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Friday, October 28, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - PANCHANAMA

An accident takes place on the road – Reckless driving by a son of a rich businessman..
A girl and a cyclist (Milkman) dies on the spot.  A team of police arrives at the scene to conduct panchanama (inquest).

The father of the boy bribes the PI (Police Inspector) and get the Panchanama changed i.e. The driver of the car is now the deceased girl.  
  Another accident, another death, a school boy this time..
  The same father, once again,  comes begging to save his son... PI says not to worry, he will get the Panchanama changed by phoning another PI  under whose jurisdiction the accident occurred.
Bribe is higher this time as two PIs involved.

Soon, his driver comes in with bad news – PI son got killed in an accident.
The killer driver is none other than the one who was saved by the PI after changing the Panchanama.

There is another Panchanama, God’s Panchanama and no one can change it.

by Alfredo Fernandes (Alfi Art Productions, Divar)
 37th Taitr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Taitr Academy, TAG
Staged on 28th Oct. 2011
Tiatr opening at the hands of  Shri Afonso Pereira, Principal of Fr. Agnel Institute of Hotel Management, Verna. see pic

Father, son and his wife roles well played by  the Playwright Alfredo Fernandes, Prasad Harmalkar and Tracila Gonsalves. Their little son, a smart fellow Master Flannan S. Ferrao..
Supported by George Gonsalves, Saby Dias, Elais Fernandes etc

Commedy by the PI driver  Mathew D’Souza and lady PC who works at PI as domestic help, Miss Avina Pereira. Comedy was good.

There were about 12 songs.
All well sung by Elvis Mascarenhas (opening), George Gonsalves (on prisoners life story), Saby/Tracila duet on Mahila Mandall, Jessica Pereia/Gigi Rose Fernandes (Alfi family) sang on ‘saving Goa’, Kimbrly D’Mello a tribute to Chris Perry, Juju etc,  aTrio by George/Senon/Keegan saying Freedom fighters should garland Bapu on ID day and not Politicians, Elais or Alias Fernandes Solo on Gireskai, Vinia Pilar and Ciana Fernandes as fighting ‘Zavo’(Zau-Zau), Keegan/Senon on Church/Mass/Faith, Little Oshin Jonah & Ciano King (Alfi Family) showed how their parent fights at home, Saby Dias on fake advertisement including sex aids and the Pondrako  a song by 15 people  see pic

Saby Dias (Saby de Narva) has given us another wake-up call or a reminder to various wake-up calls we hand earlier on stage etc - Check it here ir Video 3 below.

Band by Agnelo Dias with Mathias Mascarenhas, Athnony Azavedo, Santan Araujo, Nixon Vaz, Lenoy Gomendes  - Listen to the Band's Intro (Tocad) added to the sstage photo slide video2 clip - see below

Tiatr was good.

Sadly, Loraine Dias was missing this time and we missed her duet with Saby  too.

Tiatr was houseful a day in advance. About 250 bulk tickets were bought by the  organisers/villagers/supporters.

Alfi's tiatr always go houseful year after year.
Everyone looking forward to watch Alfi's tiatr.  Alfi brings quality tiatr in this KA's
competition for many years now.  Infact, he is the only person who continiously participated withut any breaks.  Thank you Alfi.

This year, tiatr got over 15 minutes  earlier, last 2/3 years it was late by 15 minutes

Some stage pics
mother-daughter Alfi Family
Alfi, George, Tracila, Avina
alfi,  Prasad Harmalkar, Tracila
Alias or elias Fernandes
Senon and Keegan
with Com. Mathew D’Souza
Set wet Playboy Zatak Axe
Saby Dias
Pondraka. Actually, there are 16
Tacila fainting – good news
I spotted them too watching Tiatr.

Video 1

Video 2  (Stage Photo show)

Video 3 (Must watch by all sleeping Goans)

Video 4 -  Kids special

Thursday, October 27, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - DIVO

When son is born, he is regarded as ‘Divo’ (Lamp) that brings light or brightness in the family.
But this grown up son, a gangster, does exactly the opposite i.e. brings darkness by extinguishing the LAMP.

