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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Francis de Tuem Tiatr - Golden Jubilee show with Remo Fernandes, 5 Senior Tiatrists etc

Francis de Tuem celebrated Golden Jubilee show of his Tiatr GUNEANV KONNACHO
(50 shows in 48 days) on 17th May 2013 at Kala Academy, Panjim at 9pm.
Chief guest was Goan Pop Star and Padmashree Remo Fernandes.

On the occasion, 5 senior Tiatrist were also felicitated for their lifetime contribution to Tiatr Stage at the hands of the Cheif Guest.
 Wilmix (Wison), Luciano Dias, Jr. Rod, Master Vaz and Josephin Dias – watch video

 Francis de Tuem in his brief speech said he was successful despite last minute ditch by some artists – watch video

Remo Fernandes says he too is a fan of Francis De Tuem (FDT) for he is fighting for Goa through his music / Songs -  Watch Video

Looks like the special invitee KA Chairman Vishnu Wagh did not make it.
I too arrived late (After Xezapai Funeral at Curtorim), must have missed first 45 minutes of the Tiatr.
The Tiatr has strong social message and appears to be based on a true story.
A family tiatr, highly recommend for both young and old.
Olga, Chitra, Anita, Sandra, Lawry, Xavier Gomes, Marcus Vaz, Joaquim D'Costa,
Sandeep Kalangutkar, Anil Pednekar, Shyam Tuemkar, Cameron, Max, Com Simla,
Mario, James etc

Band by Agust de Ponchwadi with Norman Cardozo

UK Tour
25th May Swindon (Wyveren Hall) 1pm
25th May Swindon ( 5pm
1st June Southal  3pm
2nd June Wembley 3pm

Gulf  Tour
7th June Kuwait 3pm
13th  June Dubai  9pm
14th June Qatar 3pm

Some pics

Wilmix (Wilson)

 Jr. Rod,  Wilmix (Wilson), Master Vaz & Josephine dias

Remo Fernandes,  Jr. Rod, Luciano Dias, Wilmix (Wilson), Master Vaz,
Josephine, Francis de Tuem,

Sandra D'Costa


Siddivinayak Naik KA, Remo Fernandes,
Francis de Tuem, Tony D'Costa (Anoska Bar) and Adv. Rajiv Gomes

Group photo

Some Stage pics

Chitra and Anita

Marcus Vaz, Anita, Cameron and Chitra

Francis de Tuem

Body taken to post-mortem

 Mini Mario, Com Simla, Chitra, Sandeep Kalangutkar, Max and Mario

pop singers

Olga, Minino Mario and Cameron


Star of Curtorim (Xeza Pai) final journey 17.5.2013

Tiatr world loses 'Star of Curtorim' Seza Pai .... (Times of India)

Vincent Florencio Fernandes, also called the Star of Curtorim and popularly known as 'Seza Pai' after his tiatr by the same name became a hit, expired under tragic circumstances on Wednesday at his Curtorim residence.

Seza Pai contributed a lot for the preservation and promotion of tiatr during his almost five decade stint on the Konkani stage. He wrote, directed and staged many hit tiatrs including 'Ismol', 'Maim Dukhi Sasumaim Sukhi', 'Put Mhozo Bekar', 'Nirmilolem Jivit' and 'Seza Pai'.

A perfect gentleman, he always recognized the help given to him by the tiatr artistes, he always spoke very highly of the late Nelson Afonso, a popular tiatr artiste of the yesteryears, who helped him stage 'Seza Pai'.

'Seza Pai' was the true story of a beggar who used to seek alms in front of St Andrew's Church, Vasco. From the money he collected he would buy fruits and chocolates and distribute it among the children who used to attend catechism in the church.
State Cultural award in 2010

Fernandes would stand on the road and observe the beggar. Using the incident as the focal point of the story, he wrote a tiatr entitled 'Seza Pai' and staged it across Goa with the help of Afonso. The tiatr achieved such success that tiatr lovers started calling Fernandes 'Seza Pai'.

