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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

39th tiatr Competition - KORIT TO BHOGIT by Renato Fernandes, St.Cruz

by Renato Fernandes.
St. Sebastian Sports Club, Santa Cruz
39th Tiatr Competition organised by Kala Academy of Goa (Supported by TAG).
Staged on 22nd Oct. 2013

- One cannot trust anyone now a day not even a close friend.
- If you are stunned (or even otherwise) by a medical report or findings, always take second opinion.

- Do bad and get bad


‘Well begun is half done’ they say
It  did start with beautiful opening chorus dedicated to their local ‘Band Vaddo’ Patron Saint Sebastian – A live saint on stage, beautiful presentation.

Young Cyder and Joshua too good in singing  and acting.  Bright future ahead!.

Our ‘Jaggary’ was not really a mad or mental person but ‘intelligent mad’, he even had soft heart in him thus acting as a good Samaritan too. Poor fellow was also a fashion freak or fashion victim, we loved his trousers which he changed from time to time. Good acting by Denzyl Fernandes. We had a good laugh.

There was one song on ‘Calafura’ in tune with ‘Zuvemkars’

Band by Romeo and group was good.

KTB is full of talents (Young and old) but it appeared it was not fully or properly  tapped in.  
Sometimes, it appeared as if there were more than one directors.
Delays spotted on several occasion.

Looks like some songs/scene cut out as it was running out of time, ended around 10.04pm
(2 min longer than Grace Margao Tiatr)
Some songs had FLs and OVs/OBs

At Doctor’s Dispensary:
At the door: Knock knock Knock
Doctor on duty: Konn tinga? (also attends the door)
Patient: It’s me.
(Dispensary with no Asst.or compounder?)

Stage pics set of 40 pics clik here

St. Sebastian Live on stage - Beautiful

 Cyble, Perpetua and Denzyl Fernandes

Denzyl, Perpetua, Elias, Mendonsa and Sylvester Fernandes

Master Cyder Dias

Master Joshua Dias

 Sandrisha Fernandes

Jeslin Fernandes

Rons Tavares

Fashion freak or fachion victim Jaggary (Denzyl)

Master Cyder Dias and  Vinisha Dias

Max Dias and Elias Dias

Muriel and Max, Perpetua

Rape attempt at Clinic

Agnela, Monica Fernandes and Sherwin d'Cunha

Eutimo De Souza

Muriel, Joshua, Cyble, Max etc

Today’s Band by Romeo
Trumpet – Romeo Fernandes
James Fernandes (Trumpet)
Andrew Sequeira (Sax)
Domnic Araujo (Drums)
Nixon Vaz (Keyboard)
Tony Fernandes (Bass)
Background  by Saurav


Lino Dias, Denzil Fernandes, Max  Dias and Sylvester Fernandes,

 ghat apleak, sontosh peleak

Video:  Meet smart little Cyder Dias

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