DIVO  by Vincent Dias  (Kala Mogi Manch, Fatorda) was the 21st entry of the 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by Tiatr Academy, TAG). Staged on 27th Oct. 2011
Today's tiatr opened at the hands of veteran Tiatrists and a regular KA's competitions participant Shri Filipe Pereira

Father's role played by Joao Vaz, Mother (Prudencia Carvalho), Sons (Charlie Fernandes and Felix Frutado), Daughter (Shalini Dias), CID Edwin (Agustine Marcarenhas), Girlfriend Tina (Catrien Gomes), Bhikari/Father (John Dias). Supported by Luis Fernandes /Selvy Estibeiro(Comedy), Meena Colaco, Clemento, JP Rodrigues, Santan, Vincent Fernandes, Rosario Pereira, Necessidade Noronha etc.
This tiatr had about 14 songs
Songs by  Savita Pinto (opening DIVO & Duo, see pic), Delphina Gomes (Comedy song in Saree), 
Jr. Pinto (Solo/Duo), Young Adrel Gomes (solo, see pic)  and Anthony (Solo) were good
Other singers were Melvin Pereira, Ceasar Dias, Charlton Dias, Alfon Faleiro. Besides some actors from the main role above.

Overall performance of the tiatr: Plenty of FLs & FDs.
It appears that not enough rehearsals were done or some actors/singers did not do their homework properly.
The tiatr also ended at 10.10pm (overshot by 10 minutes), could be some marks deductions there too

Band by Nolvert Cotta with Pittush Azavedo, Roy Menezes, Frazer D'Souza, John Fernandes etc

Stage Pics

Luis Mascarenhas, Joao Vaz, Felix Furtado, Prodencia Carvalho and Shalini Dias

Jr. Pinto and Savita Pinto
Luis and Selvy
Father-sons re- united
Charles Fernandes, Agostine Mascarenhas and John Vaz

Joao Vaz, Charlie Fernandes, Prodencia Carvalho and Shalini Dias

Adrel Gomes
Last poddo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - ATAM KONN?

What type of love marriage is this?
Lover turned husband soon started changing colours .
He, an MBA degree holder is superstitious too. Like his father, he too has problem with ‘Tiklem’ (or Tikttem – A girl child born after 3 males /brothers brings bad luck to family etc) . The girl is not ‘tiklem’ but the story very well cooked up by his father for she did not bring in enough dowry.  Girl’s brother did managed to give half of the dowry and working very hard to pay the remaining half.

Father, the dictator, rules the house.  He even sent his younger son James back to Bombay the very next day he arrived for  not supporting his father's superstitious views. He studies there and came home for vacations.
Doubting husband started torturing his pregnant wife,  now wants divorce,  he drives her out.

Father now seen very happy with his second Son’s  wife Cynthia. Their marriage took place in Bombay without even informing at home.
Cynthia’s birthday Party (backed by her father-in-law) where everyone is invited including her brothers. It’s time for introduction -  Cynthia  introduces her brothers –
‘my elder brother Fr. Noel, Dr. Romeo my second brother, Leo the third and I am the youngest’

 NOW WHO (is she)?

ATAM KONN?  by Framel Fernandes (Swar Siddhi Sankrutic Kala Sang, Merces) was the 20th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG.  Staged on 25th Oct. 2011.  Opened at the hands of Ceasar Dramatic troups leader and MIL-MEL-NEL Trio fame, Mr. Ceasar D’Mello
This tiatr brought out many social and evil issues like dowry, Superstition, domestic violence etc

Joanifa Gonsalves, Philip Gonsalves, Franzel Fernandes and Teotonio d’Costa  well played in the main role as Sister/wife/daughter-in-law, Husband/elder son, Brother and the father repectively.
One Sagar Haldankar as second son (James)  also played well. Supported by Sunny Dias, Cassy Vaz, Marlbert, Jackson Estrocio, Heral Pexeito, Jones Gonsalves,  Sandra D’Costa, Myron d’Costa etc

Comedian64 (Christopher Menezes) was at his best.

