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Friday, August 30, 2013

Dabolim vo Mopa Ho Lok Sangtolo by Tony Dias

Dabolim vo Mopa
Ho Lok Sangtolo
by Tony Dias
Panjim Goa 30th August, 2013

Parrikar as Chief Guest

(video see below, complete speech 7.5 mins)

Parrikar in his speech says:

- Tiatrists criticise everyone including me but I  have no problem with it
- I have nothing to do with the recent Tiatrist (Francis de Tuem) arrest case
When I don’t take any action for criticising me, why would I take action on those criticising others?
- When in Public stage / forum, one should be ready for any scrutiny
I was booked or probed by CBI twice (IFFI related scam)
- It pains when some call you a thief when you are not (a thief).
- I take lot of consultation with the people and once decided that may be right of wrong, I ensure that decision is carried through. 
- My UK / Germany tour was not at the cost of State
- My full Support to Tiatr without any reservation
- Goenkars are all over the world
Where there are Goans, there will be Tiatr.

With Com Ambe

With Tony Dias

Tiatr Part I
Cameron, Muriel, Jain

Janet, Agostine, Sally

Model Sonali with red umbrella

 Cross Maidan, Bombay
Holy Cross Shrine, Dhobitalao

A short video on Cross Maidan Shrine in 2008
a pic

 Ambe and Agostine on TV

KTC inter-state bus stand
Jolly, Neeta, Mahakali, Paulo, Go Goa, Ksrtc, Volvo
Margao Goa

 Bus accident site scene

Part II
Fr. Eremito Rebello

With Janet, Ambe..

Trindade with David D’Costa

Agostine in night dress

Alina Saldanha, Aplon etc

Sally and Matanhy

Bullet hit his groin and lost the important part making him impotent

 Ravi Naik
Manohar Bhingi

Jessica and Filu (Director’s wife)

Xavier Gomes

Benny de Aldona and Ben Evangelisto

Sylvester Vaz, David, Jessica, Filu
Agostine Jessica etc

Saby de Divar called back 4 times

Poixe Poixe Marcus Vaz

Part  I & II

Video: 1  Chief Guest CM Parrikar Speaking

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pap Tujem Prachit Mhojem by Prince Jacob

Looks like I watched Prince Jacob Tiatr after 3 years.
my data base / records show pics of  Tiatr 'Kedna Utt'ttolo ?"  of  Aug. 2010 with Hema Sardesai

Pap Tujem Prachit Mhojem by Prince Jacob
Panjim Kala Academy,
26th August, 2013

Some Stage pics
(I missed the first Part)

Differently abled person / autistic / autism
actress Sonia

Willie, Semenca and Mithun Mahambrey

Mithun -  Willie

Annie Quadros and Semenca Rebelo


With Jacinto Gracias as Gandhi

 annie quadros

 Mithun and Ignatius de Xelvon

willie and cajetan de curtorim

Prince Jacob, Humbert and


Willie –Semenca

with Mithun, Ignatius, Humbert..

Jacob’s rising tie

the Court Room with Jugde Diana


judge Ubaldina Fernandes


Thursday, August 22, 2013

HELLO UNCLE by Tomazinho Cardozo

Hello Uncle, send us some more money (so that we can spend  lavishly at your cost)
One lie begets another
Living on Lying, Deceit, Falsehood, Dishonesty, Faking etc
And that's the Tiatr is all about.
'Stop depending on others' is the message.

Hello Uncle by Tomazinho Cardozo
staged at Margao GVN 21st Aug. 2013

A sort of different style Tiatr but a complete entertainer.
Role well played by all (award winning artistes, Kala Mogi, Candolim)
We had a good laugh throughout.

On the Cantaram side, some professionals are engaged viz.
Joe Rose, Wilson - Sharon (Wilmix).
Kingfisher voice of Goa Akash also singing.

More pics added.. (of the second half)

Ok, here are some stage pics

Sharon Mazarello

Akash Telgu

Energetic Edwin Fernandes

Edwin – Jocelyne – Selza Lopes

Irene Cardozo from London

 Political trio: Tomazinho – Larisa – Joe Rose
Aam Aadmi - Shushma Swaraj - Manmohan Singh

 Duet: Joao Cardozo, Maria Cardozo

 Irene and Anthony Carvalho
Uncle & Aunty

Irene, Assis, Anthony, Mathias Mascarenhas

 with Joycelyne on the floor

Wilson (Wilmix) Sharon - 3 songs with repeat duets


Mathias Mascarenhas, Jocelyn Misquita, Edwin Fernandes and Dyneshwar Morajkar
in a fake wedding with fake priest

With Selza Lopes

More pics added 23rd Aug

shock treatment

 a letter to God, address needed

Temptation at Police station
or Sex scandal at Police Station?

 a foreigner (Indian made)

the entire cast
Tukaram Naik, Larisa Fernandes, Irene Cardozo, Anthony Carvalho, Shivanand Naik, Dyneshwar Morajkar, Jocelyn Misquita, Edwin Fernandes, Assis Cardozo, Mathias Mascarenhas and Selza Lopes

Tomazinho Cardozo and Kala Mogi, Candolim
 Tomazinho Cardozo, the first President of Tiatr Acadeny of Goa, as Tiatr director has bagged
the best director award 12 times and  11 times as best script writer awards.
Kala Mogi Candolim is a dramatic troupe headed by Tomazinho Cardozo which has made lot of efforts to improve the quality of tiatrs during the last 34 years through the yearly competitions organised by Kala Academy Goa
These artistes are award winning artistes of Kala Academy in numerous tiatrs that Kala Mogi Candolim has staged in the yearly tiatr festivals etc
Kala Mogi Candolim has won  atleast 12 times 1st prize for best performances,
4 times 2nd prize and 5 times 3rd prize for best performance.
This is for the first time that Tomazinho Cardozo and his dramatic troupe is presenting a tiatr
 ‘Hello Uncle’ on commercial basis.

