelisto (Jacint Vaz)
With Ben, Luis Bachan, Anita, Sabina, Anil-Olga, Jessie Dias,
Marcelin de Betim, Rons, Cyriaco Dias etc etc
Rs. 200 2CDs                    Sept/2011

VCD No. 387
With Com. Selvy, Ben Evangelisto, Co, Humbert, Anil-Olga,
Com Luis Bachaan, Com. Joana etc etc
Rs.150                 Sept.2011

VCD No. 388
With Com. Selvy, Janet, Sally, Mini Mario, Bhuska, Rafael,
Richard, Jr. Reagan, Stefy, Roma etc
Rs.150                           Sept/2011

VCD No. 389
HEM EK LISANV by F X Fernandes
With Maxcy Pereira, Antush, Com Marcus, Jessie Dias,
Com Natto etc etc
Rs.150                 Sept/2011

 VCD No. 390
Rs.150                     Sept/2011

for complete VCD list frorn 1-390  visit here

Thursday, September 22, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition SUKH KHUIM ASA?


Sukh Khuim Asa?

Prolonged unemployment can lead to many problems in the society including rise in the crimes etc
Situation like this is the perfect opportunity to drug dealers etc  to entice the youth by offering them their dirty or fast money making risky schemes.

Unable to cope up with the unemployment, youths, sometimes,  left with no option other than to join hands with the criminals..

'Now, that you are a bad person, it’s not always you or your family to blame for who you are; it’s the corrupt government who is directly responsible for it'
As in this case, two friends after passing their graduation, appear for exams/interview for the posts of PSIs (Police dept).  Only the rich friend Frazer, got the job after buying it for Rs.15 lacs. The other Ronaldo, whose dream of becoming police always remained a dream despite doing very well in the exam/interview.

‘If I had rightfully got the job then, I would have never landed into this situation’ exclaimed Ronaldo from the prison cell.
Effects of unemployment and corrupt government practices etc  are some of the main highlights  of the Tiatr ‘SUKH  KHUIM ASA?’ by Lorna Fernandes (Machi Mogi, Morjim) in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (Supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa/TAG).

Staged on 22nd  September 2011
Today’s tiatr thrown open at the hands of Timotio Fernandes, Folk Advisory Committee member, KA

Young Frazer and Ronaldo as school boys  played by Frazer Fernandes and Ronaldo D’Souza besides there were three other students friends Brendon Gonsalves, Selvina and Lizia fernandes.
Mother’s role well played by the playwright Lorna Fernandes and Marathi speaking dalal or pimp (Tato) role equally played well  by the director Alexinho  de Morjim (Fernandes).

Grown up Ronaldo well played by Aires D’Souza, his girlfriend/Wife Gemma Fernandes, her brother Marshall Fernandes and Frazer’s role played by Cyril Fernandes as Inspector.

The scene of typical village hut and its surroundings nicely depicted on stage as can be seen in the pics/video.

All 12 songs sung very well. The ones I like most are the Duets of Bushan-Lajjea (Zeferinho) Da Costa, Solo of Rocky Dias, Alexinho de Morjim and Sovko by Alexin-Lorna-Bushan-Lajjea-Aires-Valankini.  Besides, there were other singers like Ernest D’Souza, Nazima Rodrigues, Anthony Fernandes, Frazer and Richard.
Drug dealer /Abdul Sheik role well played by Roland Mascarenhas.
Comedy by Inas Furtado

Band by Vitorino sound tracks can be heard in the clip during photo show

Some stage Pics

beautiful village scene

mother-son when grown up
with uncle
With villain
Part of Souko

Son in trouble with police
family visit to the lock-up (prison)

Video from 2009

37th tiatr Competition - GOA.. GOING.. GONE

Video 1

Goa.. Going.. Gone?

It’s nothing but the present day Goa’s  ‘talk of the town’
Be it at home, ‘Bolcanv’,  pubs, ‘tintto’ or ‘Baimkodde’ (well) etc we all talk about it, don’t we?