There were about 15 well sung songs
Singer were Cajie, Aniceto, Aurelio, Elina, Gil, Conception, Alister, Jesus, Valerian, Velancia, Sunny, Sandra, Dale etc.

Overall, the tiatr was good.  However, almost all 4 Cants were horribly sounded off.

Band by Maestro Luis Cotta with Roy, Nolvert, Keven, Franzel etc
Band intro added to the video clip - watch below

Stage pics

brother sister

Valerian or Jesus

Conception de Tuem

Aniceto Lourenco
Last Podo
Philip, Sagar, Teotonio, Cassy, Jackson, Joanifa, Franzel, Jones, James, and Com.64

video 1

Monday, October 24, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - ASRO

Father dies leaving behind  his wife  and very young children - two sons and a daughter
Mother brought them up single handedly – gave them the best she could.
One son working in Pune and the other in Canada.

Back home mother, daughter and a grandchild (handicapped / Crippled daughter of the eldest son, who was left with the granny  since birth).  Both sons don’t want to know about their mother and sister, never even phone.. One of them even got married and mother didn't know about it. At the time of daughter’s wedding they were informed but none replied back.  Marriage cancelled, mother could not afford it. Daughter decides never to marry and leaves home to work in Bangalore.

Both sons come home with a mission.  To sell their  ancestor’s house.  Strikes a deal with the builder – They get two double bed flats and one single bed and Rs. 25 lacs cash. Everything worked out -They keep double bed each and single bed for Mother/Daughter.

But where are the property papers?

They found out the property already been mortgaged by their mother to pay for the second son’s  job on ship and then to send him to Canada – loan to the tune of Rs. 6 lacs + the interest.

Plans now changed. Lost interest in the property for they don’t want to pay the loan.

Both are now leaving home never to come back again.  Elder son now takes his daughter with him too after 8 years living with her granny,  for his wife will never be able to conceive a child again.

When mother asked about the loan, they said they can’t afford it and suggested to sell the house.

And what about me? Asked the mother
‘join any old age home’  was the sons’ reply.

House property papers in safe hands. A good friend of her late husband and Godfather of the daughter.

Mother now decides to leave everything to her daughter when she returns back.

Daughter returns but she is not interested in these types of worldly things for she is now married to God ( much to the surprise of her mother).  Then again, she decides to accept it and donate to her organisation which will use it as a SHELTER for those who needed most such as her own mother.
ASRO a tiatr by Charles Fernandes (Drama & Cultural Association, Sancoale) was the 19th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG). Staged on 24th Oct. 2011.

Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a Tiatr lover and a Goa Govt. Civil Services, Senior Officer Shri  Gurudas Pilankar
Mother/Daughter roles well played by Mariarita and Glacia Fernandes.
Sons being Seby and Bony and little one was Alysia.  Uncle Manu by Francis, Pandu Kankonnkar was Bento and the NRI wife by Joecy roles were  good too.  Supported by Camilo, Rocky & Mithun

There were about 12  good songs.

Remember seeing Joecy in the previous competition ‘Cheddeachem noxib Durga Kusik’ Very well sung brother/sister duet with Bony.
Also, remember seeing veteran Filip Pereira in the past competitions. This time he sang as a Xapai, Pai and Mama with Mesty, Pricy, Milburn, Royston, Neysa.

