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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alfred Rose Musical Bonanza 22.4.2012

Organised by V Events in Collaboration with FC Global and Tiatr Academy of Goa
On the occasion of Alfred Rose 80th  birth Anniversary .
Kala Academy, 22nd April 2012, 8.30pm

Music by Lenoy Gomendes:  Trumpet - Nolvert Cotta,
Sax - Luis Cotta, Trombone - Sammy Branganza,
Bass Guitar- Aldrin Fernandes,
Keyboards - Lenoy Gomendes and on the drums
Xavier de Moira (Paklo)

Singers were Rita Rose, Alria Rose D'Souza, her husband Pravin D'Souza and her 9 year old son Nethan, Rita's niece Kyra,  Besides, Trisca, Anthony San, Young Chico,
Jr. Chico and comedy skits by Hortencio Pereira and Kenny.
Also, there was a special performance (Organ) by a 14 year old school student Rajendra Desprabhu, Nephew of former MLA.

 A tribute to melody King Alfred Rose

the show..

Like mother like Son - Rita Rose & Schubert
Mummy maka vengent tuje Dhor..
And now..
Alria Rose & Ethan

Some pics
Alria Rose De Souza


Mother son


Rita Rose

With Daniel F D’Souza

With Anthony San

Pravin D’Souza  h/o Aalria
Son-in-law of Alfred-Rita Rose



Kyra Pais

young Chico

Rajendra Dhesprabhu

14 years old secured 95% Trinity college in Music

Spot winner Alberto Cardozo with Felix Sequeira, Cyril SantaMaria,..

Chief Guests - Minister Francisco D'Souza, MLA Glenn Ticklo, Rita Rose, Felix Correia, Caira, Ethan, Daniel F D'Souza etc


 Video 1: Monther-Son singing

Video 2 - The Show clips

Video - RITA Rose

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tiatr Day - 17th April 2012

Tiatr day celebrated today, 17th April 2012

Every year,  Kala Academy (now also with Tiatr Academy)  celebrate the Tiatr Day.
On this day, in 1892, the creater of Tiatr Lucazinho Ribeiro staged his first tiatr "Italian Bhurgo".

On this occasion six  tiatr artistes were felicitated by the Urban Development Minister, Mr Francisco D’Souza and Mr Vishnu Surya Wagh, chairman of Kala Academy. The six tiatr artistes are John Claro, Antonette de Calangute, Roseferns, Milagres de Chandor, Filipe de Sanvordem and Manohar Bhosle

Roseferns was the only awardee/tiatrist missing as he had his Tiatr at Margao same time

Senior Tiatrist Master Vaz was the Guest of honour.

some pics

from L-R
KA member secretary Mr Bhat, John Claro, Milagres de Chandor,
Guest of honour Master Vaz, Chief Guest Hon. Minister for Urban Development
Francisco d' Souza, KA new Chairman Vishnu Surya Wagh,
KA Vice Chiarman Sushant Kelekar, TAG member Secretary Victor D'Sa,
Philipe de Sanvordem (Musician), Antonette de Calangute and Manohar Bhosle

Philipe de Sanvordem (Musician), Antonette de Calangute and Manohar Bhosle
3 of the 6 Tiatr Artistes felicitated today

Tiatr Dis

Young Master Vaz (85)

Francisco D’Souza - Minister for Urban Development

Vishnu Surya Wagh - New Chairman of Kala Academy

On the ocassion, MOG MOGAN JIYE tiatr
by Com. Domnic was staged today,

Elias, Bab andrew and Albert Cabral

Pradip and Com Luis Bachaan

Jr. Rod

 Two comedian brothers

Felcy, Luiza and Francis de Tuem

 Two sisters – Two brothers

Bab Andrew, Leslie, Felcy, Aplon, Com. Luis Bachaan, Com. Domnic, Pradip Naik,
Elias, Francis de Tuem and Luiza

Visit back here for more updates and video of Tiatr Day Celebrations

Video 1 - Tiatr Artistes Felicitation

Video 2 - Vishnu Wagh speaking

Video 3 (Francis D'Souza, Minister speaking)

Video 4 ( Tiatr - MOG MGAN JIYE, by Com. Domnic)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jacinto Vaz, Champion Alvares etc come alive at TAG programe

Jacinto Vaz, Champion Alvares etc come alive at TAG programe
Jacinto Vaz, Champion Alvares etc come alive at TAG’s Programe today
11th April 2012.

Remembering Tiatr Artistes of Yester years
‘Somplelea Tiatristancho Ugddas’, the monthly programme of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) held on 11th April 2012 at 4:45 pm at Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao Goa. The artistes of tiatr stage who were born in the month of April and who are no more living were remembered in the programme. These artistes are Jacinto Vaz, A.S.Conception, Nelson Afonso, Champion Alvares, Fidelis Fernandes, William de Curtorim, Thomas Coogan and Souza Boy.
  • Jacinto Vaz was one of the best comedians of the Konkani tiatr stage. He earned the nick name ‘Charlie Chaplin’ on account of his brilliant acting in comedy roles. He was also a very good playwright, director and singer.
  • A.S.Conception was a great ‘character artiste’. He highly entertained the audiences with his impressive acting and singing. Being a part of the famous trio ‘Anthony-Nelson-Conception’, he achieved great fame and their trios kept Goans alert and vigilant on critical issues.
  • Nelson Afonso was a very good script writer, director, lyricist, and singer. He created history by introducing the ‘Revolving Stage’ in his much acclaimed tiatr ‘Dolorosa’.
  • Champion Alvares was a script writer, director, lyricist, singer and fine actor. He acted in comedy roles as well as performed female roles with great ability. He is particularly known for composing and singing folk-songs which truly enriched Goan culture.
  • Fidelis Fernandes was a well-known musician of the Konkani tiatr stage. He was a trumpet player and contributed immensely to the development of Konkani Song and Music by playing excellent music in several tiatrs.
  • William de Curtorim was a popular writer, director, lyricist, and singer. He was known by people as ‘Jet Speed Singer’. He was a bold and fearless singer who exposed hypocrisy, corruption and nepotism through his political songs, due to which he was extremely popular among the masses.
  • Thomas Coogan was one of the best actors and singers of tiatr. He was also a good playwright. His speciality was that he enacted Hindu roles with great perfection and ease.
update: 11.4.12
Family of Champion Alvares, Fidelis, William de Curtorim, Jacinto Vaz etc were also present
Osvy Viagas, CD Silva, Anil Kumar, Sister of Fidelis, Tony King, Son of Champion Alvares etc spoke on the ocassion.
Singers were Sons and daughter of Champion Alvares -Teo, Irene, Tony,
Sucoro de Sta Cruz and little Cassie, grand daughter of William de Curtorim
Some pics
w/o Fidelis
Champion Alvares family
Sucoro de Sta Cruz, TAG’s Member Secretary Victor De Sa and Ex- President of TAG Tomazinho Cardozo
Video - Singing