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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rosario Rodrigues Birth Anniversary Celebrations 24.10.13

Six Khell/Khell Tiatr Veterans were honoured with Lifetime Contribution Award- TAG

Every year on 24th October Tiatr Academy celebrates the birth anniversary of late. Rosario Rodrigues one of the stalwarts of Khell Tiatr.
On this occasion TAG also presented ‘Lifetime Contribution to Khell/Khell Tiatr stage Awards’ to Six  Khell/Khell Tiatr personalities who are over 60 years of age and have contributed towards the Khell/Khell Tiatr stage during their life time.
Six  personalities are: Shri. Jess Fernandes, Shri. Alcino Furtado, Shri. Sebastiao Carvalho, Smt. Carmin Rodrigues, Shri. Antonio Manuel Pereira, Smt. Netty Carneiro.
The Award Carries a cash burse of Rs 20000/-, a Memento, Shawl and a Citation.
The Award  presented on 24th October 2013, at the Institute Menezes Braganza Auditorium, Panjim. Shri. Dayanand Mandrekar, Hon. Minister for Art & Culture, was the Chief Guest on the occasion and  presented the awards.
Smt. Clara Dias a Versatile Actress of the Tiatr & Khell Tiatr stage was the Guest of honour.
Musical Programme of Kantaram and Comedy Skits on the occasion presented by Shri. Cyril Andrade (Dotor) and his troupe namely Osvy Viegas, Benny de Aldona, Reginaldo de Panchwadi, Cajie de Curtorim, Cazeton de Kakoda, Roma, Carmina, Pitush and Agnelo Rebello etc
Music provided by Seby and his troupe with Agnelo Dias etc

the pics

Jess Fernandes
Shri Minino Jesus de Maria Fernandes


Antonio Manuel Pereira

Alcino Furtado

Seby Carvalho

Netty Carneiro

Carmin Rodrigues
w/o Rosario Rodrigues

Dignitaries with the awardees
With Victor De Sa, Prince Jacob, Prakash Velip, Dayanand Mandrekar,
Clara Dias and Joe Rose

Rosario Rodrigues – Leaflet etc

 the Band by Seby with Agnelo Dias
Trumpet- Seby, Agnelo Dias
Drums- Aniceto
Keyboard- Jose
Bass- Daniel Colaco

Jessie Dias, Clara Dias etc

Prince Jacob

Reginaldo de Panchwadi

 Benny de Aldona

 com Cyril dotor, Pitush and Agnelo Rebello

Osvy Viegas and Roma

Cazeton de Cacora and Reginaldo de Panchwadi

Video: Awards and cultural program

Ekech Ratri, Minakshi, Ami Fator, Hindustani Cheddvam, Football Minguel, Patang, Suria, Patkinn, Bara, Vorsani, Hanv Piso?, Burgem, Ekloch Tuzo, Ekleanuch pollelo,
Frank Sinatra, Ho Sonvsar amcho Nhoi, Tem, Chedde andi Cheddvam, Fattim Paulo, Ghara-ia, Sukh khoim asa?, Mhozo uzvadd, Ratchi Rani, Noxibant Aslem, Eunk nam, Mhaka jieunk diyat, Mhojem, kitem kortat?, Nanv naslolo, eunk nam, Uzvadd Paloilo,
Kallim khotam, Aum Vatt Chuklom, Amchem Ghor, Hanga To Etolo, Ashram,
Moje Uniemcho To, Ye Roste Mogache, Maka Jieunk Dieat! Anink Ek Mhuinom,
Ekach Disacho Raza, Dolle Ugddun Poi, Ami Nidleat, Tum Khuim Rauta?
Fulam anink Kolle,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

39th tiatr Competition - KORIT TO BHOGIT by Renato Fernandes, St.Cruz

by Renato Fernandes.
St. Sebastian Sports Club, Santa Cruz
39th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG).
Staged on 22nd Oct. 2013

- One cannot trust anyone now a day not even a close friend.
- If you are stunned (or even otherwise) by a medical report or findings, always take second opinion.

- Do bad and get bad


‘Well begun is half done’ they say
It  did start with beautiful opening chorus dedicated to their local ‘Band Vaddo’ Patron Saint Sebastian – A live saint on stage, beautiful presentation.

Young Cyder and Joshua too good in singing  and acting.  Bright future ahead!.

