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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A message to parents ‘Don’t part with everything you have..’

A message to parents ‘Don’t part with everything you have..’

Parents’ responsibilities increase from the day one when a child is born.
We try our best to give them 'the best'– be it a dress material, good education, cycle,
 mobile, motor bike, car etc etc
We may even part with everything we have even mortgage our houses
for the love of our children.
When we do that there is always a hope that our children will never let
us down should we need their help particularly in our retirement or old age.

But in this household, such hopes are shattered. The father when
received notices for repossession of house (for not keeping up
with mortgage repayments) approached his son and the daughter,
both send him back empty handed. As if this shock was not
dreadful enough, the son-in-law (a wolf in sheep’s clothing) approached
the father (Sasupai) and fraudulently obtained his signature to make the house his own.
What option does the father have now other than living in the streets?

He dies blaming not anyone but himself saying
‘I have gone wrong in my own books of accounts’
Where no provisions were made for unexpected loses such as
bad debts etc

‘Don’t part with everything you have’ was the strong message to parents
by Anil-Olga in their tiatr ‘Mhozo Hixob Chuklo’ staged at Panjim Market
on 4th May 2011 on the occasion of Holy Cross Feast
(organised by Holy Cross Associantion, Fish Market Panjim, Goa).

The tiatr had meaningful songs –Solos, duets, duo & trio. 12 in all.
Cast: Rosario de Benaulim, Alexinho de Morjim, Netty, Anil Pednekar,
Peter-Roshan-Bryan-Benzer etc

There was another actor in the main role (a hero who I thought I saw for
the first time) Willy but without long hair this time, was at his best though.

There was bit of bollywood too such as Sheila Ki Jawani,
Dum Maaro Dum etc. Sheila was instant hit amongst the audience.

Another song/Trio I like was from Father-mother-son, mother being a
village sarpanch spend all time at panchyat giving less or no attention
at home. Son pleads ‘Leave the job/dirty money or else I leave my school’
what options does mother have now?
Children too can play important role in changing the way of their corrupt parents life. Beautifully brought out by Peter-Roshan-Benzer in their trio
I wish every Govt. Servants, Police, Politicians etc children do just as that.

We missed Olga who was at home with her little one (new born).
The tiatr is good with strong message and a good entertainer too.
The tiatr MHC , soon coming to London and Paris after celebrating 43rd show in Goa today.

Tiatr trailer

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Some stage Pics: Hero Willy and Alexino de Morjim
Alesin and Netty
With Anil Pednekar
Father-Mother-Son Trio
My name is Sheila
a duo with Rosario de Benaulim

Sheila ki Jawani

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