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Monday, September 30, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition - KALLOKI SURYA by Socorro Pereira, Shiroda

by Socorro Pereira
Shiroda Kala Niketan, Shiroda. 30th Sept 2013
39th Tiatr Competition by Kala Academy of Goa
 (supported By Tiatr Academy of Goa, TAG)

A beautiful presentation by youngsters of Shiroda.  Homework well done.
Beautiful Scenes and stage setting  will attract higher marks.
Band including background music was good too (see band Pic in the end).
Young Sara Fernandes did a role of a Hindu maid was so natural that anybody will take her as Hindu girl. She is also good at singing, her song 'xinkop' in school uniform appreciated by all with louder applause.

Set of 31 stage pics click here

The Playwright Mr. Socorro Pereira did the role of the grandfather.

There were songs on Poder, Render, Bojekar, Nustekar, Jawan, Dotor (Ambulance) , Fire Service (fire brigade) , Police, Saints, Religious harmony etc

There were some minor hiccups, I guess the Stage light man to blame in most cases.

This tiatr  duration 2hrs 13mins, started at 7pm and ended at 9.35pm minus 22 minutes interval break  with about 12 songs.

some stage pics

Bhogtivont Juze Vaz shrine on stage.

Poder cycle on stage

 Sara Fernandes and Stephen Pereira

Josephine Fernandes. Alroy Cruz and Salozin Colaso

Salozin and steven

Loreta, Josephine and Salozin

 Linus Gomes

 Drunkard Husband
Benedicto and Loreta
Linus and Josephine

Salozin and Benedito Colaco

 Steven and Socorro Pereira

Melvia, Velita, Alroy and Socorro Pereira

Death in the family

chouko – Mother Tereza, Blessed Joseph Vaz, Fr. Agnelo and St. Francis Xavier
ansa, joaquim, Linus and Bebiano

Rekdel, Melroy, Adley, Seena, Alex, Clinton, Annrea, Ansel
Fire service, Army, Police and ambulance staff

Linus and Loreta

With Steven

 Salozin and Socorro Pereira
Steven. Linus and Slaozin

At the Shrine

Band by Agosto de Panchwadi
Trumpet: Agosto De Panchwadi, Sax - Regan Thereza, Drums - Ivo Furtado,
Keyboard - Jalin D' Cruz, Bass guitar - Fexson Colaco

Video: Meet young Sara Fernandes (3in1)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition - PARIVARTAN by Rosario de Aldona

by Rosarinho Fernandes
(Stars of Aldona)
39th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (Supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa)
Staged on 25th Sept 2013.

Well, this tiatr all the time talking about 'Pariavaran' and suddenly ends up with Chief Minister special award 'Parivartan' (who personally hands over).
Villagers come together to protect their land and Culture, form a model village thus bringing in Parivartan.

Ladies songs were lot better than the usual faces gentlemen (some singers appeared upto 5 times)
With the exception of Robert de Calvim who sang two songs one on the tiatrists of then and now.
Little fellow  Actor/Singer Nigel Fernandes also did fairly well

Band was good - Lead by Vitorino Araujo with Francisco Azavedo, A Rodrigues, Nixon Vaz,
Tony Fernandes and Joao Fernandes
Here are some pics
set of 50 pics click here

Dolifa Fernandes, Flory Fernandes & Valanka Soares

Sandeep Polji and Narayan Karapurkar
Master Nigel Fernandes

 Flory Fernandes

Dolifa, Bernard Fernandes and Valanka Soares


 Playwright Rosario Fernandes and Flory Fernandes

Bernard Fernandes, Aldo Fernandes and Valerian Fernandes

Bernard Fernandes  and Christina Soares

Robert de Calvim

Sandeep, Rosario, Valerian, Valanka and Bernard

Rosario, Valerian, Peter and Alex

Dolifa Fernandes and Valanka Soares

Sandeep, Valanka, Alex, Agnelo, Bernard, Master Nigel, Rosario, Flory and Inspector Anand Haldankar

Video 1: Render Mama

Video 2: Robert Mendonca de Calvim

Video 3

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition: JIVIT DEVACHEM DENNEM by Kissan Naik

by Kissan Naik
Utsav Samiti, Chinchinim
39th Tiatr Competition 2013 by Kala Academy (KA),  supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG)
24th Sept, at KA Panaji, Goa.