Craze for Westernisation – Walk English, talk English and even sleep English –That’s all it is!
e.g. Cheddo, Sun,  bhurgim Konkani uloun gharantlim bhair sortat punn eka vorsan ‘Svindon’ son porot etanam Inglez uloun gharant bhitor sortat

yeta, yeta nettan yeta re
Western culture yeta re
Veta, veta, lotton veta re
Goemkarponn veta re



Goa..Going.. Gone..?  tiatr by Tomazinho Cardozo (President of Tiatr Academy of Goa/TAG) was the 6th presentation in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG) staged on  21st Sept. 2011.

Today’s tiatr  thrown opened at the hands of well known tiatrist and DKA president Premamnand Lotlikar (Also Tiatr advisory Committe member, KA).

Well, although the tiatr is like an old wine in a new bottle (somehow, I remember watching it about 3-4 years ago), it seems the houseful audience has well accepted the tiatr. I only speak from the audience feedback be it laughter or thunderous applause.

Every times Irene Cardozo delivers her ‘red English’ dialogues the audience simply burst into laughter. Some extra dialogues (off script?) spotted, perhaps, it’s a slip of the tongue

Anthony Carvalho (as Husband), Shivanand Naik (Son), Jocelyn Misquita did well too, I also like the dancing part of the bro/sis.

Tukaram Naik (Venkataraman), Shivram  Achrekar (Migrant ‘Poder’) and  Dyananeshwar Morajkar (Migrant ‘Nustekar’)  and Sheik Amir at their best.

Joy Fernandes and Selza Lopes had a role in the end as brother and wife
Maria's  role as 'jinga Mami' or 'ghanttin' or Lamani was good so also little Josepha as Jr. Jinga Mami.

All 13 songs were rendered very well. My favourite being the opening Chorus by Joao-Eugene-Tomazin,  Mathias Macarenhas as Bebdo,  Trio on Eduation Policy, Maria Cardozo as Tom Boy, Mario-Joao duet and political quartet by Eugene-Maria-Tomazin-Mathias

However, JoeGoaUk’s best child singer goes to little Lyne Fernandes (the youngest) who has sung with much confidence  like a  professional cantorist.

Other good singers were Vhorty Sequeira, Violet D’Souza, Stacy Misquita, Josepha D’Souza, Lumena Sequeira.

India Against Corruption with Anna-ji on stage - A chorol song well presented a goup of 8 youngsters with Sheik Amir as Anna.

However, when Eugene singing his solo, there appears to be some minor or unnoticed problems of FLs, I could be wrong on this

Band by Luis Cota and his group (listen to the tracks in the Video2 background)

Overall, the audience seems to be happy with the performance
How the 3 judges take it, only the November 11 will reveal.

 As said, the tiatr was houseful.  Also understand, the organiser or the villagers bought about 150 tickets in bulk.
Plenty of tiatrists spotted, prominent amongst them Prince Jacob, Minin de Bandar, Socoro de Sta. Cruz etc etc

Some stage pics:

All Cardozo


The youngest Cantorist

vote for Undir, Inchu or Kolo
Education policy
Sr. & Jr. Lamani

 Vote for Zompdi

Anna, tujea bhogor amkam konn na

Video 2 (Photo show with Band playing in the background)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition - TUM KUIM ASSA?

37th Tiatr Competition - TUM KUIM ASA?


We all talk about the others, don’t we?

Doubting husband talk about his wife of her alleged misdeeds or disloyalty and even punish her without even giving her a chance to explain. 

Wives being women, they should always remain faithful to their hubbies and that’s the Law or norm of our wicked society.

Wife is always to blame..

And what about you Mr. Husband?  ‘Where are you’ in this?

‘Tum Khuim Asa’  by Francis Fernandes, directed by Shirish Naik was the 5th presentation by the people of Pomburpa and Salvador-do-Mundo in the ongoing 37th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (supported by Tiatr Academy-TAG).  Staged on  20th Sept. 2011.

Tiatr thrown open at the hands of Prince Jacob

A tiatr well presented with many innovations on stage.

Typical Goa on stage

It even had Village Tintto (noisy fish market) on stage full marks for that.

