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Thursday, October 20, 2011

37th tiatr Competition 2011 - JIVITBHOR

by Salvador Afonso
(Sao Jose de Areal Two Cross Gymnasium Sports Club)
37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy /TAG.
Staged on 20th Oct. 2011

Daughter changes her boyfriends like her mother changes sarees  (on stage)  see pic.
And why shouldn’t she? Like mother like daughter.  Infact, her mother admitted that she changed 7 boyfriends before  marrying to her father.

So far, the daughter changed 4 and now with London based NRI.  She dumped her previous boyfriend not just because he was working as a clerk but also he is handicapped by one leg which he got fractured while saving her..
Brother who is 5 years younger to her tries to put in some sense into her and the mother but all in vein.

Whatever she does, she gets full backing from her mother.
Brother has a girlfriend, an orphan (who was deserted by her unwed mother at a lake side with a note explaining her position).  The girlfriend finds out one day and started questening her adopted father. Very upset thinking how her boyfriend would react once he finds out.  Infact, the boyfriend knew about it even before he fell in love with her some two years ago.  He is determined never to leave her  come what may.

At home, his mother and sister vowed never to accept her as daughter/sister in law.
Having no other choice,  the son decides to quit home but at this time mother agrees but with dirty mind. 
Mother-daughter started giving her all type of ill-treatment.  The girl bears everything all by herself.  Never tells or says anything thing to her husband.

Mother’s birthday celebrations. Mother-daughter duo suddenly started treating the girl as part of their family much to the surprise of the girl.  They even prepared her favourite ‘custard’.
The dish (custard) mixed with poison, thanks to the cook/uncle who suspected it just in time.

The NRI boyfriend now returning to UK, he never had any intention to marry his girlfriend. He dumped her. 
For the girl, this was too much to taken on, very upset and even collapsed/fainted at home.
  Dotor reveals, she is pregnant.  (another child will be born from  another unwed mother). The daughter goes mental (lost her mind).

Son pointing his finger to his mother ‘It’s all your fault, you never cared about others, you have hurt so many people. It’s time now to repent... something that you will have to put up with,  for life’

JIVITBHOR a tiatr written by Salvador Afonso.
Daughter, Son and his girlfriend roles well played by Nacia Afonso, Mindroy Carvalho and Natasha Saldanha.  Mother being Clara Dias.  Adopted father by Vincy Mascarenhas and the uncle/Cook by young Joe Simoes.

Daughter’s boyfriends roles played by the playwright himself Salvador Afonso and Domnic Fernandes.  Supported by, Trindade, Lavina and young Joesan & Sanyo
There were about 12 song.
All singers were also actors in the main drama
All stage actors names started with S – e.g. Tasha, Tristen, Tiofilo, Troy, Trever, Thomas, Tommy, Teodor, Telma etc

Many expected young Joesan/Sanyo (sons Nacia/Salvador) to sing at least one more song but their father (Playwright) sang the most including the cants (3 solos, 1 duet & 3 Cants).

Overall acting of  Nacia was the best taking into account both main drama and singing roles. She won awards in the past KA's competitions.  One of the interesting songs of her's this time was a solo on one late Shilpa Naik? working with Hilda Menezes? of Porvorim..

Young Natasha Saldanha (New face) from Cuelim, also done very well and she can be a fine actress one day. Good at both singing and acting

Young Mindroy Carvalho, also from Cuelim, who we often see as singer (even has his own VCD) also done very well as one of the  leading roles in the drama. He sang one song too.
Our veteran Clara Dias was at her best. She is till good at shouting or negative roles. We also see her in KA's competitons every year.
Also sang a duet and a trio this time.

Band by Manuel Noronha and his team -  Listen to their intro – added to the clip

Today's tiatr opened at the hands of a tiatr lover and a Civil Sevices Govt. Officer Shri Manuel Almeida

There is No Tiatr for tomorrow as the one scheduled for the day i.e. 21/10/11 is now postponed to Sunday the 23rd Oct.. Govt. programe always have priority over any other programes even if the hall is booked well in advance. In this case,  the hall is required for  Goa Tourism Mart starting from 21st Oct.  KA's tiatr competitions are also  Govt.  organised programes though.

Some stage pics

Playwright Salvador Afonso
Hero Heroine, both from Cuelim

Clara Dias - special (indian saree fashion show)

Girl with her adopted father
boyfriend-girlfriend but husband-wife in real life
at in-laws

Mindroy singing
out seven here, two are father-daughter and three are mother - sons in real life

Video 1 - Stage photo show with Band intro etc

Video 2 Garden/Love songs ans cants

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