Our ‘Jaggary’ was not really a mad or mental person but ‘intelligent mad’, he even had soft heart in him thus acting as a good Samaritan too. Poor fellow was also a fashion freak or fashion victim, we loved his trousers which he changed from time to time. Good acting by Denzyl Fernandes. We had a good laugh.

There was one song on ‘Calafura’ in tune with ‘Zuvemkars’

Band by Romeo and group was good.

KTB is full of talents (Young and old) but it appeared it was not fully or properly  tapped in.  
Sometimes, it appeared as if there were more than one directors.
Delays spotted on several occasion.

Looks like some songs/scene cut out as it was running out of time, ended around 10.04pm
(2 min longer than Grace Margao Tiatr)
Some songs had FLs and OVs/OBs

At Doctor’s Dispensary:
At the door: Knock knock Knock
Doctor on duty: Konn tinga? (also attends the door)
Patient: It’s me.
(Dispensary with no Asst.or compounder?)

Stage pics set of 40 pics clik here

St. Sebastian Live on stage - Beautiful

 Cyble, Perpetua and Denzyl Fernandes

Denzyl, Perpetua, Elias, Mendonsa and Sylvester Fernandes

Master Cyder Dias

Master Joshua Dias

 Sandrisha Fernandes

Jeslin Fernandes

Rons Tavares

Fashion freak or fachion victim Jaggary (Denzyl)

Master Cyder Dias and  Vinisha Dias

Max Dias and Elias Dias

Muriel and Max, Perpetua

Rape attempt at Clinic

Agnela, Monica Fernandes and Sherwin d'Cunha

Eutimo De Souza

Muriel, Joshua, Cyble, Max etc

Today’s Band by Romeo
Trumpet – Romeo Fernandes
James Fernandes (Trumpet)
Andrew Sequeira (Sax)
Domnic Araujo (Drums)
Nixon Vaz (Keyboard)
Tony Fernandes (Bass)
Background  by Saurav


Lino Dias, Denzil Fernandes, Max  Dias and Sylvester Fernandes,

 ghat apleak, sontosh peleak

Video:  Meet smart little Cyder Dias

Friday, October 18, 2013

39th Tiatr competition - VAVZODD by Edmund Vaz, Pomburpa

by Edmund Vaz
Candelaria Art & Cultural Association, Pomburpa.
39th Tiatr competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG)
Staged on 18th Oct. 2013.


‘Soro’ Drinking?
No problem, but be within your limit or else, there are many out there to take advantage of the situation. E.g  your money wallet,  mobile phones, gold chains/bracelet etc might go missing.  Others might commit heinous crimes and put you there at the crime scene making to believe you are the culprit which is followed by  police arrest and spreading of news like wildfire thus bringing in ‘VAVZODD’ in your own home.

One cannot avoid vavzodd (Gust of Rain) which is the nature’s furry or act of god but Man made Vavzodd in one’s life or family or society are usually avoidable.  

That sort of message we got today

Well, before I go any further, let me say,  this tiatr will definitely figure in the top 2 (as of now).

 So beautiful presentation / Stage set-up, natural acting, good music, good songs etc. Will surely score good marks too.

Home work well done.

Paul (Joao), Angelica (Rosy), Dhananjay (Villain Mhadev barber) at their best i.e. acting too good.

Then comes Anthony (the drunkard son Peter) simple but natural acting particularly in ‘drunk mode’,  Smart young Yuvenda (Sandra) who provided laughter, Bond Braganza (Santan uncle) like icing on the cake.

 Coming to the songs, D’ Silva sisters steal the show, particularly their thought provoking Trio ‘Ami ani Goem bhailo Lok’

Then we had youngsters of Pomburpa, then solos/duets by Perpetua Pereira, Blena D’Souza, Domnic  Cardozo, Tony de Pomburpa, Donny Faia etc simply too good.

Someone rightly said ‘ Pomburpa has talents’

 Congratulations to VAVZODD team including the band and backstage

Observations / sidelights: Visit later for updates here
Band  beats during cants
Comedy Solo in decent style
Unusual Tiatr ending

Now, let  these Stage pics do rest of the talking

Fresh additions: First 4 pics

D’Silva Sisters
Colisha, Andrea and Clancy

Domnic Cardozo and Perpetua Pereira

Rozelle Almeida, Miselta Rodrigues,   Froila Rodrigues and Roslyn Fernandes.

Colisha and Clancy D’Silva

 Blena d’Souza

Anthony, Angelica,  Dhananjay Pednekar

 Donny Faia and Blena
Brandon Faia

 Paul, Martin, Franklin and Dhananjay

Angelica D’Souza

 Kanknna chuddo  foddun kelo turo - Wedding cancelled because of brother..

