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Monday, July 22, 2013

Meet the artiste of the month - Minglu de Merces


Meet the artiste of the month – Minglu de Merces

Tiatr Academy's monthly programe,   The artiste this time was yodeller Minguel Dias alias  Minglu de Merces  at TAG hall on 22nd July 2013

Minglu just completed 84, is full of energy and spirit.
It really made my day.
Sang almost all his old and popular songs including interactive and yodelling.
His grandchildren too gave their performance on the occasion.

Besides, One Michael Fernandes composed and sang a special song in Minglu’s honour.
(all songs clippings available in the video below)

What more?  Minglu said, he will be back on stage in his Son’s (Joaquim Dias) Tiatr  which will be staged in Oct/Nov/Dec in Kala Academy annual Tiatr Competition when Minglu would be 84 and half.

We always see Minglu  participation in the tiatr competitions year after year, I  personally remember seeing him continuously since 2007.

 The crowd too exceeded TAG’s expectation despite being a rainy day.
(Snacks run out).

 Thanks to Tiatr Academy of Goa for these memorable programes.


Following are some pics and video

Our Minglu de Merces

Minglu and Joe Rose (TAG vice President)

Joe Rose Presenting bouquet of flowers to the VIP guest

Presenting TAG’s memento


Minglu’s Grand Children singing
With Francis Dias and his sister Nitika and cousins Risha and Renika

Special composition for the Occasion
Michael Fernandes

 A section fo the audience
With former TAG prez Tomazinho etc

Young photographers
Grand sons: Ruzario D'Souza  and Francis Dias

Joy Fernandes
TAG programme Officer

Brief profile of Minglu
TAG's folder / leaflet
click on links for bigger viewing/reading

The middle pic above taken from the Musical show by Succoro de Sta. Cruz
on Goa Statehood day 30.5.09 Panjim-goa

Other side (of the folder)

Video July 2013 (Minglu singing, yodelling etc)

Videos of Minglu singing in the previous years etc

2013 January


in 2008  Supan getam varo

2009 ( a part)

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