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Thursday, November 15, 2012

38th Tiatr Competition 2012 - Results

Results delayed?
Normally, results were out by 10 am next day.
But til 1pm  (15.11.12) results were not out.
Hopefully, it will be out by this evening or tomorrow

Will keep you updated here.


Results:  updated 3.30pm

Alfi  (Divar) gets First Prize
5vo Mandament
(Alfi Art Production Divar)

Augie D'Melo  (Britona) 2nd
Asson Koslo Faido?
(Britona Dramatic Academy)

 Avito A Fernandes (Merces) 3rd
 love You Sir
(konkani Kala Kendr, Merces)

Carmin Vas (Taleigao) 4th
(St Michael Taleigao Socio-Cultural Association)

There were in all 30 tiatr entries.
Competition started 24th Sept. and ended on 14th Nov. 2012

see it bigger here

Other results:

Best Actor:
1. Rupesh Jogle ( Rs.1000
2. Rosario Botelho (Taronn) Rs.750

Merit Certificates:
1. Mohan Despande (Ekvot vo Guspott)
2. Albino Correia (Ason nam)
3. Dnyanesh Govekar (Osmitai)
4. Manuel Dias (Cheddva hem Lisanv Tuka)
5. Francis Xavier (Baguel)
6. Gladston Cardozo (sousaracho Soiro)

1. Jenny Fernandes (Orde Toklecho)
2. Ivy Pereira (

Merit Certificates
1. Remizia D’Souza (I love You Sir)
2. Madeline Fernandes (Hello)
3. Livia D’Silva (Osmitai)
4. Joycelyn Misquita (Novi-Dixa)
Best Comedian: Hat-Trick? Rs.1000
Mathew D’Souza (I love You Sir)
Merit Certificates: Comedian
1. Christopher Menezes (Taronn)
2. Aveena Pereira (Panchvo Mandament)
3. Savio Pinto (Mogachea Aktteant jivit)
4. Marcus Fernandes (Ason nam)
5. Antonette Mendes (Osmitai)

 Best Child Artist: Rs.500 Male:
Velbert Rodrigues (Ekvott vo Duspott)

Merit Certificates
1. Jolton D’Melo (Ason Koslo Faido?)
2. Sanyo Afonso (Utrachi Mudi)
3. Hashvaine Fernandes (To Fotkiro)

Oshin Jonah Fernandes (5vo Mandament)

Merit Certificates:
1.Shenaya Pereira (Ekvott vo Duspott)
2.Valencia Braganza (Prachit)
3. Myfa Fernandes (Ason Koslo Faido?)
4. Clarissa Almeida (Ason Nam)

 Best Direction: Rs.1500, 1000 & 750 respectively
1. Alfredo Fernandes (5vo Mandament)
2. Shantaram Pawar (Ason Koslo Faido?)
3. Carmin Vas (Osmitai)
Best Setting: Rs.1000
Elly Cardozo (

Merit Certificate
Shyam Calangutkar (Osmitai)

Best Lights: Rs.1000
Shushant Naik (Prachit)
  Merit Certificate:
Nilesh Mahale (Osmitai)

Best Music: Rs.1000
Selvyn Braganza (Utrachi Mudi)

 Best Make-up: Rs.1000
George Gonsalves (panchvo Mandament)

 Best costumes: Rs.1000
Alfeliza D’Melo (Ason koslo Faido?)

Best Background Music: Rs.1000
Lenoy Gomendes (Panchvo Madament)
 Merit Cerificate
Framton D’Sa (Osmitai)

 Best Singer: Male Rs.750 & Rs.500
1. Elvis Marcarenhas (Panchvo Mandament)
2. Socoro Fernandes de st. Cruz (I love you Sir)

1. Francis Pinto (Mar
2. Bony Alvim (I love You Sir)
3. Aleixinho Fernandes (Osleank Konn Sanbautolo?)
4. Rosario de Benaulim (To Fotkiro)
5. Rock Lazarius (Ason Nam)
6. Rocky Dias (Osliank Konn Sambautolo)
7. Reginald de Ponchwadi (Orde Toklecho)

Best Singer: Female
1. Maryanne Fernandes (Mogachea Agtteant Jivit)
2. Semenca Rebello (Visvas dovorcho konnacher)

Merit Certificate:
1. Antonette de Maina (Baguel)
2. Quinie (Hello)
3. Cielda Pereira (Osmitai)
4. Valentina Sequira (Novi Dixa)

 Best Child singer: Rs.300
1. Maythan Baretto (I Love you Sir)
Merit Certificates
1. Cameron Fernandes (Visva Dovorcho Konnacher?)
2. Sanyo Afonso (Utrachi Mudi)
1. Francia Camilo (Ason koslo Faido?)

  Merit Certificates:
1. Saina Britto (Mhoji Man Bhagoitan)
2. Myfanwy (Taronn)
3. Clanifa Almeida (Ason Nam)
4. Swizel Almeida (To Fottkiro)
5 Cybel Cabral (Karana Viret)

Best Choral Singers: Rs.500
Glenis, Livia, Ezilda & Dorothy (Osmitai)

Merit Certificates -Choral singers
1. Shirley, Lenzie Camilo (Ason Koslo Faido)
2. Tracey Dias, Chrisele mendes, Chrissaine and Minoska (Prachit)
3. Eugene Cardoz, Sandra Cardoz (Novi Dixa)

 Best Duet/Duo: Rs.500
Ragan & Kezia (Ason Koslo Faido?)

