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Friday, March 23, 2012

Goodbye Remmie Colaco

Remmie Colaco died on 22nd March 2012

I remember popular Remmie-Boyer comedy duets where M Boyer used to physically push Remmie  to take his mic position and sang his own line and they did it each time they were called back

 Remmie usually sang decent songs, even in comedy duets with M Boyer, his role was always as professional like doctor, engineer, empregado etc Boyer’s role being Cook, mechanic, drunkard etc

Source:Tiatr Academy
Tiatr Academy of Goa condoles the death of veteran tiatr artiste Remedious J. Colaco who was popularly known as Remmie Colaco. He expired in the wee hours of yesterday morning at Royal Hospital,Margao. Born on 19th September 1925, Remmie Colaco enriched the tiatr stage not only by script writing, directing, acting, singing in tiatrs but he has also designed and executed stage setting in the tiatrs produced by him.

Remmie Colaco hails from Bepquegal, Curchorem Goa. He did his primary education in Konkani at the local church school where he also studied music under the guidance of Maestro Diago Rodrigues. This 87 years old versatile actor first started acting when he joined the Jolly Boys Groupe of Sewree who staged their drama ‘Bhagintlo Mog’ where he played the role of a female. He was spotted by Edward Almeida from Dobitalao, a famous tiatrist then. His career began when he was picked up by C.Alvares, J.P.Souzalin, Minguel Rod, Jacinto Vaz, Dioginho D’Melo, John Claro, M.Boyer and others.

As there were no female artistes then, Remmie Colaco used to play the lead roles of a female. Later on he himself started writing and directing his own plays. He has written and directed many tiatrs which have been well appreciated by the tiatr lovers. Some of the popular tiatrs written and directed by him are ‘Satvo Sacrament’, ‘Sukh Tarvotteanchem’, ‘Bhavponnacho Kaido’, ‘Chouto Mandament’, ‘Atam Konn Sukhi’, ‘Don Kallzam’, ‘Kiteak Upkarlem’, ‘Ghorachem Sukh’, ‘Mhozo Kunhead’ and ‘Ostoreancho Mog’.

Some of the tiatrs in which Remmie Colaco has excelled in various roles are ‘Bhagintlo Mog’, ‘Chintna Zalim Sopna’, ‘Kedna Udetolo to Dis’, ‘Saibinicheo Sat Dukhi’, ‘Ekuch Rosto’, ‘Utt Goenkara’ etc.

He was a good singer on the tiatr stage having sung songs in all above mentioned tiatrs besides showcasing his acting talent. He was better known for his songs on moral values. His most famous song ‘Ankvar Moriechem Dukh’ was selected as the best Konkani song at the All India Radio during the Portuguese era.

Remmie Colaco also sung on gramophone records (HMV) some of which are ‘Ankvar Moriechem Dukh’, ‘Maisun’, ‘Borim Follam’, ‘Bhav-Bhav’ and ‘Mog Utor Apurbaiechem’. He also produced an audio cassette namely ‘Ghorachem Sukh’.

He staged his tiatrs in East Africa and in the Gulf countries too. He won many awards for his contribution towards the upliftment of the Konkani language. The Goa Konkani Academy has published two of his plays ‘Ghorachem Sukh’ and ‘Atancho Temp’.

Remmie Colaco was conferred with the following awards:-

·He was felicitated by the Konkani Weekly Cine Times and Konkani Monthly Gulab.

· He was conferred with Goa State Cultural Award in 1991.

· He was also the recipient of the prestigious Dalgado Puroskar by Dalgado Konknni Akademi.

·He was conferred with Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr Stage Award in the year 2010 by Tiatr Academy of Goa.

TAG conveys its condolences to the bereaved family and prays to the almighty that his soul rests in peace.

When contacted, the family members stated that the funeral date will be announced later as one of his daughters has to come from Canada.

   Some pics

with wife and daughter

some video clips of Remmie colaco etc (2008)

With another tiatrist C D Silva
Some more pics

Remmie Colaco (Birthday boy)

with wife

with one of the three daughters

 With Baretto Brothers musicians

 In GT 2008

His house, Sanvordem, Goa

In Herald 2012 (after death)

In Navhind Times  2012

Video - Singing Ankvar Moriechem Dukh

Video 2 - His Popular song and pics

Video 3 - Birthday celebrations, mando, dulpods etc

Updated: 26th March 2012

Funeral Pics etc
over 35 tiatrist spotted at the funeral

Rico Rod, Sabina, Anil Kumar, Fatima, Platilda, Jessie dias, Cyriaco dias,
Mike Metha, Josephine, Jr. Rod, Marcelin de Betim, Wilson (wilmix), 
Sharon Mazarello, Clara, Patrick dourado, Jane, John Claro, Anthony San,
Victor (AVA), Hortencio Pereira, Natto, Tomazinho Cardozo, Irene, Joy,
A friend, Leslie, Filipe Pereira, Teotonio, Willy Goes, Abdonio, Osvy Viegas, Minin de Bhandar, C D Silva, Cajetan de Curtorim etc
Funeral - 26th March 2012, Sanvordem Goa
Tiatrist carrying Remmie Colaco
Tiatrist at the cemetery
at home with family members
Wife and 3 daughters

More pics and Video 27/3/12

Video –

Remmie Colaco - The last journey


Stating with Residence, family, Priest, departure

2.01 Arrival at the Church. Tiatrists carry the coffin inside the church

Anil Kumar, Osvy, Abdonio, Patrick, Mike Metha, Cajetan de Curtorim,

Marcelini etc Followed by red confrad

3.45 Mass service starts with Fr. James few words

6.35 Fr. Trindade Homily (part), Grotto,

footage of people leaving for Cemetery also shown simultaneously

14.12 offertory, External Church, Church bell,Tabernacle, Communion

16.58  Playing of ‘Ankvar Moriechem Dhuk’ song (some pics also added)

20.54 off to Cemetery, uphill, Tiatrist are seen carrying coffin  etc

22.17 at the Cemetery, grave

22.48 Mike Metha speaks, Remmie was Schoolmate of Shami kapoor..

23.57 Tiatr Academy President Tomazinho Cardozo

25.51 Final rites/prayers with Fr. Domnic Alvares

26.21 Lowering the coffin into the grave (Mechanically),

Goodbye Remmie Coalco

The end

Some more pics

at home with family members for the last time


At the Church – Mass, Prieste etc

Fr. James

 Fr. Triandade Monteiro

The people

the Church

Guardian Angel, Sanvordem

to the Cemetery

 tiatrists Carry coffin

TAG President


Mike Metha


crowd at the Cemetery

Final resting place

Vandalism in the Cemetery – Recently in the news