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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - TEAG

 This young God fearing mother’s life is full of sacrifices.
She  has two daughters and a handicapped  son.
Youngest one is about 18 months old. Husband works for a private firm and sometimes comes home drunk yet this family was a happy family.

One day, the mother finds out from her doctor  that she is dying  and that too very soon.
Husband was the only hope to take care of the kids once she is gone.

Very upset with his wife illness,  while going to a pharmacy to buy some medicines to her,  meets with an accident and dies on the spot. 
What’s going to happen to my kids now? Exclaimed the mother

What options does she have now other than giving her kids for adoption while she is still alive?
TEAG is written by Derrick D'Mello (Penha de France Art &
Socio-Cultural Academy) was the  24th entry in the 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (supported by TAG).
Staged on 1st Nov. 2011

Todays tiatr opened at the hands of  a tiatr lover and Ex. Govt Servant / Dy. Director etc Shri. Manuel Almeida
This tiatr could win many awards including child category, stage setting, script/lyrics etc

Everyone played their roles well.
The scene where the little one was taken for adoption made almost eveybody’s eyes wet including Company directors or Chairmen in the audience - Me included.

Beautiful stage setting with the statue of Our Lady of Penha de France with a Crocodile at Her feet will definitely score max. marks see pic.  There was also a Cemetery scene in the end which also deserve full marks.
Young Shanaya Pereira and little Cameron Fernandes done pretty well both in acting and singing including Cant singing. The mother Sabina Fernandes could even win top prize for best female acting.

The youngest one was Baby Valanka Dias also scored lot of public applause.
Father being Domnic Araujo and the village priest Derrick D’Mello  acting being natural or traditional.

Supported by Jovi Braganza, Joaquim, Agnelo Pereira, Conny, Mario, Judy, Jason, Velon and Wencesl
Well balanced comedy by Pasku –Leslie D’Souza and Claudin –Steffi Pereira

The tiatr had  about 11-12 song.
Sung  by Steffi Pereira,  Joana and Judy Braganza, Shenaya Pereira, Deliala Fernandes, Joaquim S Marques, Cameron Fernandes, Conny Pereira,  jack D’Souza etc.

There was one song praising Kala Academy and Tiatr Academy
Another song Trio ‘Sopon’ where the deceased sings from  heaven (sky/clouds ) in response to his wife/daughter - beautiful scene – see pic

The tiatr was housefull a day in advance. About 400-450 tickets were taken in bulk by the organisers/supported/neighbours.

Many tiatr personalities spotted including almost entire Britona Dramtic Academy

Tiatr finished just on time  i.e. 10pm, looks like one song dropped for want of time.
  Band by Pitush (Francisco  X Azavedo) with Roy Menezes (Sax) , Sammy Braganza (Trobone, Johny Araujo (Keyboard), Tony Fernandes (Base) and  John Fernandes on Drums - Listen to the Intro /Tocad added to the video clip2 below

Stage Pics 

Our Lady of Penha de France
Priest from Penha de France

mother with her youngest daughter


Voices from the heaven / sky

Pasku and Claudin

Patient and Nurse

Family in grief – Lost their father

AMFT – or cemetery

Video 1

Video 2

in GT

Video 3  (Songs)

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