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Thursday, September 22, 2011

37th tiatr Competition - GOA.. GOING.. GONE

Video 1

Goa.. Going.. Gone?

It’s nothing but the present day Goa’s  ‘talk of the town’
Be it at home, ‘Bolcanv’,  pubs, ‘tintto’ or ‘Baimkodde’ (well) etc we all talk about it, don’t we?

Craze for Westernisation – Walk English, talk English and even sleep English –That’s all it is!
e.g. Cheddo, Sun,  bhurgim Konkani uloun gharantlim bhair sortat punn eka vorsan ‘Svindon’ son porot etanam Inglez uloun gharant bhitor sortat

yeta, yeta nettan yeta re
Western culture yeta re
Veta, veta, lotton veta re
Goemkarponn veta re



Goa..Going.. Gone..?  tiatr by Tomazinho Cardozo (President of Tiatr Academy of Goa/TAG) was the 6th presentation in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG) staged on  21st Sept. 2011.

Today’s tiatr  thrown opened at the hands of well known tiatrist and DKA president Premamnand Lotlikar (Also Tiatr advisory Committe member, KA).

Well, although the tiatr is like an old wine in a new bottle (somehow, I remember watching it about 3-4 years ago), it seems the houseful audience has well accepted the tiatr. I only speak from the audience feedback be it laughter or thunderous applause.

Every times Irene Cardozo delivers her ‘red English’ dialogues the audience simply burst into laughter. Some extra dialogues (off script?) spotted, perhaps, it’s a slip of the tongue

Anthony Carvalho (as Husband), Shivanand Naik (Son), Jocelyn Misquita did well too, I also like the dancing part of the bro/sis.

Tukaram Naik (Venkataraman), Shivram  Achrekar (Migrant ‘Poder’) and  Dyananeshwar Morajkar (Migrant ‘Nustekar’)  and Sheik Amir at their best.

Joy Fernandes and Selza Lopes had a role in the end as brother and wife
Maria's  role as 'jinga Mami' or 'ghanttin' or Lamani was good so also little Josepha as Jr. Jinga Mami.

All 13 songs were rendered very well. My favourite being the opening Chorus by Joao-Eugene-Tomazin,  Mathias Macarenhas as Bebdo,  Trio on Eduation Policy, Maria Cardozo as Tom Boy, Mario-Joao duet and political quartet by Eugene-Maria-Tomazin-Mathias

However, JoeGoaUk’s best child singer goes to little Lyne Fernandes (the youngest) who has sung with much confidence  like a  professional cantorist.

Other good singers were Vhorty Sequeira, Violet D’Souza, Stacy Misquita, Josepha D’Souza, Lumena Sequeira.

India Against Corruption with Anna-ji on stage - A chorol song well presented a goup of 8 youngsters with Sheik Amir as Anna.

However, when Eugene singing his solo, there appears to be some minor or unnoticed problems of FLs, I could be wrong on this

Band by Luis Cota and his group (listen to the tracks in the Video2 background)

Overall, the audience seems to be happy with the performance
How the 3 judges take it, only the November 11 will reveal.

 As said, the tiatr was houseful.  Also understand, the organiser or the villagers bought about 150 tickets in bulk.
Plenty of tiatrists spotted, prominent amongst them Prince Jacob, Minin de Bandar, Socoro de Sta. Cruz etc etc

Some stage pics:

All Cardozo


The youngest Cantorist

vote for Undir, Inchu or Kolo
Education policy
Sr. & Jr. Lamani

 Vote for Zompdi

Anna, tujea bhogor amkam konn na

Video 2 (Photo show with Band playing in the background)

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