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Saturday, September 10, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition - DAIZ


This tiatr talks about the nature and our heritage.
It tries to put in sense into the present day generation particularly the youth.
It warns about the environmental impact that it will have if no proper steps taken to protect and conserve the limited natural resources.
‘Save our heritage /nature for future generations’ was the message this tiatr tries to give.  Written by Agnelo de Borim and directed by Avinash Chari.

This was the opening tiatr of the 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy.  Supported by Tiatr Acadmy of Goa (TAG).  Staged on 9th Sept. 2011.  The festival was thrown open at the hands of well known tiatr personality
Shri Prince Jacob.
Tiatr  had about 12 songs sung by Ivy, Suzeta, Mario, Francis, Nazario, Bernard, Celia, Pobre, Hortencio, Conceicao etc.
Bernard Noronha and Suzeta Pereira sang a beautiful love song which deserves full marks. It really took me back to my past
Other well sung songs are by Nazario Pinto, Ivy Albuqure as ‘Maso kan’ etc.
Hortencio Comedy well received by the audience.
Rupesh Jogle at his best as usual so also Nazario Pinto’s neagative role which reminded me of a bollywood villain with black spot on his face.

Following are some of the stage pics

Video link

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