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Monday, October 24, 2011

37th Tiatr Competition 2011 - ASRO

Father dies leaving behind  his wife  and very young children - two sons and a daughter
Mother brought them up single handedly – gave them the best she could.
One son working in Pune and the other in Canada.

Back home mother, daughter and a grandchild (handicapped / Crippled daughter of the eldest son, who was left with the granny  since birth).  Both sons don’t want to know about their mother and sister, never even phone.. One of them even got married and mother didn't know about it. At the time of daughter’s wedding they were informed but none replied back.  Marriage cancelled, mother could not afford it. Daughter decides never to marry and leaves home to work in Bangalore.

Both sons come home with a mission.  To sell their  ancestor’s house.  Strikes a deal with the builder – They get two double bed flats and one single bed and Rs. 25 lacs cash. Everything worked out -They keep double bed each and single bed for Mother/Daughter.

But where are the property papers?

They found out the property already been mortgaged by their mother to pay for the second son’s  job on ship and then to send him to Canada – loan to the tune of Rs. 6 lacs + the interest.

Plans now changed. Lost interest in the property for they don’t want to pay the loan.

Both are now leaving home never to come back again.  Elder son now takes his daughter with him too after 8 years living with her granny,  for his wife will never be able to conceive a child again.

When mother asked about the loan, they said they can’t afford it and suggested to sell the house.

And what about me? Asked the mother
‘join any old age home’  was the sons’ reply.

House property papers in safe hands. A good friend of her late husband and Godfather of the daughter.

Mother now decides to leave everything to her daughter when she returns back.

Daughter returns but she is not interested in these types of worldly things for she is now married to God ( much to the surprise of her mother).  Then again, she decides to accept it and donate to her organisation which will use it as a SHELTER for those who needed most such as her own mother.
ASRO a tiatr by Charles Fernandes (Drama & Cultural Association, Sancoale) was the 19th entry in the ongoing 37th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa and supported by Tiatr Academy (TAG). Staged on 24th Oct. 2011.

Today’s tiatr opened at the hands of a Tiatr lover and a Goa Govt. Civil Services, Senior Officer Shri  Gurudas Pilankar
Mother/Daughter roles well played by Mariarita and Glacia Fernandes.
Sons being Seby and Bony and little one was Alysia.  Uncle Manu by Francis, Pandu Kankonnkar was Bento and the NRI wife by Joecy roles were  good too.  Supported by Camilo, Rocky & Mithun

There were about 12  good songs.

Remember seeing Joecy in the previous competition ‘Cheddeachem noxib Durga Kusik’ Very well sung brother/sister duet with Bony.
Also, remember seeing veteran Filip Pereira in the past competitions. This time he sang as a Xapai, Pai and Mama with Mesty, Pricy, Milburn, Royston, Neysa.

Besides, there were other singer like Jasba, Salome, John, Rio, Newton, Glacia etc

Glacia, d/o Playwright won  award for best Costumes design in the past competition

Band by Zacarius Lobo with Agnelo Lobo, Wilson Fernandes etc.
listen to the Band Intro added to the clip below
Some Stage Pic

Dying scene
Joecy and Bony
Little Alysia

with Glacia d/o of Playwright Charles Fernandes
With Newton (in dancing mood)
Metrila and Mesty
Francis & Bento

Pricy and Filipe Pereira

Mariarita, Sister Glacia and Camilo

Video 1

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