Besides, there were other singer like Jasba, Salome, John, Rio, Newton, Glacia etc

Glacia, d/o Playwright won  award for best Costumes design in the past competition

Band by Zacarius Lobo with Agnelo Lobo, Wilson Fernandes etc.
listen to the Band Intro added to the clip below
Some Stage Pic

Dying scene
Joecy and Bony
Little Alysia

with Glacia d/o of Playwright Charles Fernandes
With Newton (in dancing mood)
Metrila and Mesty
Francis & Bento

Pricy and Filipe Pereira

Mariarita, Sister Glacia and Camilo

Video 1

Sunday, October 23, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition ANIK EK NOVO DIS

by Antonio Manuel de Araujo
(Sao Gonsalo Dramatic Group, St. Cruz)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa /TAG.  Staged on 23rd Oct. 2011
Today's tiatr opened at the hands of a Tiatr Lover and the director of Physical Education, Fr. Agnelo College, Pilar Shri Agnelo Dias

Mother was very happy- Enjoying life under the peaceful nature.
Things changes when a Portuguese came into her life.

New life, new dresses and western culture.
Yet she is sad – Her children are not happy.
They feel they are the prisoners in their own home.

Mother wishes soon there may be a new beginning, setting everyone free.  Desperately, waiting for the new day..
Eventually, she sees the light of the day –
Happy once again but not for long.

She now feels dejected. What that was not happened in 450 years
is now happening in just 50 years.
Lot of destruction, hill cutting, deforestation, illegal mining, garbage, corruption etc etc

Mother hoping for another revolution, another liberation and eventually, leading to ANOTHER NEW DAY

ANIK EK NOVO DIS a tiatr by Antonio Manuel De Araujo
It’s a different tiatr but has very strong message to us all.

It’s a bit of a history lesson too. Includes Kings, war, dictatorship, conversions, abolishing of SATI system, revolution leading to liberation.  Thereafter, a bit of anti-merger movement, Dr. Jack de Sequeira, Bhau or Bauhu, abandoning of traditional profession, Goans leaving Goa, Portuguese Passport etc.
Are we really liberated?
I am sure we all know the answer

A story well presented on stage, lot of efforts, costumes, stage setting, lights etc
Tiatr may not go well with some for it did not have uncles, aunties, sisters, grannies or grand pas, cooks etc nor it had a comedy part that a traditional tiatr has.

As for me, I like it. A lot to learn from it.
Dolla Marcarenhas played  very well the role of Mother Goa. Damodar Kerkar also done very well as Portuguese dictator with lot of Portuguese speaking. King, Revolutionist and Dr.Sequeira role also well played by Samir Gadekar.  Portuguese Soldad by Manuel Gonsalves was good too.

Supported by Xetkar (Reginald Nazareth), Porker (Jose Gonsalves), Dhobi (Agnelo),  Render (Remeto Dias), Poder (Agusto Teles), Chamar (Anton Joao Fernandes), Kunbhi/Sati (Maria Mendes), Bhatcar (Ave), Montri /Bhau (Jayesh Bhagkar), Bhott (Nani Lourenco) etc.

There were about 14 songs
  Sung by Ave, Ranice, Valenie, Com. Brian, Peter-Roshan, Carmo-Carol-Babylon Rego, Alvito Araujo, Baba Cyder Dias, Steve Rodrigues, Manuel, Agusto, Reginald, Peter Barbosa, F araujo and Ignatius de Xelvona (Inacinho Marcus Selizardo)

Com. Brian (Chak de) and Peter-roshsan (Patriotic), Ave (onupkari), Ignatius (xinkop/voddekar) etc  were some of the best
The show was nearly houseful.

Band by Maestro Luis Cota and team –  Band’s ‘intro’ or Tocad will be added to Video 2

Watch this space.

Stage pics

Mother Goa
With Marathas
War with Portuguese
Ram Ram Satya ho
Traditional  Men’s dress code
Freedom won
Roshan singing patriotic
With Jack de Sequeira
Hoping for another new beginning

Video 1

Thursday, October 20, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - JIVITBHOR

by Salvador Afonso
(Sao Jose de Areal Two Cross Gymnasium Sports Club)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG.
Staged on 20th Oct. 2011

Daughter changes her boyfriends like her mother changes sarees  (on stage)  see pic.
And why shouldn’t she? Like mother like daughter.  Infact, her mother admitted that she changed 7 boyfriends before  marrying to her father.