With Paul

Barber shaving

Madan Shirodkar and Shaul Kovlekar


Anthony, Angelica, Paul, John, Ketan and Ishand

Angelica, Franklin Pereira and Yuvenda

Tony de Pomburpa

Bar Scene

Perpetua Pereira

The Band
Band by Azavedo
With Sachin Chowgule (Background), Amaro Fernandes (Bass), Cannon D'Souza - Keyboard, Putush - Drummer, Sammy - Trombone, Vitorino - Trumpet, Armando - saxaphone, Anthony - Saxaphone and Roy - Saxaphone

Young stars of Pomburpa - Ikrako
Peter, Steffy, Beliza, Hannah, Froila, Roselyn, Elma, Vallery, Rozelle, Miselta and Livia

Fisherman’s house, net, Gurgureth etc
Lazy man sleeping in the middle
With Angelica and Madan Shirodkar

Angelica, Paul and Anthony Fernandes

Anthony Fernandes

D'Silva Sisters and Blena D'Souza
Colisha, Clancy and Andrea

Angelica D’Souza, Paul Fernandes, Bond Braganza etc

Bond Braganza

Video: Young stars of Pomburpa

Video: The Tiatr Clips

Thursday, October 17, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition - GOYKAR by Milagres Carneiro, Ucassaim

by Milagres E Carneiro
Uskoichim Porzollit Kirnnam, Ucassaim.
39th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (Supported by TAG).
Staged on 17th Oct. 2013

This tiatr talks about living in harmony (All community- Christians, Hindu, Muslims).

It had Sao Joao Revellers singing Sao Joao with Copels and in traditional attire.

Tradition of Milagrose Saibinn – with a scene ‘Saibinn gharantli Bhair sortana’ and singing ‘soggott sangatak mellya sogott lagin sorya..’.  Hindu Ganesh Chaturti – Singing of Aartis with Ghumots etc, Procession for Visarjan ‘ Morya re Bapa Morya Re’ and immersion of idol scene.
Praying of Namaz is also beautifully shown in the background.

Besides, we saw ‘winnowing’ of paddy grains with ‘Mol’ and ‘Sup’. We saw Pez (Canji), buddkulo (Earthen pot), doulo serving in the field – daughter to father

In short, the tiatr is all about living in Harmony and saving of what little left of Goa for posterity.

And we can do this unitedly as true ‘Goykar’


Well, the Tiatr concept was good which has a strong message to all.
Lot of efforts put in there to show the best (in relation to the concept).  We got the message loud and clear.

 Sheldon (Walter Lobo) acting was good his smile will win him more marks.
Shanti (Sunita Prakash Pednekar)  was my favourite too.
Mamta Mohan Dhond of Goa-Velha Sarpanch (actress) who is into buying fields at any cost only to be converted into mega projects – acting was good too.
Nisha, Raghuvir, Salim, Caliber, Xembu (Playwright) etc also did well

 Full marks to stage set-up / Presentation.

 Band under the leadership of Selwyn  was best.
Background score was good, I could hear birds singing in the fields etc

Coming to songs part, all songs were good but 2-3 had some FLs problems*

My favourite was ‘Facebook cheating’ duet by Anthony / Kanisha (watch video clip),  ‘terrorist sugar pudding’ duet by Bernad/Andrea (Watch Video) and Attko by Vanida, Vinnea, connie, Walter, Zanita, Milagres, Wilbur, Peter on ‘ Goyche Poromporik Dhonde’


At times, pace of the tiatr appeared to be slower (could even hear audible remarks from the audience in this respect), even the stage lights often travel faster than stage ‘podde’.  Dialogue delivery also appeared to be slower in one case.


*FLs= Forgotten Lyrics

Stage pics

Opening Chorus
Danica, Ninoshka, Greta, Clara, Milagres & Wilbur

Sao Joao
Walter Lobo, George D'Souza, Sunita Prakash Pednekar..


