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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition - NANV by Jose Fernandes, Majorda

by Jose Fernandes
Majordechim Noketram, Majorda
39th Tiatr competition by Kala Academy of Goa
(supported by Tiatr Academy) staged on 1st Oct. 2013

Stage pics

Another good Tiatr with good songs
Typical village life of a BPL family hut etc beautifully depicted on stage - deserve full marks.
I have personally seen such households, still exist in rural Goa.

Mother's role by Joliba (w/o Playwright) was good.
Jerson as loafer and then tragedy role was good.
Cedric (First time I watched him) singing / voice good, he can be a fine singer / actor.
But the two lawyers comedy song acting was over the top by one  of the  lawyers.
My favourite song was the Trio 'Ankvar mana' by Joe Frank, Myra and Manuel.
Amacino Pererira (a senior Citizen like me) also sang very well a song on 'Bolatkar' and receive huge public applause.
Comedy as per the tiatr flyer supposed to be 'like never before' but that was not the case.
Band was good but background music sometimes was too loud. The separate sound box/speaker on the stage could be the reason. It was a bit of obstruction too blocking clear view of the audience.

Overall, the tiatr is good and one of the top tiatr so far.

Duration about 2hrs 10 mins  (excluding interval break 17mins) with 12 songs
Started 7pm ended 9.27pm.

Stage pics

 Village life / Scene

Outdoor washroom / bathroom etc (not toilet)
 Playwright Jose Fernandes in abv pic (also seen in last pic below)

 Hut with a mirror in infront.

 Kell, Kelli-ghello, Popai, Kovato, Razu, Kunn’nnem, Buddkulo, etc

 Kell missing ( after some months)


Jerson, Elaine, Jolibia and Cedric

 Jerson / Cedric

 Amacino Pereira

the Band:
With Wilbur, Tenvill, Sheldon, Chris, Francis ..


The little ones


Jerson, Joliba, Francisco

Jerson / Elaine

Joliba and Jerson

 Jerson, Cedric and Elaine

 Pascoal Rodrigues

 Milagres, Jerson, Joliba

With Playwright Jose Fernandes

Video: Tiatr Clips

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