Video - Trailer

Monday, August 5, 2013

State Cultural Awards to Cyriaco, Ophelia, Premanand, Lucian Dias ...

Goa State Cultural Awards 2010 -11 & 2011-12
 Presented at the hands of noted Bollywood Actor Shri Anupam Kher at Institute Menezes Braganza Hall 4.8.2013
Directorate of Art & Culture, Govt. of Goa
The hall was packed to the capacity, about 150 people seen standing in the corridors etc
Minister Dayanand Mandrekar, Art & Culture Director Prasad Lolienkar and Secretary  F O FAshmi were the dignitaries on the dias along with the chief Guest Anupam Kher.

 Cyriaco Dias

Ophelia Cabral e D’souza


w/o Luciano Dias

Premanand Sangodkar

Agnelo Dias

 Luis Santorinho Cota

Braz Gonsalves

Anupam Kher

 Prasad Lolienkar and Dayanand Mandrekar
Director art & Culture Prasad Lolienkar, Anupam Kher, Minister Dayanand Mandrekar
and F O Fashmi (Secretary)


Some awardees seen seated in the front rows
Also Tomazinho Cardozo, Irene, Pundulik Naik, Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas, Cyriaco Dias,
 Luis Cota, Ophelia Cabral, w/o Luciano Dias, Agnelo Dias, Premanand Songodkar,
 Braz Gonsalves, etc


Stage set-up

 Institute Menezes Braganza hall building– Entrance

Video 1 : Anupam Kher speaking

Video 2 Cyriaco Dias

Video 3 Ophelia Cabral

Video 4 Agnelo Dias

Video 5 Premanand Sangodkar

Video 6

Video 7

Tiatr and Tiatr Musicians State awards so far..

Jacinto Vaz

No Tiatr Award

No Tiatr Awards

No Tiatr Awards

No Tiatr Awards

M Boyer (Manuel Santan Aguiar)

No Tiatr Awards

No Tiatr Awards

1987/88 & 1988/89
No awards to any one

Allen Costa (Alexinho Costa)

No awards to anyone

Remie Colaco
Joaosinho S Carvalha (Music)

John Claro Fernandes

Carmo V Mascarenhas

H Britton (Hermengilo Camilo)

Jose Lawrence Vaz (Master Vaz)

1997/98, 1998/99
No awards given to anyone

C D Silva (Pedro C D Silva)
Rico Rod

Alegre Antao (Star of Arossim )
Abdonio Rodrigues (Music)

No awards to any one

Alfred Rose (Posthumous)

Antonio Inacio D’Souza (Trio King)

Josinho d’Souza (Music)

Antonio Fernandes alias (Tony sax)
Antonio Moraes (Music /Folk Art?)

Jessie Dias (Maria C Cardozo)
Patrick Dourado
Agostinho Costa (music) Agust de Ponchwadi
Vitorin Pereira (Folk Art - Khell)

Sabina (Eusebia Feleciana Pereira)
Connie M (music)
Ligorio Fernandes (Folk Art, Khell )

Vincent F Fernandes (Xeza Pai)
Carlito Fernandes (Music)
Platilda (Maria Platilda Afonso e Dias)
Caridade F Fernandes alias Babush  (Music)

Tita Preto (Titta Preto)

Luis S Cotta (Music)
Cyriaco Dias
Ophelia Cabral e D’souza

Agnelo Dias (Music)
Premanand Sangodkar
Luciano Dias

2012-13 (Awards to be presented on 20th Feb 2014)
Wilson Mazarello (Wilmix)
Anil Kumar
Marcelin de Betim

Antonette Mendes
Jusephina (Jusefin) Dias
Lawrence de Tiracol
Jess Dias

2014-2015 Award money enhanced to Rs. 1 lac each
Rita Rose
Joe Rose

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Luciano Dias - Last Journey

01.04.1933 - 01.08.2013

Luciano Dias
Brother of Late Aristides Dias
Both known for decent singing- Solo, duos etc,
Their songs with moral and social messages.
Luciano died on 1st Aug. 2013 and laid to rest on 3rd Aug 4.30pm.

Lucian was also  to receive Goa State Cultural award on 4th Aug 2013.
At least he was aware of it as the names of awardees were announced 7 months ago.

RIP Lucian Dias
Some funeral Pics

At home for the last time
With Family – Wife, Son etc

Leaving home for the last time

Mass at Our Lady of Livramento Chapel, Arlem


A view from Top


Out of the Chapel
Tiatrists carrying the coffin

Entering the Cemetery – Family members, Tiatrists etc
Wife Son etc


Laying to Rest - Grave

Cemetery view


Tiatrist spotted are:
C D Silva
Tomazinho Cardozo
Irene Cadozo
Anil Kumar
Rocky Dias
Prince Jacob
A Ferns
Patrick Dourado
Cyriaco Dias
Jessie Dias
Lawry Travasso
John Claro
Anthony San
Wilson (Wilmix)
Cony M

Luizinho Faleiro – Ex Chief Minister
Reginald Lourenco –Local MLA
Eduardo Faleiro - Ex NRI Commissioner

Video - Lucian Dias, the last Journey

Lucian singing LIVE  Last year - one of his oldest song dedicated to fathers.
Second Duo song joined by C D Silva and a member of Dias family

Some pics
Lucian Dias March 2012

with C D Silva, Adrian Dias 2012 March

Video singing at TAG conference hall

with award in 2009

with Shalini etc

May 2013, he and others were felicitated  during Francis de Tuem
Golden Jubilee show