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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tiatr Tiatr Tiatr - New Season New Tiatr - Sept/Oct 2012


New Season new Tiatr
Over 18+30 new Tiatr during Sept/Oct 2012

see it bigger here

PURO ANIK LONDON NAKA - Released on Independence Day
by Anthony Sylvester after Tum Londonkar vo Goemkar I & II

After Sanklleo John D' Silva Comes with RANVOTTI releasing 26th Oct.

Whereas Minin de Bandar coming with TUMCHINCH BHURGUIM in mid Oct. his current tiatr is Kristanv

Pascoal Rod's 51st production will be MATCH FIXING after Pai Tuzo Upkari Hanv

Com Agostin’s HOI ani NAM in Sept. In UK & Goa after his Dotor

Oldrin’s  TSUNAMI in September, his prev production was 'Kupam Nastana Paus.'

Maxcy Pereira new tiatr is EK MINUT and his prev. tiatr was Pirai

Mario Menezes new tiatr releasing on 27th Oct HI VATT KHUIM VETA his current tiatr is Padri Mogan Poddla

Com Domnic after Mog Mogan Jiye, coming with ZOIM PRITIMOG VOSTA releasing end OCT

Anil Olga HO MOG, VO VOKHOD on 27th Oct. after Uzvadd Naslolo Dis

Peter-Roshan KALIM KUPAM DOVO PAUS after Hancher ani visvas asa?

After Aramachem Ghor, Milagres de Chandor comes with TUM RODDTOLO
Prince Jacob AMCHEA GHARANT TIATR after Dusmanak Pasun Nirminaka

After 'Vhoir Marlolo Fator', Roseferns 75th production would be WAITER releasing Mid Oct.

Others: New
A.M Pacheco to release non-stop show 'NAM TEM NAM'
Domnic Carvalho to release 'TUJEA NANVAM KHATIR' in oct.
Sheikh Amir releasing in Oct. his new style Tiatr BAI JUAN
Jr. Reagan's new Tiatr 'TEDDY BEAR' releasing on 17th October

Plus there are 30 more new tiatr in the forthcoming KA's 38th Tiatr Competition starting from 24th Sept and ends on 12th November

see program schedule here for larger view

Others: Still going strong..
Tum Asli Zalier ( Jack Rodson)
Aple Bhurgeam Sangatak (Dysp Sammy)
Ek Ghor Chear Vantte (Mariano)
Khori Kuxalkai (Com Ambe)
Maim Pai (Minin Mario)
etc etc


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