So far, the daughter changed 4 and now with London based NRI.  She dumped her previous boyfriend not just because he was working as a clerk but also he is handicapped by one leg which he got fractured while saving her..
Brother who is 5 years younger to her tries to put in some sense into her and the mother but all in vein.

Whatever she does, she gets full backing from her mother.
Brother has a girlfriend, an orphan (who was deserted by her unwed mother at a lake side with a note explaining her position).  The girlfriend finds out one day and started questening her adopted father. Very upset thinking how her boyfriend would react once he finds out.  Infact, the boyfriend knew about it even before he fell in love with her some two years ago.  He is determined never to leave her  come what may.

At home, his mother and sister vowed never to accept her as daughter/sister in law.
Having no other choice,  the son decides to quit home but at this time mother agrees but with dirty mind. 
Mother-daughter started giving her all type of ill-treatment.  The girl bears everything all by herself.  Never tells or says anything thing to her husband.

Mother’s birthday celebrations. Mother-daughter duo suddenly started treating the girl as part of their family much to the surprise of the girl.  They even prepared her favourite ‘custard’.
The dish (custard) mixed with poison, thanks to the cook/uncle who suspected it just in time.

The NRI boyfriend now returning to UK, he never had any intention to marry his girlfriend. He dumped her. 
For the girl, this was too much to taken on, very upset and even collapsed/fainted at home.
  Dotor reveals, she is pregnant.  (another child will be born from  another unwed mother). The daughter goes mental (lost her mind).

Son pointing his finger to his mother ‘It’s all your fault, you never cared about others, you have hurt so many people. It’s time now to repent... something that you will have to put up with,  for life’

JIVITBHOR a tiatr written by Salvador Afonso.
Daughter, Son and his girlfriend roles well played by Nacia Afonso, Mindroy Carvalho and Natasha Saldanha.  Mother being Clara Dias.  Adopted father by Vincy Mascarenhas and the uncle/Cook by young Joe Simoes.

Daughter’s boyfriends roles played by the playwright himself Salvador Afonso and Domnic Fernandes.  Supported by, Trindade, Lavina and young Joesan & Sanyo
There were about 12 song.
All singers were also actors in the main drama
All stage actors names started with S – e.g. Tasha, Tristen, Tiofilo, Troy, Trever, Thomas, Tommy, Teodor, Telma etc

Many expected young Joesan/Sanyo (sons Nacia/Salvador) to sing at least one more song but their father (Playwright) sang the most including the cants (3 solos, 1 duet & 3 Cants).

Overall acting of  Nacia was the best taking into account both main drama and singing roles. She won awards in the past KA's competitions.  One of the interesting songs of her's this time was a solo on one late Shilpa Naik? working with Hilda Menezes? of Porvorim..

Young Natasha Saldanha (New face) from Cuelim, also done very well and she can be a fine actress one day. Good at both singing and acting

Young Mindroy Carvalho, also from Cuelim, who we often see as singer (even has his own VCD) also done very well as one of the  leading roles in the drama. He sang one song too.
Our veteran Clara Dias was at her best. She is till good at shouting or negative roles. We also see her in KA's competitons every year.
Also sang a duet and a trio this time.

Band by Manuel Noronha and his team -  Listen to their intro – added to the clip

Today's tiatr opened at the hands of a tiatr lover and a Civil Sevices Govt. Officer Shri Manuel Almeida

There is No Tiatr for tomorrow as the one scheduled for the day i.e. 21/10/11 is now postponed to Sunday the 23rd Oct.. Govt. programe always have priority over any other programes even if the hall is booked well in advance. In this case,  the hall is required for  Goa Tourism Mart starting from 21st Oct.  KA's tiatr competitions are also  Govt.  organised programes though.

Some stage pics

Playwright Salvador Afonso
Hero Heroine, both from Cuelim

Clara Dias - special (indian saree fashion show)

Girl with her adopted father
boyfriend-girlfriend but husband-wife in real life
at in-laws

Mindroy singing
out seven here, two are father-daughter and three are mother - sons in real life

Video 1 - Stage photo show with Band intro etc

Video 2 Garden/Love songs ans cants

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

37th tiatr Competition - HO UZO KEDNA PALOUTOLO?

