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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition - THANK YOU DOCTOR

The relationship between ‘Bhatkar’ and 'Mundkar’ (Landlord/Tenant)  is like that of a cat and a dog’s.
In view of above situation, which landlord or landlady would allow his or her only daughter to marry the Mundkar’s son?

But they say ‘Love is Blind’ the girl (Simenca) determines to marry her childhood sweetheart Melvyn despite all odds.  The mother or the landlady did everything she could to separate them  but it did not work out and eventually gives her consent by agreeing to their relationship.

Like every Bollywood films  had villains be it  Ajit, Ranjeet or Shakti Kapoor, this  one too had a villain – Mr. Lobo.  He would do anything to marry the girl for her riches, even if he had to murder his own girlfriend in typical Mahanand style.  Melvyn gets the blame and sent to Jail.
Lobo all set to marry Simenca –
Waiting for his bride at the Church but Simenca does the act of  ‘Runaway bride’,  a social activist saves her life at the suicide point.

Like every dog has its day,  Mr. Lobo had his too. He is now in the police net. 

Thanks to the Doctor ( who is also the social activist) for a family re-union and a peaceful ending.
By Salvador Fernandes (Jolly Boy)
(Konkani Kala Mogi, Carambolim)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG. Staged on 9the Nov. 2011

Jolly Boy presenting his tiatr at KA competition for many years as said by the KA man Mr. Amonkar.
Today's tiatr opened at the hands of Dalgado Konkani Academy President, a Tiatr Advisory Committee Member of KA and a tiatrist himself, Shri Premanand Lotlikar

Flawless acting by all -  the typical Landlady was Mrs. Mystica Cardozo,  daughter was Simenca Rebello, Boyfriend Melvyn was Jerry d’Souza, Mundkar was Domnic Fernandes.
Well acted typical villain was Agnelo Lobo.  Supported by Young Hashvaine Fernandes and Marcia D’Souza as young Melvyn/Simenca,  Mr. Cypriano Afonso as Police Inspector, Mrs. Jaqueline Fernandes as Doctor/Social Activist,  Fatima Fernandes as Lobo’s girlfriend and Jonas as Havaldar.

Comedy part was handled by Com. Kenny Fernandes.

The tiatr had about 13 songs.
  Songs of Joao Camilo, Hashvaine Fernandes, Devina Dias, Trio by Jacquelin -Hipolito-Hashvaine, Rosario de Benaulim, Micah Fernandes etc were well received by the audience. Other singers were Adney, Ashley, Stefny, Alrica, Jonas, Salvador, Joel etc

The tiatr part was good.
Some off singing or FLs spotted including some Cants.

In one duet, where young sister lost her husband, the brother appeared more serious / Sad than the widow sister.

Band by Agnelo Dias (But I don't remember seeing him) with Mathias Mascarenhas etc. Thier Intro or Tocad added to the Video Clip 1 below

Stage pics

Kids playing
Quartet singers
Joao de Benaulim

Love in the garden
Ranjit or Shakti Kapoor of Konkani stage
From the Bolcanv
Trio Singing
Miss Micah
Kills like Mahanand
Finally, in the police net
Thank you doctor

Video 1

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