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Thursday, October 17, 2013

39th Tiatr Competition - GOYKAR by Milagres Carneiro, Ucassaim

by Milagres E Carneiro
Uskoichim Porzollit Kirnnam, Ucassaim.
39th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy (Supported by TAG).
Staged on 17th Oct. 2013

This tiatr talks about living in harmony (All community- Christians, Hindu, Muslims).

It had Sao Joao Revellers singing Sao Joao with Copels and in traditional attire.

Tradition of Milagrose Saibinn – with a scene ‘Saibinn gharantli Bhair sortana’ and singing ‘soggott sangatak mellya sogott lagin sorya..’.  Hindu Ganesh Chaturti – Singing of Aartis with Ghumots etc, Procession for Visarjan ‘ Morya re Bapa Morya Re’ and immersion of idol scene.
Praying of Namaz is also beautifully shown in the background.

Besides, we saw ‘winnowing’ of paddy grains with ‘Mol’ and ‘Sup’. We saw Pez (Canji), buddkulo (Earthen pot), doulo serving in the field – daughter to father

In short, the tiatr is all about living in Harmony and saving of what little left of Goa for posterity.

And we can do this unitedly as true ‘Goykar’


Well, the Tiatr concept was good which has a strong message to all.
Lot of efforts put in there to show the best (in relation to the concept).  We got the message loud and clear.

 Sheldon (Walter Lobo) acting was good his smile will win him more marks.
Shanti (Sunita Prakash Pednekar)  was my favourite too.
Mamta Mohan Dhond of Goa-Velha Sarpanch (actress) who is into buying fields at any cost only to be converted into mega projects – acting was good too.
Nisha, Raghuvir, Salim, Caliber, Xembu (Playwright) etc also did well

 Full marks to stage set-up / Presentation.

 Band under the leadership of Selwyn  was best.
Background score was good, I could hear birds singing in the fields etc

Coming to songs part, all songs were good but 2-3 had some FLs problems*

My favourite was ‘Facebook cheating’ duet by Anthony / Kanisha (watch video clip),  ‘terrorist sugar pudding’ duet by Bernad/Andrea (Watch Video) and Attko by Vanida, Vinnea, connie, Walter, Zanita, Milagres, Wilbur, Peter on ‘ Goyche Poromporik Dhonde’


At times, pace of the tiatr appeared to be slower (could even hear audible remarks from the audience in this respect), even the stage lights often travel faster than stage ‘podde’.  Dialogue delivery also appeared to be slower in one case.


*FLs= Forgotten Lyrics

Stage pics

Opening Chorus
Danica, Ninoshka, Greta, Clara, Milagres & Wilbur

Sao Joao
Walter Lobo, George D'Souza, Sunita Prakash Pednekar..


Sunita Prakash Pednekar and Luis Pedro Pereira

Sunita Prakash Pednekar, Pedru Fernandes, Wilbur Carneiro and Luis Pedro Pereira

Vinnea Vaz and Walter Lobo

Vinnea, Sunita, Walter

Mahesh Parab (Background Music), Xavier de Moira (Drums), Selwyn Braganza (Trumpet), Nolvert Cota (Trumpet), Luis Cota (Sax), Shawn Rodrigues (Key Board), Tony (Bass)


Walter, Sunita, Luis, Peter, Vanida

Minino Marques

 Luis Pedro Pereira, Vanida Correia, Pez, Budkulo, doulo etc

Sunita and Milagres

 Andrea D’Souza and Bernard Fernandes

Anthony Fernandes and Kanisha Rodrigues

Bernard Fernandes

Peter Fernandes

Mamta Mohan Dhond, Milagres, Luis

Vanida, Vinnea, Connie, Zanita, Milagres, Walter, Wilbur and Peter

Anthony Fernandes and Minino Marques

 Fr. John Fernandes

Fr. Jose Fernandes

Ganapati Bapa Morya

Saibinn Milagroz


Peter Fernandes, George D'Souza, Wilbur Carneiro, Vinnea, Walter Lobo, Sunita Pednekar, Luis Pedro Pereira and Vanida

Video : Theme Selection

Video 2
Bernard Fernandes and Andrea D'Souza

Video 3: Rose Day, 2 broken hearts

Video 4  Facebook Cheating Husband

Video 5  Tiatr GOYKAR (Trailer)

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