By Selvin Fernandes
(St. Peter's Socio-Cultural Association, Siolim). 
37th tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa. Staged on 19th Oct. 2011

Although they were in love for two years, the Christian  boy was never serious about their relationship. The girl is Hindu coming from a lower middle class family.
He was using her, so he confessed.  He had to marry her due to pressure from both side of the parents as the girl was pregnant.  The boyfriend, now husband started ill-treating her with physical assaults. The father-in-law too treated her worst than a servant. The brother-in-law, who otherwise  remained neutral, thinking of taking advantage of the situation,  made unsuccessful sexual advances.

Although they come from a Landlord family background, the husband, supported by his father is now demanding a brand new car from his wife/in-laws. Typical dowry harassment.  He gives 2 months deadline.  The girl’s father and her brother would do anything for her even if they had to sell their agricultural land  and  mortgage their home.  Husband reminds her of the deadline where there were 10 day left.  On the last day of the deadline, the son goes out instructing his father to send her back home with bags and baggages if no car arrived by today.
The money or the car arrives just in time but who will drive the car?

The person who demanded it has just lost both his legs in an accident.

Haven’t we heard or read about Dowry harassment or dowry deaths?
In India, dowry related  problems are more and increasing day by day and that includes Goa. Rich and educated are the worst.
In last few months alone, there were about half a dozen dowry related deaths in Goa.

When this will stop?

HO UZO KEDNA PALOUTOLO?  Has highlighted the burning social issues in Goa such as dowry related .
Written by Selvin Fernandes (St. Peter’s socio-Cultural Association, Siolim)

The girl Surekha’s role well played by Flory Fernandes and I thought she was a Hindu girl for she sounded like one. Her father, although a young looking Bap’pa Milagres Carneiro., also done pretty well.   Followed by  boyfriend/husband Anthony Gonsalves, his father Cyril Remedious, brother Xavier D’Souza and the girl’s brother Simon Fernandes.

Typical Hindu household with Tulos or Tulsi in front and the father doing early morning puja by going around it deserve a special mention. A good set up.
There were about 15 songs sung by Anthony Gonsalves, Simon, Anthony Marcarenhas, Valanka, Valency, Domnic Lobo, Malaika, Godfrey Peixeto, Mariano Fernandes, Francis Silveira, Agnelo de Sta. Cruz, Anthony de Sta Cruz,  Johny, Forsu, Caetan and the playwright Selvin himself.

Comedy songs Mokekan and Randpinn ani Mest by Com. Forsu Fernandes and  Caetan Mascarenhas were my favourites - Watch video 2 below

There was also a song on novenas of Our Lady Perpetual Succor at Tivim sung by Francis Silveira.
Band by Mathias Mascarenhas with Agnelo Dias, Nixon, Antonio, Tony  and the young drummer Luis Mascarenhas.  Listen to their 2 intros ‘Zubi Zubi (3 idiots)'  and Konkani Jacint Vaz song (Nirmon) added to the video 1 clip, see below

Today, (19/10/11) tiatr opened at the hands of a lady member of the audience Smt. Santana Cunha
The three judges for this year's competition are:
Shantaram Pawar
Alvito Fernandes (Last year's winner)
Fr. Glen

Some stage pics

Anthony Gonsalves
Selvin Fernandes
Bapa, Milagres Carneiro
Domnic and Malaika Lobo
meet Xtra Large Forsu Fernandes
Bapa pleading to accept his daughter
Husbands demands new car
Husband lost his legs in an accident

Video 1  (Maduri Dixi from Agxi)

Video 2

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - TUMI AMKAM ZAI

Family with two sons. One is a Lawyer and the other is a Doctor in a hospital.
Doctor has bungalows and properties worth crores of rupees and where these money coming from?

