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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Remembering Tiatrists of yester years (born in June)

TAG remembered 9 Tiatrists of yester years

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) every month organizes a special programme to remember tiatr artistes who were born in a particular month and who are no more with us today.

Born in the month of June and remembered today 20th June 2012, are:
A. R. Souza Ferrao, Tony Fernandes,   Jephsis Hitler,   Reginaldo Fernandes, C.P.Dias,  Antonio D’Souza alias A.K D’Souza,   Ulhas Buyao,   Romeo Mendes  and Anthony Gonsalves

Besides the family members of the most artistes (see pics),
there were many other tiatr personalities that were present for the programme such as Cezar D’Melo, Sheik Amir, Jessie Dias, Dr. Gerry Rodricks, Maria Cardozo,
Prof. Rafael Fernandes, Tina Costa, Irene Cardozo,
Prof. Cosma Fernandes, Philip Pereia, A friend,
Sucoro de Sta Cruz, Willy Goes, Fr. Manuel Gomes, Alexyz, Cameron (Wonder boy), Fr. Conceisao D'Silva  etc

Family members of these late artistes who attended the function were Neela and Mandovi (wife & daughger of late Ulhas Buyao), Wilma & Ivor (daughter & Son-in-law of Souza Ferrao), Sucorina, Sharon & Lucy (daughters of C.P. Dias), Sally (Son of Reginaldo Fernandes), Fatima (daughter of A.K. D’Souza), Sharmila (daughter of Tony Fernandes) and Laximi (daughter of Anthony Gonsalves).

It was a beautiful programme where audience too joined in
singing the nostalgic songs of the artists of the yester years such as Deva Mhojea Deva (Ulhas Buyao), Sorg Tujea Dolleani (Souza Ferrao Lyrics), Claudia (from Film Nirmonn), Chandneache Rati (Ulhas Buyao),
Adeus Korchea Vellar (Reginaldo Fernandes).

Besides, Cezar (Mil-Mel-Nel fame) rendered a short verse
of Jepsis Hitler and Fatima sang few lines of her father song (a trio).

Thanks to Tiatr Academy of Goa for these memorable programes.

Ok, let these photos do rest of the talking.

The nine who were remembered today – the pics

Anil Kumar talking on 5 of the 9 artists

Willy Goes musical presentation
Songs of the artists who remembered today

Willie with Succorro de Sta Cruz

Cezar D’mello of (Mil-Mel-Nel fame) rendered a verse from Jepsis Hitler

Dr Andre Rafael Fernandes, Associate Professor at Goa University
‘When the Curtains rise’ book fame

Fatima sister of Antonette singing her father’s song

Daughter of Ulhas Buyao
Mandovi Buyao Sansgiri with Anil Kumar sing Chadneache Rati

Mandovi thanking all including Tiatrists and TAG

Family member of Souza Ferrao - son in law (?)

Sharmila - Family member of Tony Fernandes s/o Pai Tiatrist

Family members of Patxai Romanxincho Reginaldo Fernandes

Family members of CP Dias (Daughters)

Family members of Romeo Mendes and Antonio D’Souza alias
A.K D’Souza Father of Antonette and Fatima

Family members of Ulhas Buyao – Wife and daughter

Laxmi - Family member of Anthony Gonsalves

Rev. Fr.

on the dais
Anil Kumar, Victor De Sa (TAG member Secretary) and
Tomazinho Cardozo (Ex-President TAG)

With the audience – Tomazinho talks on the remaining 4

finally, it’s time to sing ‘Adeus Korchea Vellar ‘ (remembering
Reginaldo Fernandes)
Socoro de Sta. Cruz, Willy Goes, Tomazinho Cardozo, Anil Kumar and Rev. Fr.
the audience also joined in


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