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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Musical Show at Merces - Goa Opinion Poll Day

Organised by Kokani Kala Kendr Merces in association with
Art & Culture, Dept, and Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG).
16th January 2013, at Merces Church Square.
In memory of Dr. Jack De Sequeira, father of Opinion Poll

Musical show by Anthony San and his troupe
Song and jokes  Com. Agostinho and Com. Selvy,
Xavier Gomes, Marcus Vaz, Felcy, Roma, Mil Mel Nel, Bab Andrew, Andrea,
Hilary, Willie Luiza etc

some pics

Anthony San

Luis Cota Band

Milagres Fernandes, Cezar D’Mello and Agnel D’Costa

Church yard – Christ the king
Daniel F D’Souza - Host

Willie - Luiza

Jack De Sequeira

Andrea and Bab Andrew


Video 1  (The show songs and jokes - a selection)

Video 2 (Marcus Vaz on Dr. Jack De Sequeira)

Video 3 (MIL -MEL - NEL)

Monday, January 14, 2013

A tribute to Shalini Mardolkar, TAG's condolence meet etc

Shalini Mardolkar died in Bombay on 7th January 2013

I don't remember seeing Shalini bai live on stage but I heard a lot about her from others including my mother. The only time I saw her was during TAG's awards Ceremony in Dec. 2009 and that's when I tried my best to capture her on my cameras (see pics and videos below).

How one can forget the song  'Dol Mhoje Bai' in 1966 film NIRMONN?
I am sure, most households in Goa sing the lullaby (that sung to young children before going to sleep)
including Goans settled abroad.

Shalini acted more in Gujrathi and Marathi dramas than in Konkani Tiatr (Drama) and yet she left behind some unforgetable memories such as her role in J P Souzalin 'Sat dukhi'  where she acted as 'Saibinn' (Our Lady). The role was so pefect that the audience in the end lined up to kiss her (Saibinn)backstage - Watch video where some speakers talk about it.
 Condolence Meet was organised by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG)
On 14th Jan, 2013 at Ravindra Bhavan Black Box.

Not many tiatrists attended the Condolence meet- enough publicity given in most dailies in the form of Adverts and news items (This sort of attendence is more or less the same for all such TAG's condolence meets)

I spotted Oswy Viegas, Bab Andrew, C D Silva, Cyriaco Dias, Anil-Fatima, Tomazin - Irene,
Wilson-Sharon, Willy (Luiza)  and  a few others.
If we take off TAG staff, and 1-2 Cameramen,  the remaining figure would be less than 20.
Its strange but true.

 Some pics and Videos

Paying homage
Floral Tribute

Fatima D’souza

 Cyriaco Dias

Anil Kumar

Wilson Mazarello (wilmix)

 Joe Rose

Shalini Mardolkar

 Joe Rose and Prince Jacob

Video – Condolence meet 2003
Wilson Mazarello (Wilmix), Anil Kumar, Cyriaco Dias, Tomazin Cardozo,
Fatima, Joe Rose, Prince Jacob speaking

File pics
from  Dec 2009

 with awardees

with Sabina and Marcus Vaz

With Roseferns

 With Anil Kumar

With Pai Tiatrist Picture

 in Herald

Video 2009 - Shalini speaking at Margao Goa,  Dec. 2009

From 1966 film NIRMONN

Thursday, January 3, 2013

TAG's Awards to Minglu de Merces, Luis Cota, Benny de Aldona & Joao Travasso

On the occasion of 150th birth Anniversary of Lucasinho Ribeiro, the creator of Tiatr 2nd Jan, 2013, Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) presented Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr Awards to 4 non-commercial tiatr artistes who have dedicated their lives to the tiatr stage through their valuable contribution.

Joao Travasso, Luis Cota (musician), Minguel Dias (Minglu de Merces) & Benedicto Fernandes (Benny de Aldona)

The award carries a memento, a citation, a shawl and Rs.20000/-

Some pics.

Awardees with dignitaries
Pic L-R: Joao Travasso, minglu de Merces, Prince Jacob,
Vishnu Surya Wagh, Premanand Lotlikar, Joe Rose, Luis Cota & Benny de Aldona

Joao Travasso (father of Lawry Travasso)

Minglu de Merces

Spot singing by Minglu de Merces


Luis Cota

Benny de Aldona

Lucazinho Ribeiro

Yuri Ribeiro – Grand son of Lucasinho Ribeiro

Prince Jacob

Prince Jacob (TAG President), Vishnu Surya Wagh (KA
Chairman and St. Andre MLA) & Premanand Lotlikar (DKA President)

First prize award winning Children’s Tiatr ‘Noxibacho Khell’
by Saptarang Arts and Cultural Club, Porvorim, was staged

Stage pics of Children Tiatr

Video 1 (Minglu de Merces singing)