Body organs removing and selling racket headed by the doctor himself.
With his power and money, the doctor thinks no can beat him, not even his own lawyer brother.

Well, his brother did try to file case against him (doctor) and the hospital for illegal body parts smuggling etc but his daughter was kidnapped not for monetary ransom but withdrawal of the case in exchange. Again, the doctor involved in kidnapping.
How long can the doctors carryon with such illegal activities?
Every dog has it’s day.  After carefully investigating the racket, the doctor's case is finally handed over to CBI with all the possible hard evidence gathered against him by none other than his very own father. But before CBI reaches him, the doctor uses the quickest available route to escape from this world.

Well, it’s not an easy task to expose & prosecute such rich and wealthy cheats (doctors in this case)
The family says ‘ to do anything like that or to weed out any such malpractices prevailing in the society there is an urgent need of  public support’ in other words, ‘we need you’

TUMI AMKAM  ZAI was the 15th Tiatr entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by TAG.  Staged on 18th Oct. 2011.
With this, we are now half away through the competition i.e. another 15 still to go.

The tiatr has a good message.
It also exposed some corrupt photojournalists - blackmailing women etc

Besides, it talked about greed, kidnapping, worshiping other gods, black magic etc
Sons roles well played by Mathew Marcarenhas and Jason Rodrigues, their wives being Magdalene Fernandes and Meena Fernandes. Parents being Agnelo d’souza nd Viena Cardozo and the little one by Eliza Cardozo.  Ragoba, the Balla or gaddi played by Deepak Mandrekar

Corrupt Photojournalist role very well played by Kalpesh Fondekar, remember seeing him last year’s competition too as Patrakar.
Comedy by Com Michael and Com. Jimmy

Tiatr had about 12 songs sung by Anil-Olga, Jr. Francis de Mandrem, Romaldo  Fernades, Terrence or Terrance de Arambol, Freddy.  Besides, Meena, Mathew, Jason, Viena, Com. Michael and Com. Jimmy also sang.

Alfred and Evarist sang a duo on the faithful dogs (8) which delayed their master’s (Philip Rodrigues) funeral by an hour, recently at Panjim. watch video below. Infact, this is the second song in the ongoing competition  on the same topic.
A song on Bl. Jose Vaz (Anil-Olga) was my favourite. audio part added to the Video clip.

Band by Piety Fernandes and his team.  Band's intro also added to the clip - playing 1966 ' Oh, dance, dance, dance to my ten guitars..'

  Tiatr written by Joaquim Faleiro (Bhusan Sanskrutik  Sangh, Morjim, Goa).
Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of  a Goa state award winner for Drama (1982) and a regular member of the audience Dr. Gerry Rodricks (see pic)

Some stage pics

Jason Rodrigues
Gaddi mama

duo on Panjim Faithful dogs

anil – Olga
Kapesh Fondekar as photo journalist

Jr. Francis de Mandrem

 Video 1

Video 2

Monday, October 17, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - RAUTOLO

Gharant magnnem nam, Dev nam ou Gharant Teors nam, Saibinn nam, zalear oslea gharant zerul Sointan RAUTOLO
It’s all about God and Satan. Infact, both aspects are the main parts of the story.

2 Devils shown busy with their mission (obeying their master’s commands) 
It also talked about greed, religion,  non-believers, devil/Satan, possession, temptation, black magic etc

After the death of his wife, the God fearing husband suddenly started welcoming Satan by driving away God from his home (Priests, Our Lady, Olotor etc)

If not God then Devil will RESIDE in your home

RAUTOLO was the 14th entry of the 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG).

The tiatr written by Basilio Carvalho (Basilio Art & cultural Association, Siolim). Staged on 17th Oct. 2011. 
Today’s tiatr was opened at the hands of a member of the audience (one of the regulars) Mr. Godfrey Rodrigues

Band by Vitorino Araujo  and his team.  Listen to the INTRO added to the clip - Stage photos
Father-son roles well played by Alister Miranda and Playwright Basilio Carvalho, mother being Melisa (Carmin Simoes).