‘Life is precious gift of God’ says this Tiatr.
It also talks about corruption at Panchayat level, Goans v/s non-Goan, Village thugs,
acid attack, plastic surgery etc

My favourite two songs were the one sang by Tony Lacerda (Awakening call to Goans on Garbage issue etc) and the other futuristic song by Juje Fernandes who says Heaven will come on Earth one day - watch video below

Sage pics

Sardon Baretto, Antoneta Costa and Cyril Fernandes

Tony Lacerda

 Juje Fernandes

Alfred Fernandes

 Dacia Dias

 Dolla Mascarenhas

Agnelo Rebello, Sardon Baretto and Escolastica Azavedo

 Joel Rodrigues and Dacia Dias

Clint Furtado

 Dacia and SP Tony

 Cyril, Ubaldo and Dacia

 Trio – Sardon, Anif and Joel

 Cyril, Dacia, Agnelo, Escolastica, Ubaldo, Sardon, Tony ?, Joel

 the Band stand

 Escolastica Azavedo, Dolla and Agnelo

Dacia, Dolla, Cyril, Ubaldo and Agnelo

Acid attack scene

Acid attack victim
Dacia Dias, Dola, Cyril Fernandes

Tony Lacereda, Agnelo Rebello and Sardon Barreto

 agnelo, Escolastica, Dolla, Dacia, Cyril, Ubaldo and Joel


Video2 Juje Fernandes

Video 3: Corruption at Panchayat Level

Video: Tiatr Clips

Monday, September 23, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition DOVORNNEM by Agnelo de Borim

39th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (KA)
supported by Tiatr Academy og Goa (TAG)

First show
Agnelo de Borim
a concept by Rev. Dr. Victor Ferrao and Directed by Avinash Chari,
Ami Daizi, Fatorda
23rd Sept 2013


Well, to begin with, I did not know what ‘Dovornnem’ is all about. Nor I bothered to ask anyone but waited to find out myself till 23rd Sept.  The moment I saw the huge structure on stage, I at once figured it out, that’s ‘Dovornnem’

Sometimes, we run (running fast after something - Money, fame, degree/certificates..) not knowing our destination. Are we on the right track?

In our lives, we too need a ‘dovornnem’ to unload ourselves of our heavy minds or lighten the heavy burden that we carry over our heads. After achieving our goals, what next?
We need to take a rest or take a deep breath asking ourselves where exactly we are heading to?

 Your ‘Dovornnem’ could be anything (not necessarily the ancient megalithic stones as in pic) or anyone. It could be your parents (including grand parents), your teacher, your friend, a social worker, NGO etc or even a helpline (phone).

It’s an eye opener drama with a strong message to young and old.
A high standard tiatr that will definitely score high marks (Lot higher than the Cantaram part)
The 3 Judges
Joe Rose, Ceasar D'Mello and Nilesh Mahale
(Nilesh Mahale also into Drama and a recipient of Yuva Srujan Award recently)

Other  dignitaries
Vishnu Surya Wagh KA Chairman,  Judges Joe Rose, Ceasar D'Mello and Nilesh Mahale, Prince Jacob, Tomazinho Cardozo, John Claro ans Siddhivinayak Naik KA Member Secretary

Tiatr Playwright Agnelo de Borim

Sandeep Kalangutkar (KA Prog. Executive), Agnelo de Borim  (Paywrigth) Vishnu Surya Wagh (MLA and KA Chairman) & Joe Rose on of the 3 judges (in abv pic)


The Dovornnem

DOVORNNEM megalith stones to keep or lower your heavy weight from your shoulder or head, a resting place e.g. heavy sacks, basket full of paddy rice etc
Dovornnem (noun) derived from Dovor (Verb) (to keep)
DOVORNNEM usually is of 2 or more long standing stones (Megalithic) with another flat stone on top as cap-stone (forming a table like structure). Height around 150cms.

 There are at least 3 such structure but in ruins at Arossim, Cansaulim, Cuelim fields leading to 3 king Chapel on the hillock
An elderly member of the audience was saying there is one at Taleigao fields

Rupesh Jogle, Ivy Pereira e Albuquerque, Armando Fernandes, Raphael Rodricks, Natasha Noronha,
Kimberly Gomes and Pobre Dias

Rupesh Jogle


Ivy -  Rupesh

Armando, Ivy, Rupesh




The singers were Nazario Pinto, Francis Pinto, Bernard Noronha, Sachin Moraes, Linette Baptista, Webly Gomes, Andrew Pereira, Junisha, Denzil Fernandes.
The band  Cresto Rodricks on Trumpet, Alex Afonso on tenor Saxophone, Snedden Pereira and Stanford on violins, Mariano Furtado on Rhythm Guitar, Vilson Pinto on Bass and John de Maddel on Drums.