Sunita Prakash Pednekar and Luis Pedro Pereira

Sunita Prakash Pednekar, Pedru Fernandes, Wilbur Carneiro and Luis Pedro Pereira

Vinnea Vaz and Walter Lobo

Vinnea, Sunita, Walter

Mahesh Parab (Background Music), Xavier de Moira (Drums), Selwyn Braganza (Trumpet), Nolvert Cota (Trumpet), Luis Cota (Sax), Shawn Rodrigues (Key Board), Tony (Bass)


Walter, Sunita, Luis, Peter, Vanida

Minino Marques

 Luis Pedro Pereira, Vanida Correia, Pez, Budkulo, doulo etc

Sunita and Milagres

 Andrea D’Souza and Bernard Fernandes

Anthony Fernandes and Kanisha Rodrigues

Bernard Fernandes

Peter Fernandes

Mamta Mohan Dhond, Milagres, Luis

Vanida, Vinnea, Connie, Zanita, Milagres, Walter, Wilbur and Peter

Anthony Fernandes and Minino Marques

 Fr. John Fernandes

Fr. Jose Fernandes

Ganapati Bapa Morya

Saibinn Milagroz


Peter Fernandes, George D'Souza, Wilbur Carneiro, Vinnea, Walter Lobo, Sunita Pednekar, Luis Pedro Pereira and Vanida

Video : Theme Selection

Video 2
Bernard Fernandes and Andrea D'Souza

Video 3: Rose Day, 2 broken hearts

Video 4  Facebook Cheating Husband

Video 5  Tiatr GOYKAR (Trailer)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition - SARPANCH by Alexin de Morjim

by Alexin John Fernandes
Machi Mogi Morjim Cultural Sanskrutic Saunstha, Morjim
39th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG). Staged on 16th Oct. 2013

This good Samaritan Doctor turns politician for a reason.

No, no, ‘money making’ wasn’t the reason.  How many such persons or politicians we will find now a day?  Some of us may even say  ‘ joining politics and money making is not your intention then you must be a fool’

SARPANCH zalolea  fara,  babddeachim vazlim bara – Resulting in rape, suicide etc in the family

Yet our SARPANCH won’t give up for he knew he is fighting for a cause – To save his village

Big fish such as  Ministers buy small fish such as Village panchas and the poor SARPANCH left with no support and got defeated by no confidence motion moved against him.

Will that now stop our SARPANCH from doing what he was doing for his village?

I don’t think so.


Another,  good tiatr  that has something to learn from. 

Good performance, good songs, powerful cantos, good Band,
good stage set-up etc

Alexin de Morjim Tiatr means we get to see fine actors /singers like himself, wife Lorna, Cyril, Aires, Gemma, Bushan-Lajja  (and Rocky Dias) . Not forgetting young Frazer who did the perfect role of a  angry young man.

My favorite song was from a dead man (Caziton ) who comes from the grave to the stage only to regret  his coward act (Suicide) in his song.  I also love duets of Bushan particularly her high pitch voice.

One Agnelo Fernandes, seen for the first time, his singing was good too.

Band at it's best.

Stage pics

Alexin de Morjim  - Writer/Director
Jose Carvalho and Cyril Fernandes
Jose Carvalho and Gemma Fernandes
Nazima Rodrigues
Rocky Dias and Lajja da Costa
Gemma Fernandes, Cyril FErnandes, Aires D’Souza and Nazima Rodrigues
Frazer, Cyril, Alexin, Aires and Gema
Aires and Frazer Fernandes
Cazeton Fernandes de Cacoda and Agnelo Fernandes
Lajja and Bushan
Gemma Fernandes, carved sofa set , newspaper, olotor
Frazer, Cazeton, Gemma and Peter Rodrigues
Agnelo Fernandes
Aires D'Souza
Valentino and Ernest D'Souza
Bushan, Lajja, Alexin and Rocky Dias
Cazeton and Earnest?
Cazeton, Lizia?, Nazima and Ernest?
Suicide scene – hanging
The Band
the Band -Vitorino Araujo with Paklo, Selwyn, Elffio etc
Alexin, Cyril and Inspector Roland Mascarenhas
Mr and Mrs Lorna and Alexin de Morjim
 Cyril. Aires D'Souza, Gemma Fernandes and Frazer Fernandes
Trio Lajja, Alexin and Rocky Dias
Cazeton de Cacoda
Village meeting with kds
Alexin, Valentin, Cyril,  Peter, Cazeton, Ernest?
Sarpanch on Wheelchair
 Angry young man - Frazer
Inspector Roland

Video: A tearful Cant - They just lost their sister

Video: Typical Solo, Duet, Duo, Trio, Quartet and Canto

Tiatr still going strong..

Update: 7 May 2014
Tiatrs Sarpanch on Panjim Market Feast day

Lorna de Morjim Singing

Joseph de Parra Singing