Another onstage creation I like is the colourful Flower Festival.

Besides, it even had kinetic scooter, gas cylinder, Solar Cooker, San’nas etc all on stage.

Angelica D’Souza has done pretty well as a wife in the main role.

Besides, Shirish Naik (as husband), Sherlynne d’ Silva (Daughter),  Franklin Pereira (boyfriend),  Shalima d’Costa (friend’s wife) and Mithun Mahambrey (friend) also done well.

Comedy was handled by Dionizio Mendes and Miss Uvenda Fernandes.  Both can be fine comedians if further fine tuned.
Coming to the songs, there were about 10 songs and all delivered well and to the satisfaction of the houseful audience.

My favourite songs/singers were  the two by Antonette Pereira (including opening Chorus) very thoughtful and meaningful,  Awakening call given by Roselle Almeida in her song Utt Goemkara Utt, and Mapxemchim Nustekaram by young Roslyn Fernandes and Froila Rodrigues.  Amongst the duet singers, I like Arcanjela Vaz with Anthony Vaz.  Anthony D’Souza (alias Tony de Pomburpa - I found out this on FB Tiatrist- fan group) also sang well.

There was a band of 8/9 members headed by Ashley Fernandes (b/o Gemma Fernandes, who we miss this year’s Tiatr competition but actively watching the tiatr happenings on the net from UK). The band even had two violinists. Their playing ‘tocad’ tracks added to the video clip during photo slide show in the end.

There come a barako (song by 12 singers) ‘sobit amchem Goa’ reminds me of an old saying ‘Old wine in new bottle’.  This is beautiful song but ruined either by the organisers or director or Kala Academy. The first part, there was a sound problem (young singers were not aligned properly to the  mic) something should have sorted out beforehand or even during the performance.
Then again, the depiction of Tintto on stage, the fisherman or fish vendors were seated at the outskirt of the stage, in the dark and were not visible at all.
Again, some part of the beautiful flower festival on stage was not properly lit including area where the 3 musicians were standing etc

As said, this was the first  houseful show of the season with about 450 tickets bought in bulk by the villagers/organisers on the very first day of the ticket sale. It had full support from  the villagers, at least 5 hired buses spotted.

Finally, I must congratulate the organisers or the villagers for putting together  the lovely show on stage through their collective efforts and hard work. 
A fine example of village unity.

As or me, the popular Tiatr festival is more of a ‘talent show’ than a competition.


more stage pics

Director Shirish Naik and Angelica

Another part
Full Barako
A section of the noisy crowd in the village Tintto
Anthony and Arcanjela 

Pati, Patni aur woh (not really)

Father, daughter  and her boyfriend
A section of the flower festival on stage
Boys parents come to talk about soirik and dowry
Mr & Miss comedian
the Video link HD 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ploy: Younger brother Steyn brings home his girlfriend Sequela to seek job as domestic help.
She gets the job in the Lacerda family, thanks to  Steyn’s elder brother Kevin’s  generosity.
Sequela now having secret affair with Kevin,  who is happily married to Venus.
Venus caught them once in the garden and warns Sequela to stay away from her husband.
Love is blind, things gone too far with this illicit affair.  Venus catches them once again. This time red handed in their own bedroom.  Sequela now sent home never to return back.
Sequela won’t give up that easily, she now files a police complaint accusing Kevin of raping her.
For Sequela, things now have turned from bad to worse after realising she made a mistake and lost her boyfriend Steyn, she now commits suicide but saved by timely medical help.

As Venus, will  you ever forgive Sequela??
Sequela is now back with Steyn and the Lacerda family.

‘forgive and forget’ is the message we got from the Tiatr GHOR GHOVACHEM MONDIR DEVACHEM
By Kissan Naik see pic in the end (Utsav Samiti, Chinchinim, Goa).
This was the 4 entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG). Staged on 14th Sept. 2011.
Today's tiatr open at the hands of Satish Gauns of KA.
The tiatr is well rehearsed or homework well done.
There were no FLs, FDs, OB/OVs.  Everything gone smooth, lot of hardwork.