Although he achieved fame, Fernandes remained proud of his background and did not hesitate to express his feelings publicly. He came from a very poor family and as a young boy was sent to the bhatkar's house to work. This was a common during the Portuguese era but in this case the bhatkar was cruel and one day Fernandes was compelled to sleep in the cowshed along with the cattle. Although afraid, Fernandes took courage and ran from the place in the night.

He did what most Goans did and went to Mumbai in search of a job. Just as he was settling down comfortably, diplomatic relations between the Portuguese, who then ruled Goa, and Indian government began deteriorating. With the possibility of the sea and road routes being blocked, Goans in Mumbai turned panicky and Seza Pai returned to Goa.

In Goa, he was helped to get a job with a Portuguese family whose head was the director of 'Estaleiro Navais de Goa', presently known as Goa Shipyard. Finding Fernandes sincere in his work, the Portuguese officer found work for Fernandes in Goa Shipyard where he worked till his retirement.
Honoured on Tiatr Day  17 April 2006

Fernandes was very enthusiastic about Konkani tiatr and song and wrote his first tiatr 'Put Mhozo Bekar' in 1959. This was followed by 'Nirmilolem Jivit' for which he was congratulated by Afonso. It is due to this gesture that Fernandes went to him for help in staging his hit tiatr 'Seza Pai'. Afonso did not only guide him but himself acted in the tiatr, which made Fernandes eternally grateful to him. Fernandes was a good composer and his forte was composing the 'cantos' of the tiatr. He was humble and always showed his new compositions to Patrick Dourado, a veteran tiatr artiste who would guide him whenever necessary.

Fernandes' contribution to the tiatr stage has been recognized by numerous institutions and the Goa government too. He was felicitated by Curtorim Jaycees in 2010, Kala Academy in 2008 and the Goa government bestowed upon him the Goa State Cultural Award in 2009

TOI, Goa

 Extracts from Facebook Tiatrist Fan Group

Mr. Vincent Florencio Fernandes popularly
known as Star of Curtorim passed away this morning. His last tiatr was in 2010 ' Maim dukhi sasmaim sukhi' also fame of Seza Pai, Jevonnachi Butti, Izmol ..He was felicitated by Kala Academy in 2008. In 2009 Government of Goa bestowed upon him the prestigious Goa State Cultural Award 2009 and Curtorim Jaycees Club also felicitated him in 2010...May his soul rest in Peace

Edward Verdes

Vincent Florencio Fernandes (Xeza Pai) was a nice person . A Tiatr fanatic who wrote Konkani Tiatrs just for the love of Tiatrs. He put all his hard earned money into Tiatrs. He never made money from Tiatrs. He was a very loveable person. Never hurt anyone. A very rare breed of Tiatrists. May his soul rest in peace.
Wimix (Wilson)

Star of curtorim was very close to my father, late Nelson Afonso and as a kid I remember they used to rehearse at my place. I used to call him xeza pai. sad, the generation of genuine tiatrist is fading away. Gregory Afonso

Star of Curtorim (Xeza Pai) was really a gentleman, thats what I have gathered from many fellow tiatrists and some neighbours.

After long time I saw a funeral procession (from home to the Church).
I took part in it too including carrying the coffin (over my shoulder).
There was a time, we did that for journeys upto 5 kms (sharing in-between)
Some Funeral  pics

Some tiatrist carry his coffin to the Cemetery
Cony M, Osvy Viegas, A friend etc

 in the coffin (close-up)

 The residence

The Lake, the Pond and the Church

 Church service

Family members
Son, Son-in-law etc


Obit advt

Some tiatrists spotted at the funeral are:
Prince Jacob
Joe Rose
Annie Quadros
Philip de Orlim
A friend
Jr. Rod
Cajetan de Curtorim
Wilmix (Wlison)
Minin de Bandar
Oswy Viegas
C D Silva
Connie M
Tita Pretto

Curtorim MLA Reginald Lourenco also attended the funeral.

