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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - KORTUBAMCHO GULAM


‘Everything that happens to you is a result of your own actions’
In other words ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’

..and the tiatr ‘KORTUBAMCHO GULAM’ is all about that.
It also talked about Child abduction, organised begging etc

Tiatr written by Eusico Fernandes (Sao Minguel Club, Dona Paula)  was the 8th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (supported by Tiatr Academy/TAG).
Staged on 26th Sept. 2011. 

Today’s tiatr thrown open at the hands of a member of the audience (one of the Regulars) Mr. Marshall Fernandes.

Well, the tiatr opens with beautiful Dona Paula Jetty (evening scene) with two at the lovers’ point.
The tiatr is full of suspense which kept people guessing till the end.

While we found out who is the boys’ mother (as correctly guessed by many), it was also revealed that their father who brought them up from the very tender age, was not their biological father. And who is the leader of the child abductors’ gang? It’s none other than  Rylan’s ‘Sasupai’
Two bothers role played by Creto D’Costa (Rylan) and Aldair Figueiredo (Austin).

Boys father (or Titiv) was Joaquim Almeida where as the elder brother girlfriend was Valancia Nunes (Sonia) and her father Gregory Fernandes ( as Allen).
Younger brother’s girlfriend was Dorine Fernandes (Carol).
Joaquim Monteiro as a member of the organised gang and the two little ones Felix Barbosa and Senozel  Rebeiro as beggars / Victims.

The playwright Eusico Fernandes was the Inspector in the end.
Also supported by Teotonio Pereira .

Comedy provided by the younger brother Aldair.
Tiatr had about 13 songs, of which I liked the one sung by Agnelo Vaz, duet by Agnelo and Rosalia Rodrigues, Comedy duet by Nicria Rodrigues and Gloan Pednekar and solo by Prof. Cosma Fernandes. Other good singers were Lezlie Pereira, Senozel Rebeiro, Manuel Estrocio, Custodrio, Joaquim, Gregory  etc

Have noted that  at least two songs were repeated  here from previous  tiatr Competition say in 2009.
Band by Vitorin Araujo and his group (Tocad added to the clip photo show in the end)
Tiatr was good,  better than the  Cantaram Part

Here are some stage pics

Dona Paula Jetty
Child abduction/organised begging
All family members

Cosma Fernandes


with Police

Vidoe link

in GT

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