Merit Certificates:
1. Elyas Fernandes, Felcy Fernandes (Osleank Konn Sambaultolo?
2. Joesan and Sanyo Afonso (Utrachi Mudi)
3. Saby and Tracila Dias (Pancho Mandament)

 Best Trio: Rs.750
Fr. Bolmax, Fr. Maurice, Fr. Doel (Hello)

Merit Certificate:
1. Joycelyn, Alisha Camilo and Ruela Coelho (Ason Koslo Faido)
2. Newton d’Souza, Sandra D’Souxza and Richa (Sukti Bhoti)

Best Quartet: Rs.1000
Rodnyl Fernandes, Andrea D’Costa, Leandr Da cost (Baguel)

Merit Certificate
1. Rocky Dias, Lajja, Bushan, Aleixinho (Osleank Konn Sanbautolo?)

Best Lyrics: Rs.500
Peter Camilo ‘Somudai” (Ason Koslo Faido)

Merit Certificates:
1. Elvis Mascarenhaa (Panchvo Mandament)
2. Marcus Fernandes (Ason Nam)

 Best Script writing: Rs.4000 & Rs.2000

1. Augie D’Melo (Ason Koslo Faido?)

2. Alfred Fernandes (Panchvo Madament)

Merit Certificate:
1. Fr. Doyel  Dias (Hello)

Fr. Nevel Gracias
Mr Agustin Da Cruz
Mr. Domnic D’Costa

 Dated 14.11.2012

 KA Chairman Vishnu Surya Wagh
Who asured increase in the prize money from this year onwards
But it looks like the prize money remain almost the same, unless they used old printed result formats

Talking on April 17, 2012.

pl watch and listen at 7.30 onwards
or click here

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

38th tiatr Competition 2012 - OSMITAI

Last tiatr of the Competition..

by Carmin Joseph Vas
(St. Michael Taleigao Socio-Cultural Association)
Staged on 14th Nov. 2012

This tiatr talks about saving our identity (Osmitai) including saving our land, language, heritage, culture etc.
Builders, Megaprojects, Activism, corruption at Panchayat level, Priests role (beyond Altar) in  helping social causes etc all part of the tiatr.

Songs too rendered very well.
As said, 'Konkani uloi, Konkani buori Oh Goemkara' was my favourite song, a choral presented
by 4 beautiful girls  Glenis, Livia, Ezilda & Dorothy -  watch video below.

Some stage pics

Dnyaneshwar Govekar and Livia Menezes

Sisters act
Ezilda & Dorothy

Frazel Afonso and Rashmi Menezes

Young Cielda Pereira



Benny Fernandes and Trina Sequeira

Football ground

Michael Gracias, Custodio Cabral and Livia

Video 1 (Konknni is our Identity)

Video 2 What's wrong if girls act in tiatr?

Friday, November 9, 2012

38th Tiatr Competition 2012 -

By Agnelo de Borim
(Ami Daizi, Fatorda)
38th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa.
Support by Tiatr Academy, TAG.
Staged on 8th Nov. 2012

Some Stage pics
Rupesh Joggle, Ivy Pereira, Pobre Dias, Anthony Xavier Dias, Agnelo Furtado ..


Ivy  Rupesh  at suicide point

Rupesh  Jogle and Ivy Pereira

P Agnelo and Maria

ivy with Xevok

 On voltaire , rocking chair


Man at his work by the hut

Video 1

Video 2 (Love Song)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

38th Tiatr Competition 2012 - SONVSARACHO SOIRO


by Gladston Cardozo, Directed by Fr. Pio Almeida
ABC Sports Club Arambol.
38th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (supported by TAG)
Staged on 6th Nov. 2012

some Stage pics

Gladston, Amit & Evaristo


Plastic garbage man activism

 Terrence de Arambol

 Gladstone, cleny etc

 Peter de Arambol

 Julie,  Alfredo

cleny Julie

 court room

 road Accident

Video 1 (Kenny)

Video 2 ( All Singers)

Video 3 (Trio -Gladston, Amit & Eavarist)

Monday, November 5, 2012

38th Tiatr Competition 2012 - TICH EK OSTORI, DEV KORTATI VATT,


Tich ek Ostori
By Kissan Naik
Sucaldem Youth Club, Chinchinim
38th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa
and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa, TAG. 
Staged on 1st Nov. 2012


Sedon & Joel
Sonia, Joel and Sharmila
anif, Sonia, Joel and Olavo
Agnelo Rebello and Dacia


Creto and Sonia
Olavo  & Sharmila
Anif,Joel & Olavo
Olavo, Dasia, Sonia & Sedon

Follow Pics from Tiatr

by Vincet Dias (Wilson)
Kala Mogi Manch, Fatorda
38th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (Supported by TAG)
Staged on 2nd Nov. 2012



38 tiatr Competition 2012 - BAGUEL, ASSON NAM, ROGTAK OLLKONA

some Stage pics
by Francis Xavier  Rebello
(St. Francis Xavier Cultural Troupe, Carmona).
38th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy og Goa (Supported by TAG).
Staged on 5/11/12
You see Baguel to the right (hut)
Baba Cielo
Following are staged pics of
Asson Nam
by Cyril Almeida
Young Boys of Tonca Sports & Cultural Club, Caranzalem.
38th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG)
Staged on 26th Oct. 2012
Following are stage Pics of
Rogtak Ollkona
By John Fernandes
Damatic Troupe of Azossim
38th Tiatr Competition by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG)
Staged on 25th Oct. 2012