Besides, next door family Sinfrosa (Precilla Fernandes) her husband  being Ashley (Marcos Fernandes)  and daughter Anuska (Alida Fernandes).
  Non-goan Character Kumar (Vincent Britto), Xannapa (Anthony D’Souza) and Xanti (Catherine Carvalho).  Priest being Xavier Fernandes and the two Deuchar or Devils Terrence D’Souza and Tyson Fernandes

There were about 11 songs.

Songs by Peter Fernandes or Peter de Arambol  (Soro), Alricha Fernandes (Dudvank lagon), Basilio (comedy solo)  etc were some of the best.
Domingos Fernandes, Francis Fernandes, Jerry Britto, John D’Souza, Marcos Fernandes, Marjorie Fernandes, Karen Martins etc also sung well

Secnes of Home blessing (Beziment after Easter),   Saibinn or Our Lady  (visiting house to house, see pic), and a special Podd’ddo with a giant church  (Complex) on it (see pic) were some of the peculiarities of the tiatr which go well with the story.

Here are some pics
Solo singing – Peter Fernandes
Family, neighours with Saibinn (our Lady)
The sick, the priest and the Church
With police, priest etc

Their Master’s voice once asked the devils on earth ‘how many times I should forgive you?’The two Devils replied ‘ Seventy time seven’ to which their master said ‘there is no such thing in his kingdom’.  Again, their Master said to them ‘I can watch your activities on earth on my CCTV’
Audience burst into laughter


Friday, October 14, 2011

New VCDs for October 2011

 VCD No. 391
THANK YOU KUWAIT by Rosary Ferns
Queeny Productions
Last Vidoe song Album by Rosary Ferns
Rs.100                  Oct/2011

VCD No. 392
With Aplon, com. Slevy, Joana, Quenny, anil Kumar,
Jaju, Franky Gonsalves, Pradeep Naik, Newton,
Prakash Marathe, Ben evvangelisto, Luis Bachaan etc
Rs.150                 Oct/2011

VCD No. 393
ONOPKARI by Bobet de Quepem
With Fatima, Dolla, Joslyn Delton, Jr. Reagan, Abigali,
Baba Fenoy, Jashmira, Ashwini, Sarita, Digambar, Raggio,
Sylvester, Com. Richard, Com. Jalu, Com. Rodney,
Mario, Bobet de Quepem etc
Rs.150                    Oct/2011

VCD No 394
By Constantinho Crasto
Tiatr VCD
With Rosary Ferns, Marcus Vaz, Com. Natto, Aston, Com. Janet,
Com. Selvy, Shanaya, Bhuska, Dolla, Anil Pednekar, Filip Almeida,
Tari, Pascoal Road, Oswy viegas, Rons etc
Rs.200       Oct/2011

VCD No: 395
DESSAK BHETOI by Dy.SP Sammy Tavares
With Sammy Taveres, Sonia Shirshat, Jessica, Lawry, Aniceto,
Roma, Xavier Gomes, Anthony San, Com Luis Bachaan,
Antonette de Calangute, Com. Joana, Com. Jesus,
Mathew Araujo, etc
Rs.150                    Oct/2011

VCD No. 396
108   by Com. Ambe
With Com. Ambe, Com. Selvy, Com. Aurelio, Com. Janet,
Com. Dias, Philip Almeida etc
Rs.150                         Oct/ 2011

VCD No. 397
BHOGNNAR by Com. John D’Silva
With Com. John D’Silva, Christ, Benhur, Com. Natto,
Joe, Peter de Pedda, Jonas, Aniket, Nishad etc
Rs.150                           Oct/ 2011

 VCD No. 398
MOG ASUNDHI by Salvador Afons
With Nacia, Joesan, Natasha Saldanha, Salvador Afonso,
Sanyo, Victor etc
Rs.150                         Oct-Nov/2011

Complete list of VCDs produced so far  (Since 2003)