Video  - The last journey

TAG's Condolence Meet on 10th June
With family members - daughter, sister, son-in-law

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dhumpacho Zoso Pormoll by Com Domnic

Com Domnic Coelho

Most of his tiatr have biblical titles such as
Sukan Fulam Koxttam Kantte, Sounsar Sompo Porian,
Rupem Bhangar Maginaim, Matiechem Bhangar Korunk,
 Zoim Priti Mog Vosta, Novo Dis Udetana, Mog Mogan Jiye, etc. His latest is DHUMPACHO ZOSO PORMOLL from April 2013,  his 12th production

Reminds me of the hymns that I used to sing during Mass (Church)

Sukha Fulam Koxttam KantteHech amgele jinne vantte
Hadtanv, Bapa bhetounk Tuka
Unddea ani sorea vangdda

Dp. Hem jem ami somorpitanv
Tem Tum mandun ghe munn magtanv
Malgoddeachea masa rogtan
Misllun Tum ghe doyallponnan

Sounsar Sompo Porian
Tumchea sangatak hanv asam

Bapan Maka dadla
Toso tumkam daddtam
Povitr Atmo gheyat
Tacheam bollan xokten
Des-desant soglleak
Mhoje govai zayat

Rupem Bhangar Maginain
Akho Sounsar Tuzo Saiba
Amchim Kallzam Tuka zai
Khoxen vopun ditanv Tuka

Dp. Amchim Kallzam ubartanv
Tujea mogak anvdetanv

Matiechem Bhangar korunk
Xoktai Tum ekach utran
Mati Dhull amchem jiennem
Bhangar kor Povitr Atmean

Novo dis udetanam
Udelo amcher Dhonia
Oprimit Tuzo moimog
Jinnecho khoro Suria

Mog mogan Jiye
Sukh ani dhuk jivita-paundde

Ekcharan jieta to
Sontosan jiv bhortolo
Sorvespor daddun ditlo
Jivitak Sukha-paunddo

Zoim Pritimog Vosta
Thuim Dev ajir asa

Ekttaim keleant ekchitan
Amkam Jezuchea mogan
Jezu amchem dadosponn
Anond ani vorteponn

Dhumpacho zoso Pormoll
Domdomit choddta sorgar
Tech porim amchim danam
Isvora, Tujea mukar

Dp. Dhumpacho zoso Pormoll
Somestani bhettounchim

Did you know?
Com Domnic is a State gazetted officer in the  Directorate of Craftsman and Training, now also holds additional charge as Principal of ITI , Farmagudi, Ponda.
Attestation of any docs or certificates can be done by com Domnic (being a gazetted Officer).

This tiatr was staged at our place on the occasion of Holy Cross Feast, Agassaim on 3rd May 2013.

We could not wait to watch the whole tiatr as we had to attend another feast Litany etc.
We also lost about 30 minutes as there was some sound technical problem.

Aplon seems to have done very well as Hindu lady – watch clip

Trio by Willy, Albert and Elias was good too which was on Goa’s special status etc

 The tiatr has a good message.
 It talks about  corruption, money greed, inter caste / Religion marriage etc
Tiatr troupe members are: see a group pic in the end
Rocky Coelho, Jr. Rod, Olavo Fernadnes (Trumpet), Jose Borges (Stage Manager), Cajie de Verna, Savio Rodrigues (Drummer), Philip Peixoto (Trumpet), Edwin Saldanha (Set Design), Pradeep Naik, David Silveira (Bass), Albert Cabral, Minguel de Armbol (Sax), Willy Fernandes, Leslie Pereira, Celiston Dias (Keyboard).  Irene Coelho (Costume design), Domnic Coelho, Aplon Rebello, Rancia Sequeira, Luiza Fernandes, Felcy, Luis Bachaan and Elias Fernandes

Ok, here are some pics

Luis Bachaan, Aplon and Rancia Sequeira

Rocky Coelho and Luis Bachaan

The Sisters Act : Aplon / Felcy

 Luiza, Elias, Leslie Pereira and Pradeep Naik

 Cajie de Verna

Albert Cabral

 Willy Fernandes

 Young Elias Fernandes

 Cajie de Verna, Rocky Coelho and Com Domnic

 Typical Trio

Group pic that appeared in TOI

A short stage video clip