Father, sons, daughter in law, girlfriend and her brother, role  well played by Arthur Viegas, Joel Rodrigues, Anyv Fernandes, Evon Fernandes,  Sonia Diniz, Jose Fernandes respectively.
Comedy was also from  never seen before artistes, done pretty well particularly Mr. Agnelo Rebello (as  Rock Xavier) who sounded or reminded me of Hindi/Marathi film comedian late Laxmikant Berde. The  PC or havaldar too did well with his Marathi talk (Sardon Baretto) and the doctor (Ashok Raut ?) and his sister Perpet (Irene Fernandes) as nurse.  I like the birthday song singing comedy where the Hawaldar also sings in Marathi (included in the clip)
There were about 11 songs all well received by the audience.
Besides, some of above singers, there were others like Tony Lacerda, Steffny Pereira, Braganza Pereira etc
One song sang by Tony on Tiatrists received the most applause (shown in the separate clip).
Incidentally, Prince Jacob was there throughout the show.

Band too was good with good background music etc.
opening 'tocad' is added to the clip at the end with onscreen display of band members names.

Despite cutting short of one song, the tiatr appears  to have overun by atleast 10 minutes.
Also, there was no Chouko or Quartet song (whether is a must or not, I am not too sure about it).
Here are some pics
Jose Fernandes
Anyv and Irene
son, daughter in law and father with Evon
Other son with comedian and father
wife cathes them for the first time
dotor, havaldar and other
Trio with Bosco Viegas
Together at last


watch this space here  for another song video

Meet Kissan Naik (the Playwright)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

37th tiatr Competition - TOCH PAUS

When one finds out from his doctor that he is dying soon, what choice does he have now?
1. Keep the secret to himself and enjoy the remaining part of  his life to the fullest
2. Tell everyone about it and expect pity or a  ‘sorry’ look from friends and family etc
3. Remain indoors or Commit suicide

This aged father chosen No. 1 as above - to live and enjoy remaining  days of his life the way he always wanted, a rather unusual way – Going back to the past or go back to his childhood (for he lost his own due to poverty).  
Fun, pranks etc did not go well with the family. In fact,  this is the perfect opportunity  or an excuse to the daughter-in-law to send him to an old age home, she  even frames him for something (another prank) he never did.
‘Aged parents, treat them with care’ was the message this tiatr tries to give us all.
Tiatr ‘TOUCH PAUS’ written by Cyril Almeida
(United Dramatic Association, Carambolim, Goa)
Was the third entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG).  Staged on 13th Sept. 2011

Today's tiatr opened at the hands of Cezer D'Mello (MIL-MEL-NEL)

It’s an unusual presentation with clear message.
The role of grandfather, father and mother well played by Giri Zalmi, Shubert Rodrigues and Annie Fernandes.
It had about 13 songs including solos, duets, duo, trio and quartet.
Opening chorus by playwright Cyril Almeida was meaningful and well sung.  Beside, his daughter Claniffa, Robert de Calvim, Annie, Seby, Agusto de Calangute etc  also sung well.
Seby's song indian gantti watch below -
Child artistes too did well but most needed more practice and guidance as there were several FLs and  OB/OVs
Child singers were - Alina, Juenila, Sweden Pedroso,  Salu Santos,
Roy Mendonca, Sybil Fernandes, Claniffa, Clarissa etc
Other supporting actors were Clarrisa Almeida (grand daugter), Vinod Khumbharjuemkar (Cook/Comedian), Alton D’Souza, Nitin Veluskar as drunkard done very well and Inez Fernades etc

Band by Agnelo and Zakarias Lobo etc. Their entire opening ‘tocado’ is added to the video clip
Photo show only

Satage pics

Benny and Albert
Nitin and Giri
Shubert, Vinod Khumbarjuemkar, Annie, Clarissa and Giri Zalmi
Sweden and Salu
Agostin, Roy, Robert and Annie
Giri, Ashok Raut, Vinod, Inez, Nitin, Clarissa
Annie, Giri & Schubert

Video 1  (Photo show)

Video 2

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Video 3 - Indian Ghantti