Songs / singers


Opening Chorus

Webly Gomes, Linette Baptista and Sachin Moraes

 Ivy and Denzil Fernandes

 Webly Gomes

 Nazario Pinto

 Bernard Noronha + Kimberly Gomes


 Denzil Fernandes

Francis Pinto

 Andrew and Natasha

 Andrew + Bernard + Natasha + Junisha

Natasha playing Saxophone

Little Junisha

Francis and Nazario Pinto

Video 1 (Inaugural show with Vishnu Wagh, Judges etc)

Video 2: DOVORNNEM clips

Friday, September 20, 2013

Maim Tuka Khoim Sodum? by Mario Menezes (Triple revolving stage)

Maim Tuka Khoim Sodum?
by Mario Menezes
33rd Tiatr production
Triple revolving stage
Staged at Margao Pai Tiatrist Hall 18th Sept 2013

Triple revolving stage –

Curiosity made me to go for this last show as announced, as I wanted to know how triple stage revolving works
The background you see is a Road scene ‘Poddo’ but is made up of 3 separate parts, each part is again is of  3-4 flaps/folders as can be seen..
See arrows marked. The 3 stages  rapidly revolve round to form one part as in the pic.
e.g. for a household scene, it will revolve to its main drama poddo and again for songs or road scene it will revert back to this scene. Watch video in the end

Actually, in this case, it is not really a revolving stage but revolving podde or scenes

Single revolving stage (almost entre stage) I ever saw was back in early 80s I think in Rosario Rodrigues Tiatr  Uzvadd Poloilo or Naum Naslolo.  Before that in early 70s I think there was one tiatr Doloroz or Seza Pai. But it had the main road scene poddo for cantaram etc

The difference between then and now,  is the speed, earlier it took upto a minute but now few seconds say about 8 seconds. Earlier being manual (pushing) and now mechanical.

Another thing I noted, stage spot for singers and the main play actors is the same i.e. singers traditionally sang closer to the band (frontal part of the stage) but with this, it was about 2-3 metres away from the front stage as there were no other ‘poddes’ .

It was like having only two ‘podde’. viz the road scene for Cantaram, comedy etc and the main household ‘poddo’.  I guess it can have more than one household poddes by means of quickly detaching/attaching backstage

 One more show or Farewell show on 27th Sept Margao 3.30pm

The stage in one piece with  Rosy Alvares opening song

 Some stage pics

Marcus and Joana

Tari, Franky and Chitra

Franky Lady – the Mahanand fame

 com Michael as Chak’ka and Com Sally

Felcy, Tari, Chitra, Fr. Nevel Gracias and Com Michael

 Felcy and Chitra

Peter de Arambol

com Michael as Sucorrin

 Joana, Franky and Chitra
com Michael and Felcy

com Michael

Fr. Nevel , Mairo Menezes, Rosy Alvares and Joana
On TV serial and God Channel

Fr. Nevel Gracias singing solo

A death in the family

Tiatra Ticket

Churchil Alemao as Chief Guest who also made a small speech - watch video below

Mario Menezes the director - Speaking, watch video below

Francis de Tuem

Parrikar multifaceted Ravan

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rosalia Rodrigues - Last journey

 Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) will hold a condolence meet on 25th Sept 2013 4pm at TAG's Conference Hall, Panaji

Priests / Mass service




The bride



Sister Gracy

 A church altar
with the family

cemetery uphill


Tiatrists spotted
Aplon / Felcy
Wilson (Wilmix)
Anthony San
Rosy Alvares
Santan Luis
Agnelo de Dabolim
Lawry Travasso

Agnelo Lobo*
Mario Menezes*
Samy Tavares*
Maxcy Pereira*
 *from a reliable source
Video 1 - Tribute / Stage acting /Pics
 (a selection from 3 Tiatr)
Thikann 2009, Kurtubamcho Gulam 2011 & Aplea Bhurgeam Sangatak 2012

Video 2:  Last journey (Funeral)

coming here by 9.30pm IST

Rosalia Condolence Meet  organised by Tiatr Academy of Goa
On 25th Sept. 2013 4.45pm

 TAG’s president Prince Jacob and Semenca Rebelo (Relative)

Irene Cardozo (Teacher)

Tomazinho Cardozo

 Alfred Fernandes (friend)

Semenca Rebelo

Mestri Agnelo Dias

Video - Condolence meet 25.9.13

Some more stage pics

Young Actress Rosalia Rodrigues from  Patto Ribandar dies at the age of 45.
Employee of Goa IDC

 A video tribute –
just made, a collection of clips/pics from 3 tiatr

 Was very good at singing particularly ‘duets’

Of late, Rosalia was acting for Jr. Reagan’s Tiatr TEACHER released in April this year

Also seen in DySp Samy Tavares Tiatr 'Aplea Bhurgeam Sangatak' see pics


Rosalia, Roma, Com Sally and Com John D'Silva

 Plus seen during Tiatr competition for several years

 Thikann  by Com Christopher - see pics

Kortubamcho Gulam by Eusico Fernandes - see pics
Some stage pics

Duet with Agnelo de Dabolim - watch clip abv

 obit ad

Rest in peace, Rosalia