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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

38th Tiatr Competition 2012 - NOVI DIXA

Once the election is won by whatever means, MLA / Minister thinks his seat is firmed or secured for at least next 5 years and that they can do whatever they want including minting money etc by means of corruptions, U-turns etc
Jobs are sold to the highest bidder, Mining leases granted in exchange of crores of Rupees.

Activists turn politicians are no different, I mean, they too change colours e.g.
‘Zero tolerance to corruption’ becomes ‘Some tolerance to corruption is acceptable’’

We all know they are corrupt, corrupt to the core. We all know their involvement in criminal activities, illegal mining, money laundering, drugs, rapes, assaults etc
And yet, we see the same politicians back to power, elections after elections.

Why should we allow the same corrupt and criminal to contest again and again?
Why should we allow our MLAs & MPs  to continue knowingly they are non-performing, corrupt and involved in criminal activities?

Can’t we democratically get rid of such dirty elements for good?
Can’t we recall them the same way we elect them?

Well, there is a solution, a new way ‘NOVI DIXA’ if followed, it is possible to elect only the good and upright persons to represent us as MLAs & MPs.

Tomazinho Cardozo, suggests ways and means to reform the present electoral process
in his latest Tiatr NOVI DIXA (Kala Mogi, Candolim) at the ongoing 38th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (supported by TAG) staged on 30th Oct. 2012.

I believe, the new electoral reforms is the need of the hour to save our Goa, to save our Country.

 The  tiatr talks about the present dirty? electoral process and dirty politicians’ tactics including money distribution, muscle power, funding by mining giants, jobs sale etc.

Irene Cardozo, Joycelyn Misquita, Anthony Carvalho, Shivanand Naik, Sheik Amir were in the  lead roles supported by Selza Lopes, Simonia Cardozo, Maria, Edwin, Larissa, Assis etc

The tiatr had 13 songs and my favourite one was the duo sung by Eugenio and Sandra Cardozo. Besides, there were other singers like Mathias Mascrenhas, Edwin Fernandes, Luis Fernandes, Larissa Fernandes, Irene – Tomazinho Cardozo, Joao – Assis Cardozo, Joycelyn Misquita, Valentina Sequeira, Maria Cardozo etc.

 Band by Luis Cotta and his group

Some stage pics

Maria – Irene – Joycelyn

 Director – Tomazinho Cardozo

Funded by mining lobby – briefcase full of cash

Two loaded briefcases

New election commission of India – Tukaram Naik

 Voting in progress

Edwin Fernandes

Joao Cardozo

Mr and Mrs Tomazinho Cardozo

Minister with his PA and Daughter

 Luis Fernandes

 Eugenio and Sandra Cardozo

Party time

Video 1


Tiatr was houseful  two hours before the show

Judges for this year’s Tiatr competition are
Agostine D' Cruz
Fr. Nevil Gracias
Domnic D'Costa

22 down, 8 more to go as on 30/10/12
Last one being 12th Nov. 2012 (Started 24th Sept 2012). Last one will now be on 14th Nov
Results 13th November, Results will now be on 15th Nov. 2012
(One tiatr scheduled for 9th Nov is postponed to 14th Nov by KA)

Tiatr Schedule
Official / Revised schedule
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