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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

37th tiatr Competition - TOCH PAUS

When one finds out from his doctor that he is dying soon, what choice does he have now?
1. Keep the secret to himself and enjoy the remaining part of  his life to the fullest
2. Tell everyone about it and expect pity or a  ‘sorry’ look from friends and family etc
3. Remain indoors or Commit suicide

This aged father chosen No. 1 as above - to live and enjoy remaining  days of his life the way he always wanted, a rather unusual way – Going back to the past or go back to his childhood (for he lost his own due to poverty).  
Fun, pranks etc did not go well with the family. In fact,  this is the perfect opportunity  or an excuse to the daughter-in-law to send him to an old age home, she  even frames him for something (another prank) he never did.
‘Aged parents, treat them with care’ was the message this tiatr tries to give us all.
Tiatr ‘TOUCH PAUS’ written by Cyril Almeida
(United Dramatic Association, Carambolim, Goa)
Was the third entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG).  Staged on 13th Sept. 2011

Today's tiatr opened at the hands of Cezer D'Mello (MIL-MEL-NEL)

It’s an unusual presentation with clear message.
The role of grandfather, father and mother well played by Giri Zalmi, Shubert Rodrigues and Annie Fernandes.
It had about 13 songs including solos, duets, duo, trio and quartet.
Opening chorus by playwright Cyril Almeida was meaningful and well sung.  Beside, his daughter Claniffa, Robert de Calvim, Annie, Seby, Agusto de Calangute etc  also sung well.
Seby's song indian gantti watch below -
Child artistes too did well but most needed more practice and guidance as there were several FLs and  OB/OVs
Child singers were - Alina, Juenila, Sweden Pedroso,  Salu Santos,
Roy Mendonca, Sybil Fernandes, Claniffa, Clarissa etc
Other supporting actors were Clarrisa Almeida (grand daugter), Vinod Khumbharjuemkar (Cook/Comedian), Alton D’Souza, Nitin Veluskar as drunkard done very well and Inez Fernades etc

Band by Agnelo and Zakarias Lobo etc. Their entire opening ‘tocado’ is added to the video clip
Photo show only

Satage pics

Benny and Albert
Nitin and Giri
Shubert, Vinod Khumbarjuemkar, Annie, Clarissa and Giri Zalmi
Sweden and Salu
Agostin, Roy, Robert and Annie
Giri, Ashok Raut, Vinod, Inez, Nitin, Clarissa
Annie, Giri & Schubert

Video 1  (Photo show)

Video 2

video 2 link

Video 3 - Indian Ghantti  

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  1. I like the script mentioned above....although i like the acting of Clarrisa and songs by Claniffa both the daughter of Cyril Almeida....
    Its Too good....

    Beside that the Child artists were superb

    I wish them all the good luck to their future and a future to the konkani Stage..

    Good bless them all